Top 10 Best Controllers For Xbox Series X|S – Updated February, 2022

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If you accept an Xbox Series 10|South console, and then you may desire to at least consider what the best controllers are going to be for your own personal setup. Maybe for you that’due south the new Xbox wireless controller that comes in the box. Simply perchance you prefer something with more features that was designed to requite y’all an edge.

There are quite a few different controllers out at that place for the Xbox Serial X|South. Mostly because the controllers that worked for the Xbox I also work for the new generation of consoles. Nosotros’ve decided to round upwardly a list of the all-time controllers for the Xbox Series X|S to aid make your search easier.

That is if you’re looking for a new controller in the first identify. Keep in mind that the standard controller is perfectly fine, and we’re really pretty fond of it ourselves. But it’s non the only option. So these are the all-time Xbox Series Ten|S controllers you can get your easily on.

Peak 10 All-time Controllers for Xbox Series X|S

Below you’ll find a summary table with all of the controllers we’ve picked for this listing. Consummate with the name, price, and where to buy them. If you lot want a little more detail on each one, you can  detect that below the summary table with the same information on price and where to buy.

Controller Cost Where To Buy
Xbox Wireless Controller From $54 Amazon and diverse other retailers
Xbox Aristocracy Serial 2 From $139.99 Amazon and various other retailers
SCUF Instinct Pro From $199.99 SCUF Gaming
Razer Wolverine V2 Blush $149.99 Amazon, Best Buy, Razer
Xbox Elite Serial 2 Halo Infinite Edition $199.99 Microsoft (currently out of stock)
Nacon RIG Pro Meaty From $49.88 Amazon and various other retailers
Colorware Xbox Wireless Controller From $99.99 Colorware
Xbox Design Lab Wireless Controller $69.99 Xbox Design Lab
PowerA Fusion Pro two $62.99 Amazon and various other retailers
Evil Shift for Xbox From $99.95 Evil Controllers

Xbox Wireless Controller

  • Price: From $54
  • Where To Buy: Amazon and various other retailers

There’south nothing incorrect with sticking to the original. The Xbox Wireless controller (the new version that has the share button), is as basic every bit Xbox Series X|S controllers get merely it’south still one of the best controllers you can use on the console. The textured hand grips, the unproblematic design, and a lighter experience than some of the other options out in that location are all winning features.

Plus, you’re more often than not going to pay less for this than a lot of the other controllers on the market that are meant for this platform. The fact that it’s wireless also helps. And some other major bonus is that it never needs charging. All you lot have to do is swap out the batteries for a fresh pair.

Sure you lot have to purchase more batteries. Only they’ll last a while. And information technology’s 1 less thing yous have to plug in.

Xbox Elite Series 2

Xbox Elite Series 2

  • Toll: From $122.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon and various other retailers

If you like the standard Xbox Wireless controller then the Elite Series 2 may be the fashion to go if you lot desire something much more than customizable.

It has fantabulous grip for less slippage, and yous tin can swap a ton of dissimilar stuff out including the thumbsticks and d-pad. Yous can also adjust the acme of the thumbsticks, the triggers, and you take paddle buttons on the dorsum for extra controls.

The controller is certainly expensive, but it’ll be worth information technology when yous drag your game thanks to all of its bang-up little bonuses.

SCUF Instinct Pro

SCUF Instinct Instinct Pro 1 1

  • Cost: From $199.99
  • Where To Buy: SCUF Gaming

Speaking of customization, the new Instinct Pro from SCUF Gaming is one heck of a controller for the Xbox Series X|South, and as well one of the best. Similar the Aristocracy Series 2, you lot tin swap out some of the buttons, while besides adjusting things like the tension of the triggers to require less travel between the push button press and the action completion.

On the dorsum you lot’ll detect high-operation grip, as well as iv additional buttons. Plus, you can map the buttons to various controls, and relieve upwards to three dissimilar profiles designed for specific types of games. Which you lot can swap between on the wing.

If that wasn’t enough, SCUF likewise allows you to customize the looks. Complete with multiple color options and combinations and more.

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma 1

  • Price: $149.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy, Razer

All 3 of the previous controller options in a higher place are wireless. So nosotros’re stepping into wired territory now with the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma. Since it’s wired there are a couple of obvious benefits. One, you are likely to have less input-latency. And ii, you lot don’t always have to worry nearly charging information technology.

The Wolverine V2 Chroma offers quite a few features, including half dozen multi-role buttons that you can map to just nearly whatever you like. It also has a Hair Trigger mode with trigger stop switches for super fast activeness in the heat of the moment.

Naturally, it also comes with Chroma lighting along the sides. And information technology works with both Xbox and PC. This is definitely 1 of the all-time Xbox Serial 10|S controllers to get if you don’t want something that needs batteries or recharging.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Halo Space Edition

Halo Infinite Xbox LE Accessories 1

  • Price: $199.99
  • Where To Buy: Microsoft (currently out of stock)

Yous’re getting basically all of the exact aforementioned stuff here as on the original Elite Serial two. The departure is that this one comes in a limited edition Halo Infinite design. The downside is that information technology’s currently out of stock because it’s an extremely popular controller.

Nonetheless, if you love Halo and you were eyeing the Elite Series 2, this is a great option once it comes back in stock.

Nacon RIG Pro Compact

Nacon RIG PRO Compact for Xbox

  • Cost: From $49.88
  • Where To Purchase: Amazon and diverse other retailers

When we reviewed the RIG Pro Compact before this year, we found information technology to be a wonderful little controller that performed well and felt good when using information technology. And when we say piffling, nosotros mean little. It’due south perfect for people with smaller hands that don’t similar the feel of larger controllers.

Compact is in the proper noun and information technology’s not but a quirky improver. While not excessively small-scale, it is smaller than whatsoever of the other options on this list so far. You can even remap the controls on it if you desire to customize things a lilliputian bit.

And it even comes with Dolby Atmos for Headphones built right into the controller. So all you have to exercise for higher quality sound in your games is plug your headset into the controller. It likewise comes in both white and black, and it’s got a super long cable and so yous can even use information technology across the room. Provided your Xbox isn’t like fifteen feet away.

Colorware Xbox Wireless Controller

Colorware Xbox Controller

  • Price: From $99.99
  • Where To Buy: Colorware

If all yous’re looking for is a personalized controller in terms of pattern, Colorware has some pretty cool options available. The visitor really custom designs a lot of unlike hardware, and the Xbox Series Ten|S controller is one of the newer products.

What makes this unique from most controllers out there is the amount of color options you lot can choose from. And you can apply those colors to various different sections of the controller.

Be forewarned though. Getting it may take some fourth dimension.

Xbox Design Lab Wireless Controller

Xbox Series X Controller Design Lab

  • Price: $69.99
  • Where To Buy: Xbox Pattern Lab

You’re essentially getting the aforementioned matter hither as you do with the Colorware controller. This one though comes directly from Microsoft. You don’t have as many colors and finishes to choose from, only it’s noticeably less expensive, and y’all can fifty-fifty add your gamertag or a cool trivial note or phrase onto it.

Likewise worth noting is that this is but the standard Xbox Wireless controller with the share button. And then no special features or actress buttons.

PowerA Fusion Pro 2

PowerA Fusion Pro 2

  • Price: 62.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon and diverse other retailers

Take some of the features of the Elite Series two and SCUF Instinct Pro, mash ’em together, have the wireless pick abroad and you take the PowerA Fusion Pro 2. It’s compatible with Xbox Series 10|S, and has four additional paddle buttons on the back that you tin map to diverse in-game functions.

There’s also some nifty textured hand grips on the back, a three-way trigger lock, and you can swap out things similar the thumbsticks and even faceplates for a different look.

Evil Shift Xbox Controller

Evil Shift For Xbox

  • Price: From $99.95
  • Where To Purchase: Evil Controllers

Rounding out this listing is the Evil Shift for Xbox Series X|Southward. This is a custom controller that y’all’re edifice the features for from the footing upwards. It starts with a more than or less bones Xbox Wireless controller, and and then you can tune things by adding different custom features.

For example, you lot start by choosing a faceplate design. And then you motion through everything from thumbsticks with dissimilar heights to hairpin triggers and shift buttons on the back.

Keep in listen that each choice is an additional cost. And then the price of this controller tin can ascension pretty quickly. Merely for a completely customized, unique controller, the price might exist worth it.


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