Top 10 Best Xbox Series X Accessories – Updated February, 2022

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With the inflow of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S rapidly approaching, you’ll want some of actually cool accessories in your setup, and we’ve rounded upwardly the all-time accessories for the side by side-gen console family that are definite must-haves.

As the Xbox Serial Ten and Xbox Series S get older, more than accessories volition be released and we’ll exist updating this post with the best ones to continue things fresh.

Whether you’re going to exist looking for accessories for yourself or someone else, take a look at the list below equally you should find something that fits what you’ve been seeking.

Top 10 Best Xbox Serial Ten Accessories – Summary

Below y’all’ll discover a quick summary of the accessories that nosotros’ve selected for the new Xbox Series 10 and Xbox Series S. If yous’re brusk on time, you can skim through the listing and find the name of each accessory along with the cost and where to buy them with links to those retailers.

Accessory Cost Where To Purchase
Seagate Storage Expansion Carte du jour for Xbox Series X|S $219.99 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, Target
Xbox Wireless Controller – Shock Blueish From $59.99 Amazon, Target, Best Buy
Elite Series 2 Controller From $139.99 Amazon, All-time Buy, Target
SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless For Xbox Series 10 $99.99 Amazon, Best Buy
Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal Headphones From $374.90 Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft, Bang & Olufsen
SCUF Instinct Pro $199.99 SCUF Gaming
PDP Media Remote For Xbox Series X $fourteen.99 Amazon
Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard For Xbox Series X $249.99 Amazon, Best Buy
Xbox Adaptive Controller $99.99 Microsoft, Best Buy
Xbox Rechargeable Battery With USB-C Cable $39.50 Amazon, Best Purchase

Summit 10 Best Xbox Series Ten Accessories – List

Below you’ll find the full listing of accessories forth with short descriptions about each i. You’ll as well find information on where to purchase them along with links to those retailers.

As mentioned, if yous’re curt on time or you just want to gloss over everything we’ve selected apace, you lot tin find the summary table to a higher place with the same data. Only without the descriptions.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card For Xbox Series Ten

  • Cost: $219.99
  • Where To Purchase: Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, Target

Allow’south face it. The Xbox Series Ten and Xbox Series S don’t come up with a ton of internal storage, which makes this expansion card one of the best Xbox Series Ten and Serial Southward accessories out at that place and it was a must-take for our gift-guide.

It should as well be a must-accept for your setup, because next-gen games are going to massive. Non all of them, mind you lot, simply likely a lot of them. And the older the consoles get, the more than games are going to come out that are at those larger file sizes.

Seagate is going to make different sizes of these in the future, but for now they just sell the 1TB option, and you just might demand that much extra space. It’southward besides the merely officially supported storage expansion accessory, and it replicates the Xbox Velocity Architecture.

Which means faster load times only like if the game were loading off of the Xbox Series X’s internal storage. If you play a lot of games on your panel, and then trust u.s.a.. You’re going to want this.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Shock Blue

Xbox Wireless Controller Shock Blue

  • Toll: From $59.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon, Target, Best Buy

The console will come with i controller in the box. So you’ll be ready to play the moment you lot open it up and connect everything.

But chances are you might desire or need a second controller. Especially if you plan to play with other people. The new Daze Bluish color of the Xbox Wireless controller is a peachy option and was announced alongside the Xbox Series Ten and Xbox Series Due south.

It’s a fun new color that hasn’t be bachelor before and information technology jazzes things upwards a bit. Which is never a bad thing if you lot want to bring a footling bit of flair to your setup.

Since this is an official controller from Microsoft it’ll piece of work with both next-gen consoles, too as the Xbox One X and Windows 10 PCs.

Elite Series 2 Controller

Elite Series 2 Controller

  • Price: From $139.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy, Target

If you need to step your game upwards some, and then the Elite Series 2 controller is one of the all-time Xbox Serial X and Xbox Serial Due south accessories you can buy, and we knew information technology had to be on our gift guide.

This is the controller you buy if you want to have an edge on the contest in competitive games like Telephone call Of Duty, Halo, or other games where you lot’re playing against other players in multiplayer modes.

It has loads of features like adaptive triggers, top adaptable thumbsticks, adjustable paddles on the back for extra controls, and swappable dpads and thumbsticks to fit your personal gustatory modality for how y’all play.

Microsoft also improved the grip on this controller in just about any area where your hands are going to be resting on this thing. For those that want next-level performance, this is the controller designed specifically for that.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless For Xbox Series Ten

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless For Xbox Series X

  • Price: $99.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy

SteelSeries makes some of the best headsets on the marketplace and this is ane of the accessories for the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S that could be an invaluable 1 to have.

For one it’s wireless, which ways no having to plug in a headset to the controller. It’south too versatile since this works for PC besides. If you always need to switch from the Xbox to the PC for your gaming, you can continue using this headset. You lot tin likewise utilise it for PS4 which means y’all should be able to employ it for PS5 too, and it works for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, and Android devices.

It has a flexible yet durable top adjustable headband, a detachable ClearCast microphone that’s Discord-certified for when yous play on PC, and large cushioned earpads for added condolement during longer play sessions.

On summit of all that information technology charges via USB-C and it features on-ear controls for volume, chat muting, power and more. Plus the price isn’t too shabby.

Blindside & Olufsen Beoplay Portal

Bang Olufsen Beoplay Portal For Xbox Headphones

  • Toll: From $374.90
  • Where To Purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft, Bang & Olufsen

Gaming is a passion for many people and if you take your sound experiences with games just as serious, then you might want to consider a high-end audio headset to go forth with the console.

The most loftier-terminate audio headset you lot tin can probably pick upwardly for the Xbox Series X correct at present is the Beoplay Portal from Bang & Olufsen. While pricey, and by pricey I mean really pricey, information technology does come with a sense of quality and a drove of features that you lot might not discover elsewhere.

Things similar the virtual smash mic make this non only easy to use but stylish, as there’s no flip up boom mic sitting in front end of your mouth while you lot talk. Peculiarly when you pair the virtual smash mic with the premium materials used for the headset.

These are specifically designed for the Xbox but they likewise work with Windows 10 PCs, which means it works for console and PC gaming. It also supports Bluetooth connections, so you tin apply it with your mobile device for listening to music too. Every bit for features, yous get things like adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, a quick admission mute feature, and immersive sound.

It won’t be inexpensive, simply it will be overnice. And y’all’ll be able to utilise information technology with more than merely the Xbox. That versatility lonely makes information technology more worth the price.

SCUF Instinct Pro

SCUF Instinct Instinct Pro 4

  • Cost: $199.99
  • Where To Buy: SCUF Gaming

When it comes to SCUF, the visitor isn’t messing around with its game controllers. If you play on PC and Xbox, then you probably want to at least consider the Instinct Pro. It offers a lot of what yous’ll get from other SCUF controllers, but with quite a few improvements. For example, it tin store upwardly to three different profiles on the onboard memory for a customized control setup for different games. And you lot can swap betwixt them on the fly with a push right on the front.

It besides has the customizable, adaptable triggers, back paddle buttons, a wide array of customization options for the design, wireless and wired connectivity options, plus instant triggers. The instant triggers are a real game changer as they tin can go from feeling like a regular trigger press to the quick and precise click of a mouse.

In that location’southward also a high-performance grip on the back. SCUF isn’t playing around when it comes to its controllers. And yous shouldn’t be either. Unless it’s when you’re actually playing games.

PDP Media Remote For Xbox Series 10

PDP media Remote For Xbox Series X

  • Price: $xiv.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon

The humble media remote. Depending on how much media you plan to watch via your new consoles, this may not get a whole lot of apply. But it’southward dainty to have when it does go used. Considering navigating the media UIs on consoles is not exactly the greatest with the game controllers.

This might merely be a preference thing, only the media remotes definitely experience much more natural for interacting with the media content. It has proper buttons for navigating in all directions of the media interface, as well equally bodily pause/play buttons, and buttons for adjusting volume and channels up and down.

Information technology fifty-fifty has motion activated backlit buttons. That way the buttons are just lighting up when y’all use it. Thus helping to save battery life.

At $20, this media remote is a proper steal too. A small-scale cost to pay for a better media experience with your Xbox Series 10 or Xbox Series, and 1 of the all-time accessories on our gift guide. One matter to continue in mind is that the remote seems to merely be for auction from third-party sellers correct at present, which has driven up the price quite a bit to $threescore. And then it might be worth waiting until information technology comes back down.

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for Xbox Series X

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Keyboard For Xbox Series X

  • Price: $249.99
  • Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Purchase

For about games, you’re probably going to exist using the actual controller. And that makes perfect sense.

But in one case in a while, it might simply make more sense to utilise a mouse and keyboard. Cheers to Razer’due south Turret wireless mechanical keyboard for Xbox Serial X (information technology works with the Xbox Series S, Xbox One and One X too), you can have that more precise KBM feel for the games that sometimes kinda demand it.

Plus, information technology sure makes typing a whole lot easier when y’all’re using this instead of the digital keyboard with the controller. Of course this can also be used for PC if you e’er want to use it for that likewise. Information technology has a fairly long-lasting battery life, with Razer challenge most fifty hours for the mouse and 43 hours for the keyboard. Or, 30 hours for the mouse and 11 hours for the keyboard if you have the RGB lighting turned on.

The mouse mat is also retractable and stows away in the keyboard when not in use.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Xbox Adaptive Controller

  • Price: $99.99
  • Where To Purchase: Microsoft, All-time Buy

Lots of people love games, including those that may have more than limited mobility and observe it difficult or incommunicable to play with a normal controller.

That’due south what makes the Xbox Adaptive Controller ane of the best accessories for Xbox Serial X and why it deserved a spot on our souvenir guide. It opens up more possibilities for decision-making and playing games, thanks to its large amount of ports and broad range of compatibility with different devices to arrange to the user.

It’s a unified hub, so you can plug tons of unlike accessibility devices into information technology using the onboard three.5mm and USB ports.

Xbox Rechargeable Battery With USB-C Cablevision

Xbox Rechargeable Battery With USB C Cable

  • Price: $39.50
  • Where To Buy: Amazon, Best Buy

The new Charge & Play kit that works with the Xbox Series X controllers is definitely one of the accessories you’re going to want to have. Fifty-fifty if you have the wireless charging stand(s).

Sometimes you may forget to toss the controller on the stand when you’re washed playing, and if that’s the example, you’ll likely run into the consequence of the batteries dying on you in the middle of a game.

With the rechargeable bombardment and USB-C cable, you tin can simply slot the battery into the controller and so plug the cable into it and the Xbox Series Ten and continue playing. The controller volition charge equally you play and then the adjacent time you want to play wirelessly, you’ll be all set.

These are a lifesaver if y’all run out of battery during gameplay and don’t feel like waiting for the controller to charge back up.


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