Top 10 Things to Do with Your New iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro

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Gifted yourself a new iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro? Or has a loved 1 gifted you a new iPhone? Congratulations. Now follow this guide to know the first ten things y’all should need to do to become the well-nigh out of your new iPhone.

The below guide will assist you become to know every new feature on your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro, highlight several apps that will assist you lot have advantage of all the new hardware and features, and more.

10. Movement Data to Your New iPhone

Before yous first using your new iPhone, it is important that y’all import your information from your previous device. The process is relatively straightforward if you accept an iPhone and requires minimum user input. Y’all can follow our guide on transferring information from an old iPhone to iPhone xiii for this.

However, if you use an Android device, the process is a flake more cumbersome and requires a fair bit of effort. Nonetheless, you lot tin follow our simple guide on transferring your of import data from Android to iPhone.

9. Know All the Features

Once you have prepare upward your new iPhone, it’s time you lot explore all its new features, tips, tricks and more than, so that yous know everything almost it.

Check out the best iPhone xiii and iPhone 13 Pro subconscious features to know what makes them then special, including dual eSIM support, ProRes video recording, Macro photography, and more. After that, check out the top iPhone 13 top and tricks to understand what the unlike 5G icons mean, enjoy HD calls over FaceTime, drag and drop content beyond apps.

iPhone 13 rear

8. Install Must-Have Apps

Your new iPhone is just equally good every bit the apps y’all use on it. While y’all’ll install the usual apps like Spotify, Gmail, Maps, etc., there are plenty of other apps on the App Store that will aid you lot make the nearly of your iPhone xiii.

The best apps for iPhone xiii and iPhone 13 Pro include Carrot Weather, Fantastical, Spark for E-mail, Widgetsmith, Todoist, and several others.

7. Photographic camera Tips and Tricks

The iPhone xiii and iPhone 13 Pro feature a massively improved camera over their predecessor. The camera app might look the same, merely it packs several new features like Cinematic manner, ProRes video, and Macro way. Go through our roundup of the best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro photographic camera tips and tricks to ace the camera features of your new iPhone.

iPhone 13 Pro Camera

6. Accessories to Purchase

The best thing about an iPhone is the plethora of accessories available for it. With Apple only bundling a Lightning to USB-C cable with its iPhones, there are quite a few other accessories you demand to buy. This includes a USB-C power adapter, a example, wireless charger, MagSafe mounts, and a screen protector.

To make the entire process easier for you, nosotros have collated a list of the best iPhone thirteen accessories from where you can quickly buy the accessories that are worth your money.

5. Buy a Instance

Your precious new iPhone is ultimately made of glass, meaning yous must use a case if you don’t want it to get all scratched up due to regular utilize. Worse, a fall can even lead to the glass back cracking, which is an expensive repair. The proficient thing is that in that location are enough of cases available for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and you are bound to find at to the lowest degree one that will suit your taste.

Bank check out the best iPhone thirteen and iPhone 13 Pro cases to assist you decide.

Totallee iPhone 13 Case

4. Employ a Screen Protector

Merely similar a case, you must also put a screen protector on your iPhone 13 or iPhone xiii Pro’southward screen. The Ceramic Shield glass might be the most durable one used by Apple in a smartphone, but ultimately it is drinking glass that is bound to cleft if you drib your phone. Always better to be conscientious rather than to regret it afterward on.

iii. Shoot in ProRAW or Dolby Vision

On the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, y’all tin shoot videos in ProRes that give you lot greater flexibility in post-processing. The characteristic is just available on the Pro iPhones, with the 128GB models express to Full HD resolution. On 256GB and higher storage models, you can record ProRes videos in up to [email protected] resolution.

2. Know your iPhone 13 and iOS 15 Better

If yous are coming from a particularly onetime iPhone or an Android device, there’southward going to be a bit of a learning curve involved. You can ease this procedure to a big extent by going through our diverse how-tos beneath that will assistance cover the bones aspects of using your new phone.

  • How to Check Bombardment Percentage on iPhone 13 or iPhone thirteen Pro
  • How to Have a Screenshot on iPhone 13
  • How to Shut Down or Restart Your iPhone 13 or iPhone xiii Pro
  • How to Close Apps on iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

iOS 15 also comes with several new features and changes that are worth checking out.

  • iOS 15: How to Use Focus Mode on iPhone
  • iOS 15: How to Organize and Delete Domicile Screen Pages on iPhone
  • iOS xv: All the New Messages Features
  • iOS 15 Tips and Tricks
  • Awesome iOS 15 Subconscious Features That You Need to Know

1. Get Apple tree Care+ or Insurance

If you lot intend to continue your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro for a few years, I strongly recommend you become AppleCare+ or any other insurance for it. Whatsoever out-of-warranty repair on the iPhone 13 series is exorbitantly expensive, with screen replacement priced at $279 and whatever ‘other’ damage at $549. That’due south a lot of money which is why information technology makes a lot of sense to buy AppleCare+ coverage for your iPhone.

You also have the option of paying monthly for AppleCare+ instead of ownership it outright. Plus, you tin buy the extended coverage within a year of buying your new iPhone. With AppleCare+, y’all tin brand claims for upwardly to two adventitious amercement every yr. There are deductibles to pay, but AppleCare+ is still worth it if y’all plan on using your iPhone for two-3 years. If AppleCare+ is nonetheless too expensive, you tin await for other 3rd-party insurance options that should be cheaper, though they won’t offering upwards to two accidental claims.

AppleCare+ iPhone 12

How do you like your new iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro? Is it a meaning upgrade from your previous telephone? Drop a comment and let us know!


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