Top 100+ New iOS 14 – iOS 14.6 Features and Changes for iPhone

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After months of rumors and speculations, Apple finally revealed the iOS fourteen operating system. At an online-only WWDC event, the company showcased the latest version of iOS, iPad OS, macOS, watch Os, and tvOS. As for iOS 14, the latest update for the iPhone is full of head-turning features, improvements, and minor tweaks. We volition run through a list of the new iOS 14 features and improvements we’ve discovered and so far.

You can also cheque out the video below for all the new iOS 14 features.

All New iOS 14 – iOS fourteen.6 Features for iPhone

ane. App Library

Apple tree has developed a new App Library page on the home screen. It categorizes the apps based on category, creates a group, and gives information technology a relevant name. It all works automatically without user input.

iOS 14 App Library

ii. Hide Home Screen Pages

App Library will sit at the finish of the app list on the home screen. With iOS 14, yous can hide the home pages and but go along a single page and App Library for easy admission.

three. App Suggestions in App Library

Based on your usage, the groups in App Library volition suggest y’all virtually-used apps upfront. And so it will be easy for consumers to glance over it and use them.

4. Search For Apps in App Library

Apple offers a search bar at the peak in the App Library. Y’all can use it to quickly search for an app and open them. The search bar will showcase the apps in an alphabetical listing view.

5. Widgets Back up on Home Screen

Apple has finally added widget back up on the home screen. At present you can drag and driblet whatever app widget on the home screen. The app icons volition automatically accommodate the infinite based on the widget size and placement.

iOS 14 Home screen Widgets

6. Resizable Widgets

Speaking of widgets, iOS 14 now lets yous customize the widget size based on your preference. You can select a squarish shape or go with wide width for more data.

7. Smart Stack of Widgets

The widget functionality doesn’t cease hither. You can place a stack of widgets on the home screen. Based on the time and mean solar day, iOS 14 will alter the widgets for you. For example, information technology will showcase Maps widget in the morning, Calendar in the noon, and Health widget at dark. Smart Stack saves space on the domicile screen and serves the purpose. You can as well swipe up and downwardly on the stack to go through the added widgets.

8. New Caller UI

Taking inspiration from Android, Apple has implemented a new caller UI that but showcases a pocket-sized banner notification at the pinnacle with the caller name and Stop/Receive push button. It no longer takes the whole UI.

9. Motion-picture show-in-Picture Mode

With Picture in Picture style, ‌iPhone‌ users can at present watch TV shows and movies while navigating elsewhere on their device. The implementation is similar to Motion-picture show in Picture on iPad.

10. Alter Default Browser and E-mail App

With growing force per unit area from users besides equally regulators, Apple has finally added the ability to alter the default browser and E-mail app on iOS 14. This is a welcome change and I’m certain many will appreciate the added flexibility to cull their favorite browser and email app.

xi. Compact Siri UI

Prior to iOS 14, the default Siri UI used to take an entire screen to listen and answer a query. Siri will pop up with a new, larger colorful icon that appears when yous summon the digital assistant in iOS. The new circumvolve now hovers over the regular iOS UI. Speaking of Siri, do check out our dedicated post on crawly things that Siri can practise for you.

12. App Clips

App Clips is Apple tree’southward aggressive have on letting the iPhone consumers utilise the app functionality without downloading the app. An App Clip is a small role of an app experience designed to exist discovered the moment information technology is needed. They tin be easily discovered and accessed by scanning a new Apple-designed App Prune code, or through NFC tags and QR codes, or shared in Messages or from Safari, all with the security and privacy expected from apps.

Pin Conversation in Messages

iOS fourteen makes it easier to keep rails of of import conversations in the Messages app. You can at present pin a conversation on the superlative for quick and easy access

14. Group photos

You lot tin can add a group photograph to your grouping conversations in the Messages app. Apart from a photo, you lot tin can also utilise a Memoji or an emoji as a group photo.

15. New Memoji Styles and Stickers

Apple is introducing new Memoji styles and stickers with iOS 14. This includes a new age pick, face coverings including face masks, new hairstyles, and more.

16. Typing Indicator in Messages App

As I mentioned, you can Pin conversations in the Messages app. When the other person is typing message, y’all will see a typing indicator on their pinned profile picture show.

17. Threads and Mentions in Group Messages

Sometimes, group conversations can get quite busy. With iOS fourteen, you can now start a thread in groups (like to Slack) and mention a user to for a seamless chat.

eighteen. Guide in Apple Maps

Guides in Apple Maps provide a curated list of interesting places to visit in a city, created by a selection of trusted resources. Guides are a groovy way to discover hot new restaurants, find popular attractions, and explore new recommendations from respected brands.

xix. Privacy Features for More Transparency

With iOS xiv, the App Store production pages volition characteristic summaries of developers’ self-reported privacy practices, displayed in a simple, easy-to-understand format. Users can quickly glance over which data the app used and which is linked to them.

20. New Interpret App

The new Translate app offers a quick and natural translation of vocalisation and text among 11 different languages. On-device mode allows users to experience the features of the app offline for individual voice and text translation.

21. Hide Pic Way

Apple tree hasn’t stopped here with elementary Picture-in-Pic integration. You tin can swipe the video from the dwelling screen and information technology will hide the video from the main view. Still, the audio will keep playing in the background.

22. New Memojis

Apple tree has added more than customization to Memoji packs. There are more means to make a meliorate Memojii with a new hairstyle and diverse customization packs.

23. Send Sound Message Via Siri

With iOS fourteen, you tin apply Siri virtual assistant to send audio messages in the Messages app. Apple tree hasn’t clarified well-nigh third-party apps support for now.

24. Grouping Photo in Messages

Apple tree has added a new way to showcase the group photo in Messages. The primary grouping photo stays in the center with small contour photos of members effectually it.

25. Notify Me in Messages

When enabled from the Messages Settings, the Notify Me choice will bypass the muted conversations and send you a notification when someone mentions you in a group chat.

26. Save Guide for Offline Usage

iOS xiv brings the guide support for Apple Maps. You tin can save those guides for offline usage. When the guides go updated with new information, the Maps will update it too.

27. Cycling Direction in Apple Maps

Apple has added support for cycling direction in Apple Maps. Cycling directions take into account elevation, how decorated a street is, and whether in that location are stairs along the route.

28. EV Routing with Charging Stops

Apple Maps Electric vehicle routing adds charging stops forth a planned route based on current vehicle charge and charger types.

29. Domicile App Improvements

In iOS 14, the Domicile app has expanded controls in Control Heart for quicker admission to accessories and scenes. Adaptive Lighting for compatible HomeKit-enabled lights automatically adjusts the color temperature throughout the day. The Dwelling app also supports on-device Face Recognition, uniform video doorbells and cameras can identify friends and family.

30. AirPods Multi-device Switching

With iOS xiv, AirPods can seamlessly switch between Apple devices with automatic device switching. If you lot are watching movies on the iPad and desire to take a call on the iPhone, the AirPods will automatically switch to the iPhone to answer the phone call.

31. Spatial Audio Support in AirPods

Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking brings a theater-like experience to AirPods Pro. Spatial audio places sound near anywhere in a infinite to provide an immersive listening experience to the user.

32. Digital CarKey Support

Digital auto keys requite users a secure style to use iPhone or Apple tree Watch to unlock and start their motorcar. Y’all can also share it using Messages, or disabled through iCloud if your device is lost.

Apple also unveiled the next generation of digital automobile keys based on Ultra Wideband technology for spatial sensation delivered through the U1 chip, which will allow users to unlock future car models without removing their iPhone from their pocket or bag and will go available next yr.

The CarKey support will come to the 2022 BMW 5 Serial.

33. Third-party Products and Accessories Support in Detect My App

Apple tree has added back up for finding third-party products and accessories with the new Find My network accessory program.

34. Privacy Add-ons in Safari

Safari browser now displays Privacy Report then users can easily come across which cross-site trackers have been blocked, secure countersign monitoring to help users find saved passwords that may accept been involved in a data breach.

35. Atmospheric condition App Improvements

With iOS 14, the Atmospheric condition app and widget go on users up to engagement on severe weather events and a new next-hour precipitation chart shows minute-by-infinitesimal atmospheric precipitation.

36. Apple tree Health Enhancements

Apple Health offers new ways to manage slumber, ameliorate understand sound levels that may affect hearing wellness and a new Health Checklist.

37. Emoji Picker

iOS 14 adds a new search interface to find a specific emoji that you are looking for. Enter a commonly used word such as ‘heart’ or ‘smiley face’ and y’all volition be presented with the relevant emojis to choose from.

38. Better Photos Permission

iOS 14 allows users to give admission to only selected photos rather than the entire Photo Library on the device.

39. Local Network Privacy

In iOS 14, the apps need to enquire permission to find and connect with devices on the local network.

40. Apple tree Notes Upgrades

The Apple Notes app now comes with on-device intelligence, which makes the search in notes faster.

41. Voice Memos Improvements

Voice Memos at present offer a new Enhance Recording feature to improve the sound quality of the recording.

42. Apple Reminders

Apple tree Reminders got a huge redesign in iOS 13. With iOS 14, information technology’s getting a new Quick Entry pick for the Reminders app, as well as smart suggestions for capturing new reminders more than quickly. Shared list members can also assign tasks to each other to make it easier to split up assignments.

43. Apple Photos

At that place are new filter and sort options to easily navigate and organize photos.

44. Exposure Compensation in Camera

Apple tree has added a new exposure compensation control in Photos that lets a user lock an exposure value while separately locking camera focus.

45. Apple tree Music Redesign

Apple tree Music has received a small makeover. The ‘Listen Now’ characteristic is front and eye. A lesser navigation menu includes tabs for Browse, Radio, Library, and Search.

46. More than Triggers for Running Automation

There is a new option to run a Siri Shortcut on iOS xiv. You can at present set Siri to run automation when the charger is connected or disconnected. Siri Shortcuts tin run in the background with no user interaction.

47. Reduce Loud Sounds

With iOS 14, iPhone can analyze your headphone sound and reduce whatever audio that is over a ready decibel level.

48. Audio Sharing to the Apple TV

iOS 14 brings Audio Sharing to Apple tree Television receiver. You lot can at present connect 2 sets of AirPods to the Apple Television 4K to have two simultaneous streams of audio.

49. Accessibility Improvements

Accessibility features include Headphone Accommodations, which amplifies soft sounds and tunes audio to help music, movies, phone calls, and podcasts sound crisper and clearer.

50. Group FaceTime Add-on

This is part of accessibility improvements. FaceTime tin now recognize when someone is using sign language and make them prominent in a group telephone call.

51. QuickTake Characteristic for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max

Apple’s QuickTake feature lets y’all record a video by holding down the shutter button in photo mode. That way you can capture video-worthy moments without moving to video fashion. As of now, the feature was simply available for the iPhone 11 series. iOS fourteen brings the QuickTake to iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

52. Lock/Unlock For Flip Covers

iOS 14 at present supports lock/unlock for flip covers. The Os automatically locks and unlock the iPhone when yous close and open the iPhone cover.

53. Dorsum Tap Function

This one is really absurd. With iOS xiv, you lot now double-tap or triple tap on the back of the iPhone to access the UI elements such equally home, app switcher, notification center, Siri, accept a screenshot, and more than. It’due south buried inside the Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap menu. The practiced news is, the back tap even works with the device instance on.

54. Security Recommendations for Passwords

iCloud Keychain in iOS 14 now warns you almost the possible data breach on the web. It volition ask yous to speedily modify your password for the website.

55. Sound Recognition Characteristic

iOS fourteen has a sound detection characteristic. It is primarily for people with hearing deficiencies. But this is also useful for when you’re wearing headphones. Your iPhone will continuously listen for certain sounds, and using on-device intelligence, will notify yous when the sound gets recognized.

56. Change Video Format in the Photographic camera App

For years, users have been asking Apple tree to allow them to change video resolution and format from the camera app. Apple finally listened to them with the iOS 14 update. Now, you can modify video resolution and format from the video UI in the Camera app.

57. Swipe Away An Incoming Call to Hide It

Every bit I mentioned, iOS 14 has added support for new caller UI as a imprint notification. You can swipe it and the OS will put it in an upper left corner. The gesture won’t reject the call though. For that, you lot volition have to tap on the End button in the banner notification.

58. Reminder to Charge Your AirPods

iOS 14 will send y’all a notification as a reminder to accuse your AirPods. Information technology’s a neat add-on and adds more value for the iPhone and AirPods users.

59. Apple tree Maps Warns Drivers of Speed and Red Light Cameras

Apple Maps in iOS 14 lets yous know when you’re approaching speed cameras and red-light cameras along your route. You can also meet where private cameras are located on the map.

60. Employ Siri During Music Playback

Just like Alexa on Amazon Music, users can now invoke Siri even during music playback.

61. New Audio UI During Calls

iOS 14 has tweaked the UI to change the audio devices during calls. In iOS xiii, it used to pop-upward from the bottom UI.

62. Recent Microphone Admission in the Control Centre

iOS fourteen at present showcases which app has recently used the microphone on the device in the Command Eye. You can come across the microphone icon with the app name on top of the Control Heart.

63. Bigger Articulate All Notification Button

From the notification panel when yous long-tap on the ‘x’ marking, the organization now displays a bigger Articulate All Notification button.

64. Notification Badges in App Library

By default, App Library doesn’t display the notification badges. You can enable them from the Home Screen Settings. It can exist useful when yous program to use only the App Library on the iPhone.

65. New App Downloads Location

With iOS 14, you can set the system to add newly downloaded apps on the home screen or in the App Library.

66. Tracking Choice in Privacy

You can permit apps to asking to track your activities across apps and websites. The option is disabled by default.

67. Mirror Front end Photographic camera

iOS xiv now lets you capture mirror selfies. What you see is what you get in the concluding results from the front camera.

68. Use Volume Upwards For Burst Mode

Y’all tin can now use the volume up button to use the Burst style in the camera. Enable the choice in the Camera settings and press the volume upward push button in the photographic camera app to utilise the Flare-up mode.

69. Prioritize Faster Shooting

With iOS fourteen, the iPhone camera can intelligently adapt prototype quality when rapidly pressing the shutter.

70. Change Screenshot Opacity

When yous have a screenshot, the screenshot editor menu tin can let you change the opacity of the image. Only tap on the ‘+’ icon, select Opacity, and use the slider for adjustments.

71. Bold Fonts in Spotlight Search UI

When you lot search for apps, contacts, or websites in the Spotlight search, the results come back with bigger and bolder fonts for easy reading.

72. UI Tweaks in the Files App

You lot will observe small-scale UI tweaks in the Files app. For example, tap on the three-dot menu above and it will open the popular-upwards carte du jour on the top and not from the lesser. We have seen the same tweaks in the Phone app too.

73. Slumber Manner

The Bedtime Mode in iOS 13 is now replaced past the new Slumber Style in iOS fourteen. You can set the Sleep goal in Apple Health and it will plow on Do Non Disturb Manner during the set up time. Sleep mode tin simplify your Lock screen at your scheduled Bedtime. You tin can turn on/off Sleep Mode from the Command Centre.

74. Game Center ID in App Store Account

The App Store now displays the Game Center ID in your account section.

75. New Contacts UI

In the contact data carte du jour, you will see a new tabbed UI. Look nice compared to apartment iOS 13 icons.

76. Edit Pins in Messages

iOS xiv lets you lot pin your of import conversations on the top. Swipe right on a conversation and select the Pin option. Information technology makes sense for a single conversation but what if y’all want to Pivot/Unpin several conversations on the go. For that, you can tap on the carte du jour in a higher place and select the ‘Edit Pin’ option. It volition let you to Pin/Unpin multiple conversations rapidly.

77. Filters in Messages

The new Filters card in Messages automatically organizes letters based on Known Senders, Unknown Senders, Promotions, Transactions, Promotions, and Junk. Nosotros have seen similar implementation on the Android side. Information technology’s skillful to see Apple taking steps to declutter the messages inbox.

78. Wind Down

Current of air Down is related to Sleep mode. Information technology will reduce distractions and aid you relax earlier going to bed. You can set a time to enable Wind Down before starting Sleep Manner.

79. New UI in Shortcuts Gallery

The fix-to-go Siri Shortcuts in the Gallery menu now shows bigger thumbnails and more than information. I like how Apple has played with dissimilar colors to differentiate the shortcuts.

80. Add an App to Library

In iOS 14, when you try to delete an app, the organisation volition offer you lot the option to add the app to the App Library menu. That way, you tin can remove the app from the abode screen merely it stays on the device in the App Library.

81. Smart Downloads in India

Starting with iOS xiv, you lot can download Bharat Siri voices and software updates, equally well as download and stream Apple Television receiver+ shows over cellular networks for the first fourth dimension.

82. New UI for Calculation Time and Engagement

You volition notice a new bubble-style UI for calculation fourth dimension and date throughout the Operating Arrangement.

83. Imprint Notification for Bluetooth Device Connection

This is a welcome change. iOS 14 now showcases a small-scale banner notification at the meridian with the device name connected option. No need to go back to Command Centre to see which device got connected over Bluetooth.

84. Long-press the Back Button to Bring Up the History Stack

With iOS fourteen, if y’all’re deep in a navigation stack and want to quickly head back to a level, you can long-printing the back button to bring up the history stack. It tin can be useful when you are deep inside the Settings app and want to move back to the main home page with a unmarried click.

85. Precise Location Toggle

In iOS 14, sure apps tin can ask your precise location. The option is automatically enabled for ride-hailing apps such as Uber and nutrient-ordering apps similar Swiggy and Uber Eats. If y’all disable the choice then the apps can admission your approximate location.

86. Notification When An App or Widget Reads Your Clipboard Data

iOS 14 will display a imprint notification on the top when an app or widget reads your clipboard data. For example, if you lot copy text from Notes and open the Google Chrome app, a notification appears that says “Chrome pasted from Notes.” The notification disappears later on a few seconds.

87. Faster JavaScript Performance in Safari

Safari on iOS 14 features the new JavaScript engine for 2x faster JS performance than Chrome on Android 10.

88. Built-in Translation in Safari

Safari on iOS 14 supports the text translation feature for spider web pages.

89. Redesigned App Screen In App Store

With iOS 14, you tin now see programmer information, chart ranking, language, and App size right below the App name. In iOS 13, it used to at the bottom of the app info page.

ninety. Share ETA With Siri

While navigating with Apple Maps, you can ask Siri to share your ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) with contact.

91. Activity Zones for video cameras and doorbells

With HomeKit Secure Video, y’all tin can define Activeness Zones within a camera’s view to capture video or receive notifications only when motion is detected in those areas.

92. Power Reserve in Motorcar Keys

With Power Reserve in iOS fourteen, you’ll be able to access and showtime your vehicle for up to v hours even when your iPhone battery runs low.

93. New App Categories in CarPlay

With iOS 14, Apple CarPlay supports third-party parking, EV charging, and quick food-ordering apps.

94. As-you-type Search Suggestions In Spotlight Search

In iOS 14, you can just start typing and search suggestions announced beneath the search field.

95. New Wallpapers in CarPlay

Apple has added new wallpapers for your CarPlay dashboard.

96. Family Subscription Improvements

With iOS 14, you tin can share App Store subscriptions with everyone in your family with a single purchase.

97. Game Eye In-game Dashboard

The in-game dashboard showcases you and your friends’ game progress at a glance. Rapidly access your Game Eye profile, achievements, leaderboards, and more from within the game.

98. Updated Dark mode Capture Experience

This one is express to iPhone 11 devices. When taking photos in Night mode on iPhone 11 and iPhone eleven Pro, the photographic camera uses the gyroscope to provide a guidance indicator to assist y’all stay steady throughout the capture.

99. New Health Data Types

The Health app supports several new data types for wellness records, mobility, symptoms, and ECG.

100. Smarter Heed At present in Apple tree Podcasts

Mind Now includes a new Upward Next — your personal episode queue that makes it easier to resume where you left off.

101. Disable Contacts Suggestions in Share Menu

With iOS 14, you tin disable contact suggestions in the system share menu. This is a welcome change as I hardly use contacts suggestion past Siri in the Share menu.

102. Scan Your Neighbourhood in Apple Maps

In iOS 14, Apple tree Maps has a ‘Refine Your Location’ prompt which tells you to scan the neighborhood.

103. New Color Picker in Screenshot Tool

While editing screenshots, you lot can now employ the new Slider UI to pick the right colors for yous.

104. New Emoji Picker for Reminders List

With iOS 14, y’all can select emojis as Reminders listing icons. Previously, it was limited to a few icons only.

105. Search for Apps in Storage Menu

Now you can search for apps in the Storage menu to quickly glance over the app and the storage space it’s taking on the device.

105. Bombardment Widget Shows Gamepad Battery Level

iOS fourteen offers a revamped battery widget with bombardment life from all the connected devices. If y’all are using a third-political party Gamepad with your iPhone then you tin see the battery level of it from the battery widget menu.

106. Multiple Siri App Suggestions Widget

With iOS 14, you can add multiple Siri app suggestions widget in the iOS Today view carte du jour.

107. Assign an Emoji as a Contact Picture

Users can add together Emoji as a contact motion picture. Be prepared to see people getting artistic with this characteristic.

108. Stack Widgets on Top on Another

If y’all accept multiple widgets on the dwelling screen and want to simplify the look, then yous can long-press a widget and stack it on some other one. That way, users can create a stack of widgets on the dwelling house screen.

109. New Wallpapers

As it’due south a tradition with every iOS update, the iOS 14 update brings a bunch of new wallpapers to spice up the look of your iPhone.

110. Long-printing to Hide Alerts

Prior iOS 14, to hide alerts for certain threads, you’d have to go into the thread’due south information pane to use the toggle or swipe left on the conversation and apply the “Hide Alerts” button. That yet applies, but you lot can’t swipe on pinned threads, so you tin’t hibernate alerts that style. So iOS 14 added a “Hide Alerts” selection from the quick actions menu later you lot long-press a pinned or unpinned thread.

111. New Icons for Clock and Agenda

You will find new refreshed icons for the Clock and Calendar app.

112. Music Haptics

Pressing the play, pause, side by side, and back buttons on the At present Playing screen in ‌Apple Music‌ provides haptic feedback.

113. New Icons For Apple Music

iOS 14 new offers new icons for Apple Music app as well as for Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Songs menu within the app. A welcome alter.

114. New World Clock Widget

If you are someone who travels a lot or wants to keep track of the different region timings, so y’all can add the new globe clock widgets in the iOS Today menu or the Home screen.

115. Starter Shortcuts in Shortcuts App

The Shortcuts app now offers four Starter Shortcuts to get started. You will discover them right on the Shortcuts home.

116. Face up Roofing Memoji

Apple has added a new customization option to add a face up-covering mask to a memoji.

iOS xiv is shaping out to be an excellent upgrade for iPhone users. The official update for the general public will be available later this year. If you are feeling adventurous then yous can go ahead and download the beta profile on your device for free. While you lot are at it, practice let united states know well-nigh your favorite additions in the iOS 14 update.

We are going to update this article continuously as we find more than iOS fourteen features. If y’all have plant something new in iOS 14, then driblet a comment below.


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