Top 25+ iOS 15 Tips and Tricks

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Unlike the iOS 14 update terminal yr, you won’t notice any major features or improvements right off the bat with iOS 15. The latest iOS update is all well-nigh small incremental changes designed to make you productive, keep your online identity secure, and ameliorate the experience of the stock Apple apps. If you take but installed iOS 15 on your iPhone, read along to learn the height iOS 15 tips and tricks.

Apple has given a major revamp to all the stock iOS apps in iOS 15, including FaceTime, Notes, Reminders, iCloud, Safari, Wellness, and more. Practise Not Disturb has also gotten a makeover and is at present known every bit Focus mode. You can check out all the absurd new iOS fifteen features here.

One time you lot are done going through the list of new features, bank check out the best iOS fifteen tips and tricks to get the well-nigh out of information technology on your iPhone.

1. Create a FaceTime Link

This is straight from Zoom and Google Meet. And nosotros are glad to come across Apple tree offer the ability to create FaceTime invite links.

With iOS fifteen, you can just open the FaceTime app and tap the
Create Link
push button at the elevation. This volition direct open the Share carte du jour and allows you lot to share the invite link to members via social media apps.

This 1 is even more useful at present as your friends on Android and Windows tin also join the FaceTime call via the web. Yes, Apple has finally debuted FaceTime on rival platforms. Although, the whole feel is quite limited compared to Apple hardware.

create facetime link

2. Utilize Grid View in Group FaceTime Calls

In iOS xiv, FaceTime showed different tile sizes to display group members on the phone call. While it looked cool in renders, the end experience was confusing. Apple is adding an option to view the members in grid way with iOS 15.

During group video calls, only tap on the three-dot bill of fare and select
Grid view
to view all the participants in the grid view.

grid view in facetime

3. SharePlay in FaceTime

Another handy iOS fifteen tip that will be quite pop once the bulk of iPhone owners install the update. By majority, nosotros mean both the consumers and developers.

Apple has added a SharePlay office that lets users on a FaceTime telephone call listen to Music via Apple Music, sentinel shows via Apple tree Tv set, etc. Basically, you’ll be able to enjoy watching movies or listening to music with your friends while on a FaceTime telephone call.

Wait to see companies like Spotify, Netflix, Disney, etc., offer like integration with FaceTime.

Apple tree has also added the Screen Share function that allows the user to share the screen with other participants over a FaceTime phone call. Read our defended post to learn about screen sharing on FaceTime.

SharePlay is not a part of the initial iOS 15 release but should debut later this fall.

shareplay in facetime

4. Master Focus Manner

The default Exercise Non Disturb mode gets a new avatar with the Focus mode in iOS 15. Instead of a single Do Not Disturb style, you become to choose amid Habitation, Piece of work, Sleep, and more than Focus profiles with customized notifications and calls beliefs for each.

Swipe down from the upper right corner and long-tap on the Focus menu. You lot can select from one of the default iOS Focus profiles. You can farther customize each mode by selecting which apps and contacts are allowed to send notifications.

focus mode on iPhone

5. Create Custom Focus Profiles

Apple tree hasn’t stopped with a barebone Focus mode in iOS fifteen. The visitor fifty-fifty allows yous to create custom Focus profiles based on your usage and convenience.

From the
Settings > Focus
menu, you tin can create as many Focus profiles such as Writing, Yoga, Meditation, and more. For each Focus profile, you can customize the Dwelling screen and Lock screen equally well.

The possibilities are endless here. The practiced news is, all the Focus profiles become synced amidst all your Apple devices using the aforementioned Apple account.

focus profiles on iPhone

half-dozen. Notification Summary

This 1 is mighty useful to get you through a busy solar day. Notification summary combines notifications from irrelevant apps and sends you the summary of information technology at a specific time.

By default, it’s turned off. Y’all can enable the toggle from the
Settings > Notifications
menu and select the relevant time y’all want to be reminded about the notifications.

7. Apply Live Text

Live Text uses on-device intelligence to identify text in a photograph or camera viewfinder. You can signal the iPhone photographic camera to a business card, browse the electronic mail or phone number using Live Text, and straight accept action on it.

It works in photos too. Open an paradigm from the gallery and identify the text in the photograph. It can be helpful when you lot want to catechumen handwritten notes to text on the phone.

Live Text works in other apps as well. For instance, in the Email app, yous can use the Email from Camera option and direct import the electronic mail address using Alive Text. At launch, Live Text support is express to seven languages only.

live text on iPhone

8. Bank check Paradigm EXIF Details in the Photos App

iOS 15 finally lets y’all bank check the EXIF details of an prototype from the default Photos app. This means you’ll no longer have to rely on third-party apps but to check the details of a photograph you lot have taken.

Y’all can open any prototype in the Photos app and tap on the info ‘i’ button to view photograph size, maps, photo appointment, time, resolution, and more.

check image details on iPhone

nine. Add Apple Music to Photos Memories

The default Photos app carries a Memories characteristic that combines your recent photos and creates a video out of it using animations and other cool tricks. In iOS xv, you tin now set up whatever music clip from the Apple Music app and brand your memories even more beautiful.

Memories will change the slideshow look and feel based on the song selection with custom filters and animations.

apple music in memories

10. Add together Wallpaper Background in Safari Browser

This was already possible in Safari on macOS Big Sur. iOS xv carries the same wallpaper customization trick to the iPhone also.

Open Safari on the iPhone and scroll down to the bottom. Select Edit, and you can pick a relevant wallpaper from the
Background Image
menu. Ane can as well go ahead and add wallpaper from the gallery on the iPhone.

background wallpaper in safari

11. Safari Extensions

Similar to the macOS Safari browser, users can at present apply the same extensions for the Safari on iPhone likewise. Previously, information technology was limited to advertising-blockers just. iOS xv open the doors for developers to create mobile-friendly extensions for the Safari browser.

The collection is slim for at present. Only we tin wait to see more developers creating Safari browser extensions in the future.

12. Unlock Dwelling Using Apple Wallet

Another useful add-on for those living in a complete Apple ecosystem. Users can now unlock home, hotel room, or fifty-fifty office using the stored cardinal in the Apple Wallet app.

Open the Apple Wallet app, use the stored digital key, tap the phone to the lock, and voila! The room is fix to serve you. It will be up to third-party devices and hotel chains to quickly implement the functionality.

xiii. Smart Lists in Apple Reminders

Apple Reminders gets a useful add-on chosen Smart Lists. They are basically your normal lists with a smart encephalon behind them.

You tin create any list into Smart list by adding conditions to the list. As before long as you create a task that meets all the Smart List conditions, the app volition automatically send the chore to the Smart Listing. No manual input is needed from users.

smart lists in Apple Reminders

14. Use Tags in Apple tree Notes

This is ane of our favorite iOS xv tips. Apple Notes finally gets the fan-favorite tags add-on to organize your notes. While writing whatever note, you tin can add together a #tag, and the app will create a tag out of it.

The functionality also extends to the macOS Apple tree Notes app.

tags in apple notes

15. Enable iCloud Individual Relay

iCloud Private Relay is 1 of our favorite new additions to iCloud service. Private Relay hides your IP address and Safari browsing activity from network providers and websites so that no 1 — including Apple tin can see who you are or what sites you are visiting.

It shields your web traffic from prying eyes and spammers. Private Relay hides information from both the Isp and advertisers that aim to build your online profile.

iCloud Private Rely is merely bachelor for paid iCloud users. You can enable the toggle from the
Settings > iCloud > Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay

16. Share Apple tree Wellness Data

iOS 15 allows you to share health data with your friends and family members. The data you share will announced in their Health app. You volition besides get an alert for important health metrics like elevated heart rate, etc.

It’southward all built with privacy and security in mind. Apple only shares a summary of each topic and not the details. The information is encrypted, and you tin can cease sharing at any time.

share apple health data

17. Employ iCloud Authenticator

iCloud Keychain gets a much-awaited two-gene authentication support built-in. When you view the countersign for whatever website in the iCloud Keychain, y’all will meet an option to
Prepare Verification Code
for the app.

iCloud Keychain users can supercede the apps like Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator on the iPhone.

18. System-Wide Drag and Drop

You really demand to use this trick in person to check its awesomeness. You tin can long-press any image/video/file from ane app, open up another app, and drop information technology there. Keep the content pinned using ane paw and open another app using another finger and drop the content.

It works seamlessly across Apple apps. For example, yous can select a photo from the Photos app and utilise the drag and drop method to attach it to an iMessage conversation.

19. Apply Magnifier App

Need to zoom in for specific details using iPhone? You no longer need to open the Camera app and apply digital zoom.

iOS 15 at present comes with a new Magnifier app. Every bit the name suggests, y’all tin can use information technology to zoom in on elements, text, use a bunch of filters, flashlight, play with the brightness slider, and more.

magnifier app

20. Access Spotlight Search from the Lock Screen

Spotlight Search also gets a major boost with new features. Spotlight uses intelligence to search photos by location, people, scenes, or objects. Using Alive Text, Spotlight tin likewise notice text and handwriting in photos. Spotlight now offers spider web image search and all-new rich results for actors, musicians, Goggle box shows, and movies.

The good news is, you tin access all these goodies right from the iPhone lock screen. Utilize the same swipe-down gesture from the lock screen, and Spotlight Search is ready to serve yous.

spotlight from the lock screen

21. Create Temporary New Email Addresses

Are yous tired of using your primary email accost for every website you visit? With the iOS 15, Apple takes care of this hassle.

From the
Settings > iCloud > Hide My E-mail
menu, you can create multiple temporary e-mail addresses to use. This is a part of iCloud’s Hide My Electronic mail part.

Users can proceed their personal e-mail addresses private by creating unique, random addresses that forward to your personal inbox and tin can be deleted at whatever time.

hide my email

22. Change Per-App Text Size

In iOS 14, users could just alter the arrangement-wide font size. That behavior is changing in iOS 15.

You tin go along the text size change to a specific app only. But make sure to keep the app open while using the Text Size toggle from the Command Middle.

text size per app

23. Edit Date and Time in Photos

Not but tin you check the image details from the Photos app, merely also modify their date and time in iOS 15. You can select a unmarried photo or multiple photos and select the Share menu.

Tap on the Edit Date & Fourth dimension pick and modify the appointment and fourth dimension for the photograph.

edit date and time

24. Turn off iCloud Individual Relay for Wi-Fi

If you notice a major dip in data network speed following the iOS 15 update, you need to disable iCloud Private Relay for the Home/Work Wi-Fi.

Simply open the Settings app on the iPhone, navigate to
Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi network,
and plow off iCloud Private Relay from the following menu.

turn off iCloud Private Relay

25. Remove Habitation Screen Pages

With iOS 14, Apple offered an pick to hibernate habitation screen pages. iOS 15 takes it a pace alee and allows users to remove habitation screen pages completely in the app.

Long printing on empty screen on the home screen and select dot carte above the Dock. Start, disable the home screen page that you want to hibernate and tap on the ‘–‘ icon at the upper left corner to remove the home screen page.

remove home screen pages

That concludes our list of top iOS xv tips and tricks for mastering the latest iOS update on your iPhone. Apple hasn’t stopped hither, though. The update carries over seventy+ new features and a agglomeration of subconscious features throughout the OS and system apps.

Which are your favorite iOS fifteen tricks from the list above? Let united states know in the comments below.


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