Top 5 AirTag Alternatives to Buy in 2022

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Apple announced the AirTag at its ‘Jump Loaded’ result final month. AirTag is a simple tracking solution from Apple that helps you keep runway of things like keys, wallets, and bags. The Bluetooth tracker from Apple tree is now available to order, but is it the just Bluetooth tracker you should consider? These are the top v AirTag alternatives that you lot should consider buying.

Bluetooth particular trackers aren’t new at all. The thought behind Bluetooth tracking is simple; it but uses Bluetooth and GPS to go along rail of things and has been effectually for years — Tile started back in 2022. These object trackers attach to important things like keys, wallets, bags, and purses, and and then show upwardly on your iPhone via an app. But with Apple’southward entry into the Bluetooth tracking ecosystem, things are virtually to alter.

Before we move on and have a look at AirTag alternatives, check out what Apple has incorporated into AirTag and its all-time features.

Hither is the list of the best Apple tree AirTag alternatives to buy in 2022:

1. Tile Mate

tile mate design

Priced $4 less than Apple AirTag, Tile Mate proves to a worthy AirTag competitor. Tile has established a potent foothold over the Bluetooth tracking marketplace, and the visitor offers quite a few models to cull from. Tile Mate is the cheapest offering from the visitor but offers enough of useful features.

Like AirTag, Tile Mate uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) to connect to your smartphone, irrespective of it being an Android smartphone or an iPhone. It has a range of about 200 feet which should suffice most users. If Tile Mate is not in your telephone’s vicinity, y’all can put the Tile into ‘Lost’ style and so that you can track the Mate via other Tile users. On the opposite, AirTag relies on Apple’s vast Observe My Network.

Tile Mate vs AirTag alternatives

It’s powered by a standard CR1632 bombardment which is user-replaceable. But some users take reported issues opening the dorsum of the key finder to replace the battery. AirTag’southward battery can be replaced hands by pressing the back and rotating information technology. One advantage Tile devices take over AirTag is the Tile push button. If you’re non able to find your telephone, yous can but press the Tile button on the Mate, and it will ring your device.

And yeah, you can attach Tile devices straight using the pigsty of the device. With AirTag, you lot either rely on accessories, or you lot have to keep it in your handbag, purse, or wallet. You can even pair the Mate to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to ring it upwards without even lifting your phone.

However, there are two downsides of Tile Mate in comparison to AirTag. The Mate features IP55 water and dust resistance, which is a fleck weak compared to AirTag’s IP67 rating. Moreover, there is no Smart Alarm characteristic included with the Mate. Yous accept to subscribe to this Premium feature in the app that volition cost an additional $2.fifty per calendar month (when paid annually).

➤ Buy Now – Tile Mate | $25 for 1, $48 for a two-pack, and $62 for four-pack

2. Tile Pro

Tile Pro is a slightly costlier item tracker from Tile. It costs $6 more than Apple AirTag, has everything that Tile Mate offers, plus few more ‘Pro’ features. Information technology has double the coverage of Tile Mate at about 400 feet and the loudest ring of all Tile models.

Unlike Tile Mate, yous can skip the $ii.5 per month Tile Premium subscription for Smart Alerts. Y’all tin can also pair the Tile Pro to the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so that you tin can ring the device even if your phone isn’t around. It has a user-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery, which Tile says should work ‘over a year.’

If y’all still haven’t made up your heed, bank check out our AirTag vs. Tile explainer, where we go into depth about both item trackers.

➤ Purchase Now – Tile Pro | $35 for one, $60 for two-pack, and $89 for iv-pack

three. Chipolo One and Chipolo I Spot

chipolo one airtag alternative

Chipolo is even so another company that pops up when looking for an item tracker. Information technology’s smaller than Tile, is available in half-dozen colors, does not rely on any accessory to attach it to things like keys, and available for $4 less than AirTag. Chipolo likewise claims that it has one of the loudest rings — 120dB, to exist specific — of all the Bluetooth item trackers.

Chipolo One works on both Android and iPhone and sets up easily via the Chipolo app and Bluetooth. Chipolo touts that the One has the longest bombardment life of two years in comparison to all Bluetooth trackers, even though it has the same CR2032 coin cell user-replaceable battery.

Unlike Tile, Chipolo does not require yous to pay for whatsoever Premium subscription for the Smart Alert feature. You can directly configure it in the Chipolo app. You specify a maximum distance on the app. Every bit presently as your Chipolo tracker crosses a certain altitude, you’ll get an alert on your phone and a loud beep on the Chipolo device also, reminding y’all that the tracker is not around.

But, like all the other AirTag alternatives, if you lot lose your Chipolo I, you have to rely on other people around your tracker to have the Chipolo app installed on their smartphone to relay its location. This is where Chipolo Ane Spot comes in.

Chipolo one spot airtag alternative

Chipolo Ane Spot combines the all-time of both worlds. It has all the features of Chipolo One, and it works with Apple’s Notice My Network. So if you lot lose your Chipolo One Spot, y’all tin track information technology via the Notice My app, just like an AirTag. Its setup procedure is exactly like an AirTag and has other AirTag features like ‘Lost Mode.’

The but front end where Chipolo I Spot loses to AirTag is the lack of ultrawide-ring support. Therefore this tracker lacks the ‘Precision Tracking’ feature. Chipolo One Spot isn’t available to order nonetheless — pre-orders are going live sometime later this month. Multiple reports say that the tracker will be priced beneath AirTag, making it a worthy AirTag competitor.

➤ Buy At present – Chipolo 1 | $25 for one, $75 for iv-pack

4. Tile Sticker

tile sticker airtag alternative

If you’re looking for a smaller and inexpensive tracker that sticks to nigh whatsoever surface, you should consider Tile Sticker. Information technology’s very small at only 27mm width and 7.3mm thickness.

The reason it’southward chosen Sticker is that information technology attaches to almost anything via the 3M agglutinative bail at its back. Tile says that the adhesive should piece of work for three years, which coincidentally is how long its in-built battery lasts. Even after having an agglutinative at the back, Tile has managed to give an IPX7 rating to the Tile Sticker, making information technology waterproof up to 3ft/1m for up to 30 minutes.

It’southward has a range of 150 anxiety, which for its size is quite decent. There’s also an in-congenital speaker in the device, which makes a sound as shortly as the tracker crosses a certain altitude. However, like Tile Mate, y’all take to subscribe to Tile Premium to unlock the Smart Alert characteristic.

➤ Buy Now – Tile Sticker | $25 for i, $twoscore for two-pack, and $55 for 4-pack

5. T-Mobile SyncUp

T Mobile SyncUp AirTag Like Tracker

Announced simply a few days ago, T-Mobile’south SyncUp is already looking similar a worthy competitor to Apple’south AirTag. Even though the price of the T-Mobile SyncUp is more than than double of the Apple AirTag, it has some features that make it rank higher up the AirTag.

Unlike AirTag, which relies on Bluetooth and other Apple devices to exist tracked, SyncUp Tracker has its own LTE connection and GPS chip, making it trackable from any part of the world. Other features of the T-Mobile SyncUp include IP67 h2o and dust resistance, optical sensor, and virtual boundary, which alerts you every time your tracker leaves a certain area.

Withal, there’s ane caveat with the SyncUp, apart from its hefty cost for an item tracker. It uses a non-replaceable 900 mAh bombardment, which has to be charged every week. T-Mobile says that the battery of the SyncUp should last for vii to ten days, after which yous’ll have to charge it via the Micro-USB port.

Moreover, yous have to add together a information plan worth $5/month to your T-Mobile account for SyncUp’s data usage. SyncUp is available just for T-Mobile customers right now. The company says it is working with Sprint, Magenta Prepaid, and Metro, and it should be available for customers of these carriers shortly.

➤ Buy At present – T-Mobile SyncUp | $60 for i

Which Apple AirTag alternative are you going for? Let us know in the comments section below!


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