Top 5 Things To Do With Your New iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro

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Got a new iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro this Christmas as a gift? Congratulations! It is now fourth dimension to explore the best apps, tips, and accessories for your new iPad so that yous can use it to its total potential. There’due south a lot yous tin can do with your new iPad instead of simply using it to browse Facebook and play games. Check out the outset 5 things that you should do with your new iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro.

Depending on your workflow, your new iPad or iPad Pro tin can become a PC-replacement also. That would mean no demand to lug your laptop anywhere and never having to worry most battery life or operation bug.

Meridian 5 Things To Do With Your New iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro

5. Master the Gestures

If y’all accept got the new iPad Air or iPad Pro equally a souvenir, there’s a bit of a learning bend with the navigation gestures on these tablets since they practise not come with a concrete habitation button. Instead, just like the iPhone Ten and up, in that location are enough of gestures that i needs to know about to navigate around the UI and to multitask like a pro.

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4. Larn Multitasking

iPadOS Cursor Support

Apple has greatly improved the multitasking capability of the iPad over the last couple of years. You can now run multiple apps at the same time using Slide Over and more. If you are going to utilize an iPad for the first fourth dimension though, you volition need a chip of help in agreement the new multitasking features. Read our guide below to know how you tin multitask similar a pro on your iPad Air or iPad Pro.

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iii. Tips to Know

In that location are quite a few tips and tricks that you should know about your new iPad or iPad Pro to help you get the nigh out of the device. These tips will assistance you in getting up to speed with various features of the tablet and aid notice some footling unknown features too.

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While you are at it, make sure to become through our exhaustive iPadOS 14 tips and tricks list besides. You are bound to detect a few useful tricks in this list.

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2. Apps to Download

Your iPad is but going to exist as good as the apps you lot install on information technology. While the App Shop is filled with quality apps, you will have to put in an effort to observe the really skillful ones that let you use your new iPad to its fullest potential. To aid you lot become a jump offset, merely bank check out our list of the best iPad and iPad Pro apps below.

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Your new iPad or iPad Pro is also a cracking content consumption device with its large display and stereo/quad speakers. If y’all are always on the go, you can download movies and TV shows on the tablet and sentry information technology while you are on the get. The whole process is relatively easy if you have a Netflix subscription also. Follow our guide linked beneath to know how.

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ane. Buy a Keyboard

Apple has added native cursor back up to iPadOS which completely changes the feel of using the iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro for a lot of tasks. The company besides launched a Magic Keyboard to go on with it but it is exorbitantly expensive. Thankfully, you can purchase a trackpad keyboard for your iPad for a lot less too.

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One time y’all take got the keyboard, it is time to utilize it to its full potential. You must know about the various trackpad gestures too as the keyboard shortcuts that you lot can utilize on your iPad to greatly speed up the process.

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Which iPad or iPad Pro did you get this Christmas? How are you liking it? Drib a comment and let us know!


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