Top 5 Ways to Use Apple AirTags in Your Daily Life

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At Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded Effect,’ the visitor announced AirTag and entered a new hardware category. In a surprising move, Apple has priced AirTag in line with the competition and offers a agglomeration of AirTag accessories to runway lost devices with accuracy. Looking at AirTag features and capabilities, hither are the best use example scenarios we tin recall of why you should go an AirTag.

The AirTag is a minor, button-shaped tracking device with a sleeky white front that can be customized with an engraving and a silver bankroll. AirTags are designed effectually the CR2032 batteries inside them and need boosted accessories to attach to an item. Read along to find the superlative employ instance scenarios on why you should go an AirTag.

If you want to know more about AirTag, check out our detailed AirTag FAQ that should reply all your questions surrounding information technology.

Top 5 Ways to Use Apple AirTags in Your Daily Life

The biggest reason to get an AirTag is to discover a lost object, device, or fundamental. Nosotros have compiled a list of scenarios in which an AirTag can help you lot find the device using Apple’s Discover My service. Let’southward discuss them.

i. Find Lost Machine and Dwelling house Keys

We all take been in such a situation where nosotros are left spending hours to find a motorcar or home key. An AirTag offers convenience to find the lost car or home fundamental in a couple of minutes.

But open up the Observe My app on the iPhone and track the keys using Apple Maps. You tin as well employ the AirTag speakers and make a sound. Information technology comes with a battery life of ‘over one year,’ after which the user can supersede it. This is likely going to exist the nigh popular use example of AirTag: users attaching it to a keychain with their home or motorcar primal.

airtags keys

AirTag setup is also simple compared to the rivals. An AirTag will automatically detect your iPhone and show a setup screen similar to AirPods. You just give it a proper noun or set a default like “Keys” or “Jacket,” and the AirTag will start showing up under the “Items” department of the Find My app.

2. Discover Lost or Stolen Wallet

This is nevertheless another scenario where you tin retrieve your precious belongings from a thief. Due to AirTag’s small size and piece of cake setup, you can place it in your wallet and forget about it. The side by side time when you can’t observe the wallet, open up the Find My app and alert the AirTag to ring the bell.

track wallet

Did someone steal your wallet on the street? Before the thief goes ahead and empties your wallet, yous need to employ the Find My app to track the device. Don’t mistakenly alarm the thief with the alarm function. Silently track your wallet and inform the authorities nearly the theft.

AirTag design does mean that it won’t fit in slim wallets properly, though. This use example is ideal for ladies’ purses and backpacks, as the AirTag will protrude quite a flake in slim wallets.

iii. Adhere an AirTag to Your Baby

New-born babies don’t actually sit down nonetheless, which means one must go along a abiding middle on them. This is especially difficult to practice when both parents piece of work from domicile and attend Zoom meetings and get other things washed all day. In such cases, you may not take enough time on your hands to keep runway of your baby’south location all the fourth dimension. Enter an AirTag.

Attach an AirTag to your baby’s dress or stroller, and you lot are all set to track your baby’due south movements 24 x seven. AirTag uses Apple tree’south U1 chip, found in iPhone eleven and the iPhone 12 series, for precision location. With the use of Ultra Broad Band engineering science and U1 flake, AirTag tin accurately measure the distance of them from an iPhone and render a precise location. The tech allows y’all to track your lost baby accurately.

4. Add AirTag to Your Backpack or Wheel

I take a addiction of losing out my backpack to cafes or relative’southward homes. AirTag is the perfect accessory for me to find my haversack.

add airtags to backpack

In 2022, new cars come up with a built-in navigation system and anti-theft protection to notice the stolen car, so it doesn’t brand sense to add an AirTag to your car. However, you can attach an AirTag to be bottom of your cycle seat. If information technology gets stolen, you can track it using Apple’s Find My app.

5. Add together AirTag to Your Aerodrome Luggage

I’thousand certain our readers will chronicle to this one. As a tech announcer, who frequently flies around the cities to cover the launch events, I oftentimes lost my luggage due to the laziness of aerodrome staff. Using an AirTag, one can quickly view the lost baggage and even make certain that it has boarded the flight with y’all.

atatch airtags to baggage

Some other useful scenario is during the baggage claim expanse. You can use the alert function and get notified when the baggage comes to your side.

These are the use case scenarios we can call up of getting an AirTag. Are you lot thinking of getting an AirTag? How are you planning to employ information technology? Share your reason in the comments section below.


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