Top 80+ New iOS 15 Features for iPhone

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Later on initially being appear at WWDC 2022, iOS 15 is now available to download for all compatible iPhones. While non equally big of an update as iOS 14, in that location are still several new features and enhancements in iOS 15 aimed at improving core apps, privacy, security, Siri, notifications, and more. Cheque out an exhaustive list of all the new iOS xv features that you lot can bask below.

Nosotros accept already covered the list of best iOS fifteen features and in this post, we will showcase every possible iOS 15 feature that nosotros found in our limited fourth dimension of testing. Allow’s get started.

1. Create a Link in FaceTime

Let’due south get-go the list with new additions coming to the FaceTime app on the iPhone. Following Zoom and Google Meet’s atomic number 82, Apple tree now allows users to create a video coming together link in the FaceTime app. Y’all can share the link with others on Letters, WhatsApp, or E-mail and they can join the conversation by tapping on the shared link.

facetime link

2. Portrait mode in FaceTime video calls

This 1 is similar to the blurred background in Zoom and Microsoft Teams. During FaceTime calls, one can hide the background by enabling the Portrait mode. It helps you save confront by hiding that messy room backside you lot.

FaceTime calls iOS 15

3. Voice Isolation in FaceTime

Voice isolation in FaceTime uses Machine Learning to block unwanted background dissonance in FaceTime video/voice calls. It’south not limited to FaceTime calls simply. Apple will allow tertiary-party apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Telegram to utilize the tech for seamless audio calls.

4. Spatial Audio Support in FaceTime

Apple tree is calculation spatial sound back up to FaceTime in iOS 15. Significant, the voices in a FaceTime call will audio every bit if they are coming from where the person is positioned on the screen.

5. Grid View in Group FaceTime Calls

Group FaceTime calls will now come with a grid view in iOS 15. It’southward easier to expect at and manage compared to the preview group view.

group calls in facetime

6. FaceTime for Android and Windows

Android and Windows users finally get FaceTime support via the spider web. When you lot tap on the FaceTime link, it will open in the spider web browser to bring together the coming together. Here is how you tin use FaceTime on Android and Windows.

facetime on android

7. SharePlay in FaceTime

SharePlay in FaceTime takes the sharing feel to the next level. Users can now share experiences with SharePlay while connecting with friends on FaceTime, including listening to songs together with Apple Music, watching a Telly show or movie in sync, or sharing their screen to view apps together. SharePlay isn’t ready for the public iOS xv update though. Apple tree is expected to release SharePlay to time to come iOS xv updates.

iOS 15 FaceTime

Everyone on the phone call tin can listen to the aforementioned vocal, watch the same movie, and fifty-fifty view the aforementioned screen. It’s similar to Spotify’southward Group Session, and we are glad to see Apple extending it to the Apple Telly app every bit well.

8. Share Screen on FaceTime

Users tin can also share a screen on a FaceTime telephone call on iOS 15. This is a benefaction for those helping friends or parents to showcase how to use a specific app or admission a item pick in the Settings app.

9. SharePlay API for Developers

As of now, SharePlay video is simply supported by the Apple Television app. The company is releasing SharePlay API for developers to integrated their apps in iOS 15. Big media names such as Disney, Hulu, HBO, NBA, ESPN, and others are already working to integrate SharePlay on the iPhone.

10. New Stack Layout in the Messages App

In iOS 15, when yous receive a grouping of photos, you will meet new stack photos view for easy navigation and showcasing experience.

eleven. Shared with You in Photos and Other Apps

When you receive photos, music, Apple tree TV recommendation, or Podcast link in the Messages app, iOS 15 will automatically arrange the content inside the Shared with You department in the relevant apps.

shared with you in safari

12. Focus on What Matters

Apple takes the Do Not Disturb feel to the adjacent level with the Focus fashion on the iPhone. It helps users focus and reduces distractions.

Focus will filter notifications and apps based on what a user wants to focus on. Users tin set their device to help them exist in the moment by creating a custom Focus or selecting a suggested Focus, which uses on-device intelligence to suggest which people and apps are immune to notify them.

focus profile

For example, y’all tin enable the Sleep focus contour at night, and your iPhone will limit the notifications from just a scattering of apps based on your habit and machine learning.

xiii. Custom Focus Profiles

By default, Apple offers a Driving, Sleep, Personal, and Work Focus profile. You lot can as well create a custom Focus profile with specific apps, widgets, and domicile screen arrangement in the Focus way.

custom focus profile

14. Auto Reply in Focus Mode

Focus fashion will disable all the incoming notifications on the iPhone. iOS 15 volition automatically transport the current Focus status to others who attempt to contact y’all via message or call during the agile mode.

xv. Notification Improvements

Notifications in iOS fifteen become a slight makeover with an aggressively rounded corners, a large app icon preview, and a contact profile preview in the Notification eye.

iOS 15 notifications

sixteen. Notification Summary

Notification Summary collects non-time-critical notifications for delivery at a more opportune time, such as in the forenoon and evening. It learns from customer habits and uses on-device learning to prioritize and deliver notifications based on user’due south interactions with apps.

17. Live Text

Live Text uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo and allow users to have action. For example, users tin can search for and locate the flick of a handwritten family recipe or capture a phone number from a storefront with the option to identify a call. You can also visit the website address or e-mail the owner direct from the visiting card paradigm.

At this fourth dimension, Live Text back up is express to 7 languages merely.

Live Text in iOS 15

18. Identify Objects with Live Text

Live Text can place fine art, books, nature, pets, landmarks, and more. The concept is similar to what Google has been doing with Google Lens on Android.

19. Advanced Spotlight Search

Spotlight at present uses intelligence to search photos by location, people, scenes, or objects. Using Live Text, Spotlight tin can also find text and handwriting in photos. Spotlight now offers web image search and all-new rich results for actors, musicians, Telly shows, and movies.

advanced spotlight search

20. New Contacts Await in Spotlight Search

Contacts search through Spotlight has also received a UI makeover. Information technology at present displays recent conversations, shared photos, and even their location if shared through Find My.

contacts in spotlight

21. Image Details in the Photos App

This was long overdue. Apple tree finally allows users to see detailed image info from the Photos app. Merely open the photo and tap on the ‘i’ button at the bottom. It will open up a menu with photo size, maps, photo date, fourth dimension, resolution, and more. One can also conform the photo fourth dimension and date from the same menu.

image details in photos app

22. Apple Music Integration with Memories

Your Memories collection in the Photos app is about to become improve with a brand new look, animations, transitions, new effects, moods, and Apple Music integration. Based on the vocal selection, Memories will change the slideshow look and experience with custom filters and animations.

apple music in memories

23. New Tab Switcher in the Safari Browser

Safari on iOS 15 gets a makeover with new tabs arrangements. When you open multiple tabs, you will discover a pocket-size tab switcher preview at the bottom to move among opened apps. It’due south a welcome change compared to the previous implementation.

tab switcher at bottom

24. New Multi-tab Menu in Safari

Safari now comes with a new filigree-style multitasking view to switch among opened tabs. It’southward a carte du jour-style interface and looks way improve than the previous i.

safari tabs in ios 15

25. Extension Support in Safari

Extensions support is finally coming to Safari with iOS 15 subsequently this year. Hopefully, this volition speed up the extension development for Safari compared to other Chromium browsers.

26. New Apple Maps Feel

The new Apple Maps app in iOS fifteen volition offer more than details in cities for neighborhoods, commercial districts, elevation, buildings, new road colors and labels, and custom-designed landmarks.

Apple Maps in iOS 15

Selected cities around the world will likewise become three-dimensional driving with new road details that help you ameliorate see and sympathise of import details like plow lanes, medians, and bike lanes.

27. Apple tree Wallet Upgrades

Apple Wallet adds support for additional types of keys such as car keys, the ability to integrate driver’southward license or state IDs, and digital identity cards to speed upward the cheque-in procedure at Airports.

28. Unlock Dwelling Using Digital Fundamental in Apple Wallet

Users tin unlock dwelling, hotel room, or even function using the stored cardinal in the Apple Wallet app. Of course, it volition be up to third-party devices and hotel chains to integrate the functionality with the Apple tree Wallet app.

29. App Privacy Written report

Apple tree bear-forrard the excellent Privacy report from the Safari browser to the system-wide Settings menu.

It offers an overview of how apps use the access that has been granted to location, photos, camera, microphone, and contacts in the concluding seven days and which other domains are contacted backside your back. Apple has excluded this one from the iOS fifteen public rollout. The visitor is expected to bring this 1 in future iOS xv updates.

app privacy report

xxx. Revamped Weather App

Atmospheric condition app receives a UI makeover in iOS 15 update. You lot now get updated graphics and animations showcasing the current conditions conditions outside.

31. More Weather Details

The Conditions app isn’t limited to showcasing temperature only. Yous tin now view Wind speeds, Humidity levels, AQI levels, Air quality map, Force per unit area, and more than in a dandy widget manner interface on the home screen.

Weather app in iOS 15

32. Tags in Apple Notes

Apple tree Notes finally go much-needed tags support to organize notes. Information technology’s the one feature we used to dear about Evernote dorsum in the twenty-four hours and nosotros are glad to see tags making their way to the Notes app.

33. Action View in Apple Notes

Apple Notes now allows you to mention other members in the note. Yous tin check all the changes by members from the dedicated Activeness view in Apple Notes.

apple notes in iOS 15

34. iCloud+

Don’t let the + branding distract y’all here. iCloud now gets ii new privacy-related features to proceed your identity safe from online trackers. First, y’all can hide your email and utilise temporary custom email addresses.

iCloud Individual Relay is Apple tree’s reply to the growing popularity of VPN apps. iCloud Individual Relay hides your online identity such every bit IP accost, device details, and more when browsing the web. However, due to regulators’ restrictions, it won’t work in Communist china, Saudi Arabia, and other selected countries around the world. Here are all the iCloud+ improvements coming to iOS fifteen.

private rely in iOS 15

35. Apple Health Advancements

Apple Wellness at present measures your walking/running speed and step length in the app. Yous tin can also run into steps trend and compare information with the previous week.

36. Wellness Sharing

In iOS fifteen, you can go along friends and family up to date on how y’all are doing by securely sharing your Wellness data. The data yous share will appear in their Health app. You volition as well become an alert for of import health metrics like elevated centre charge per unit, etc.

It’s all built with privacy and security in mind. Apple tree only shares a summary of each topic and not the details. The information is encrypted and yous can stop sharing at any fourth dimension.

apple health sharing

37. Faster Siri

Siri gains a much-needed offline mode. The Siri assistant can perform basic tasks such as setting up alarms, opening apps, adding reminders, etc. piece of work without the internet. All the requests are performed on the device, resulting in faster Siri response fourth dimension.

38. Siri Support for Third-Party Home Devices

This is huge news for those that prefer Siri to other virtual assistants. Smart home device manufacturers tin can begin working with Apple tree to integrate Siri into their accessories. Soon y’all volition encounter the marketplace flooding with smart home devices with Siri support.

39. Alive Translate in the Translate App

Translate adds a new Live Translate feature that makes conversation menstruation naturally across languages. At that place is besides a new systemwide translate function that allows users to translate text anywhere on iPhone.

twoscore. Built-in Authenticator

With iOS 15, users can at present generate verification codes needed for additional sign-in security. If a site offers two-factor authentication, y’all can set up verification codes under Passwords in Settings on iOS 15 – no need to download an additional app.

41. Smart Listing in Reminders

Apple tree now offers a surprising amount of control with custom smart lists in Reminders for iOS 15: you can select date ranges (relative or fixed), specify a time of mean solar day to filter for, and fifty-fifty bank check for locations/flags/priority. Enough of possibilities here to create a smart listing based on your preferences. Read our guide to larn how to utilize Smart Lists in Apple Reminders.

smart list in reminders

42. Temporary iCloud Storage

When you lot purchase a new device you can use iCloud Backup to move your data to your new device, even if you’re low on storage. iCloud will grant you equally much storage as you demand to consummate a temporary backup, gratuitous of charge, for upward to iii weeks. This allows you to get all your apps, data, and settings onto your device automatically.

43. New Time Picker Menu

iOS 15 takes away the pain of using the horrible fourth dimension picker card of the past. Yous can now roll or double tap on the time to edit the time.

44. Styling Changes in Memojis

The Memojis menu now comes with a dedicated slider to set the verbal color tone that yous want in the memoji avatar.

45. Customizable Safari Start Page

Customizable kickoff folio in the Safari browser allows you to fix a wallpaper from the Photos app as the background on the starting time page. Information technology sure looks cool and syncs with the Safari browser on other devices equally well.

add wallpaper in safari

46. Skip Silence in Vocalisation Memos

Apple tree continues to add features to Vocalism Memos that would besides make sense as Podcasts audio effects. This year, they’ve added Skip Silence, which joins Enhance Recording from iOS 14.

47. Enhancements to the Shortcuts App

Some great additions are coming to the Shortcuts app on the iPhone. Using Shortcuts, you can now access whatsoever binder from the Files app. There is also a redesigned Library and Options menu. iOS 15 can also permit you to run automation based on sound recognition and Focus profile.

48. System-Wide Drag and Driblet

This ane is actually absurd. You tin long-press any image/video/image from the app and open another app and drop it at that place. Continue the content pinned using i manus and open up another app and drop the content.

49. Utilise Portrait Video in Third-Party Apps

Apple has implemented portrait video effects system-wide and is automatically bachelor for third-party apps too, similar when taking a photograph in Snapchat or having a video telephone call in Zoom.

When in a third-party app that is using the video photographic camera, these furnishings are exposed through panels in Control Heart.

50. Prepare for New iPhone

In that location is a new Prepare for New iPhone option under the Reset menu. Y’all can use it and iOS volition automatically make relevant changes on the iPhone to prepare it for the new owner.

prepare for new iPhone menu

51. Reset Home Screen Layout

Made too many changes to the default abode screen layout? Yous can now apace reset it with one tap in the Reset menu.

52. New Magnifier App

iOS xv at present comes with a new Magnifier app. As the proper noun suggests, you can zoom in elements, text, and utilize a bunch of filters, flashlight, play with the brightness slider, and even capture the image with the camera integration.

magnifier app

53. New Edit Stack Menu

At that place is a new Edit Stack card in iOS 15 when you lot stack widgets on top of each other. You can enable/disable Smart Rotate and plough on Widget Suggestions in the Widget stack menu.

edit stack menu

54. Pull to Refresh in Safari Browser

As the name suggests, the Safari browser now offers pull-to-refresh the current webpage. No need to observe that tiny refresh button to reload the webpage.

55. Group Tabs in Safari

This is similar to Microsoft Border Collections. Yous tin grouping tabs and read them later. It is incredibly useful during research and we adopt to use it over the normal Bookmarks function on the Edge browser. It’s good to meet Safari implementing a similar feature in iOS xv. Read our dedicated post to learn how to apply Tab groups in the Safari browser on iPhone.

create tab groups in safari

56. Enable Widget Proffer

If you have multiple widgets stacked on top of each other, iOS xv volition offer a widget suggestion for the stack based on your usage and preference.

Just long-press on the widget and select
Edit Stack. Enable
Widget Suggestions
toggle from the post-obit menu. In our couple of days of testing iOS 15, we kept getting the Siri suggestion widget in the widget stack on the home screen.

widget suggestion in iOS 15

57. Admission Spotlight Search from Lock Screen

With Spotlight search getting and then many improvements in iOS 15, it’s simply logical for Apple to allow users to access Spotlight from other places rather than the habitation screen. With iOS fifteen, y’all tin can take reward of Spotlight search from the lock screen. Use the same swipe-downwards gesture on the lock screen and first using the Spotlight search. This is 1 hush-hush iOS xv feature that’south bound to make your life easier on a daily ground.

access spotlight from lock screen

58. Redesigned Apple TV Remote

The physical Apple Tv set remote received a huge upgrade with the new Apple TV 2022. It’s receiving the same software treatment on iOS 15 as well. You volition see the aforementioned Back button and redesigned menus in the Apple Television receiver Remote app on the iPhone.

apple TV software remote

59. Elevate Apps from Spotlight to Home Screen

In iOS 15, it is possible to drag an app from the Spotlight search or suggestions and place it right on the home screen.

60. Remove Person Suggestion from Retentiveness

Users tin already select
Suggest Fewer Memories Like This
when viewing a memory in the
For You
department of ‌Photos‌ or remove a photo from photograph suggestions entirely, but now you lot can choose to feature a specific person less often.

suggest a person less

When viewing the
For You
section of the ‌Photos‌ app, you can long-press on a photo with a person and select the
Feature a Person Less selection to prevent that person from popping up as oftentimes. The
Remove From Featured ‌Photos‌
pick prevents a specific photo from reappearing.

61. Change Text Size Per App

In iOS xiv, y’all can change the text size across all the apps. iOS 15 now allows you to continue the text size modify to a specific app only. Brand sure to keep the app open up while using the
Text Size
toggle from the
Control Center.

change text size per app

You lot can either keep the inverse text size to the app but or apply the change to all apps on the iPhone.

62. Bulk Edit Date and Time in Photos

As we mentioned to a higher place, one tin change the default engagement and time in a specific photo in the Photos app. You tin also select multiple images in the Photos app and select the Share push at the top.

edit image details

Edit Date & Time
from the following menu and change details.

63. E-mail from Camera

This one is a part of Apple tree’due south Alive Text feature. When you try to compose an email in the default Email app, the keyboard will offer an option to scan the email ID using the default camera on the iPhone.

email from camera for ios 15

Use the Electronic mail from Camera push and it will open the camera interface right into the Email app. Browse the email ID from a visiting card or billboard and the Live Text function will automatically read and add the email address in the E-mail app.

64. Turn off Private Relay for Specific Wi-Fi Connectedness

With iOS xv, Apple has added a couple of privacy-related features to the iCloud subscription. One of them is iCloud Individual Relay that monitors your internet connexion and prevents tertiary-party trackers. In some cases, information technology might dull down the internet connection speed on the iPhone.

turn off icloud private relay in wifi

Thankfully, Apple tree has added an option to turn off Individual Relay for a Wi-Fi connection. Simply open the
app on the iPhone and navigate to
Wi-Fi network
and plough off
iCloud Private Relay
from the post-obit card.

65. Enhanced AirPrint

In a surprising move, Apple has dramatically improved the AirPrint Interface with new options and features. When yous try to impress a certificate or webpage, the press interface will offering new options, including presents, copies, orientation, and more.

airprint new ui in ios 15

66. Remove Dwelling house Screen Pages

With iOS 14, Apple offered an option to hide home screen pages on the iPhone. With iOS 15, you can remove home screen pages entirely from the default interface.

remove home page in ios 15

Long press on empty screen on the abode screen and select dot menu above the Dock. First, disable the dwelling house screen folio that you want to hibernate and tap on the ‘‘ icon at the upper left corner to remove the habitation screen page.

67. Continue Location Visible When Ability off

This is i of the best features of iOS 15. When yous power off the iPhone, the device will get into a Power Reserve mode that makes it perform like an AirTag. During Power Reserve mode, your iPhone can be tracked via
Find My
app on other Apple devices.

This is really handy if someone steals your iPhone and turns it off. You can still track it via the Notice My part from the other Apple device. According to Apple, users can track the iPhone event afterwards a factory reset.

68. Hide IP Address from All Websites

iOS xv at present allows you to hibernate IP addresses from both tertiary-party trackers and websites. Open the
app on the iPhone and get to
Privacy & Security
Hide IP Address
and select
Trackers and Websites
from the following card.

hide IP address from websites

69. Custom Domain Names with iCloud+

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 already permit users to use a custom electronic mail address for personal branding. Information technology’s merely logical for Apple to offer a similar feature for iCloud subscribers.

With iCloud+, support for custom domain names is now included. Users tin can personalize their iCloud Mail address with a custom domain proper name, and invite family members to use the same domain with their iCloud Mail service accounts. With custom email domain names, Apple tree can target the education and business sector with iCloud+.

lxx. Add Recovery Account for iCloud

With iOS 15, Apple will let users add a recovery account of their friend or family unit member. Upon a request, Apple will send them a recovery code to gain back access to your account. This pick could come in handy if you lot have forgotten the password of your iCloud account or cannot access it for some other reason.

71. Add Digital Legacy to iCloud

Apple has introduced a new add-on called Digital Legacy to iCloud. Using Digital Legacy, people can engage their friends or family members to request their iCloud data when they pass away.

72. Utilize Automation in Focus Mode

enable focus mode

By now, you must be aware of iOS 15’s improved Do Non Disturb called Focus style.

One of the all-time things about Focus way is automation. You tin enable a specific Focus contour based on automation. Go to
Settings > Focus > select Focus profile > Plow on automatically
and set up the Focus way to get enabled based on fourth dimension, location, or app.

73. Change Safari Address Bar Position

change safari tabs

With the iOS 15 update, Safari received a large redesign. By default, the address bar is placed at the bottom. Apple offers an pick to revert it to the original position at the height. If you are not a fan of change, you lot can alter it as was before.

Open the Settings app on iPhone and go to the Safari menu. From the Tabs card, select Single Tab and motion everything at the superlative.

74. Request Refunds for Apps

On Android, users accept up to ii hours to ask for app refunds. With iOS 15, Apple tree has created StoreKit API that allows developers to let users asking refunds from the app.

Google handles the refund process on Android. While on iOS 15, it’s up to developers to implement StoreKit API.

75. Change Number During iMessage Conversation

This was long overdue. Users tin can finally switch betwixt telephone numbers during an iMessage conversation. Of course, these include the latest iPhone models with dual SIM back up only.

76. Button Notification for Rains

With the iOS 15 update, we are finally witnessing the first seeds of Dark Sky integration in the default Conditions app. First, the app itself received a fresh glaze of paint.

It will likewise send button notifications when it’s about to pelting or in that location is a drastic change in the atmosphere.

77. New Fonts

iOS xv likewise brings new fonts to the table. You can now select SF Arabic system font as the default font for the OS.

78. Secure Paste

iOS 14 brought a security add-on that delivers a pop-up at the pinnacle whenever an app tries to access your clipboard.

iOS xv takes information technology a footstep farther. The latest Os will completely cake other apps from accessing the clipboard. No app will be able to read your copied text or number on iPhone.

79. Employ Live Text in Third-Party Apps

scan text in whatsapp

The ability to extract text from photos remains exclusive to the Apple Photos app only. However, y’all tin can utilize live text from a camera viewfinder in any 3rd-party app.

Let’s have WhatsApp every bit an example here. From the bulletin search card, double-tap and iOS will offering Scan Text pop-up to excerpt text from the congenital-in camera app for WhatsApp.

80. Alert Sound When Going on or off from Mute

When yous enable or disable the Mute push during a call, you lot won’t hear any sound or experience whatever vibration. With iOS 15, the organisation will alert you with a sound when going on or off from mute.

Check out the video below detailing all the new iOS 15 features:

While the iOS fourteen update was all about widgets and App Library, iOS 15 takes a step in the correct direction with improvements to the default apps on the iPhone. Apple continues to be laser-focused on privacy and security with iCloud+ and the new Privacy written report. Which is your favorite iOS 15 feature from the list above? Audio off in the comments section below.

We will continue to update this post as we discover new iOS 15 features, so don’t forget to bookmark information technology. If I have missed whatsoever major new features, please feel free to drop a line in the comments.


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