Top Apple Stories of the Week: iFixit Tears Down iPhone 13, iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 Beta 2 Released, More

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In case y’all missed events and interesting news this week in the wake of the iPhone 13 launch, bank check out this roundup of top stories so you’re all defenseless upward with everything Apple.

This week, iFixit tore down the iPhone 13 and the iPad mini 6, revealing why the latter faced “jelly scrolling” issues. Apple tree apologized to a security researcher and could be fined by Brazilian regulators. Additionally, a “Device Back up Update” for macOS and the Beta 2 builds of iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 were released.

iFixit’s Teardown Reveals iPhone 13’s Secrets, iPad Mini half dozen Bug

The iFixit squad’s detailed teardown of the iPhone 13 Pro this calendar week revealed how Apple managed to make the phone’s notch twenty percent smaller. iFixit also released teardown wallpapers for the iPhone 13. The teardown likewise revealed Apple had merged the screen’due south digitizer and display layers. However, the iPhone xiii Pro scored a dismal 5/ten in iFixit’southward repairability score.

Separately, Apple said the jelly scrolling issue plaguing iPad mini 6 users were normal for an LCD screen. An iFixit teardown of the tablet explained that the issue could be attributed to the vertically-mounted display controller’s unnatural orientation.

Apple Releases iOS fifteen and iPadOS Beta two Builds

A calendar week afterwards releasing the first beta version, Apple tree has released the 2d beta build of iOS 15.i and iPadOS 15.1. With this update, Apple tree has reintroduced SharePlay, besides several other new features and changes. Alongside this, in the stable channel, Apple has released the iOS fifteen.0.i update to prepare several teething troubles with the initial release of iOS 15.

Breaking the regular update cycle for macOS Big Sur with a new Device Back up Update that would help with updating and restoring iOS and iPadOS backups. However, there is no mention of this on the Big Sur support folio.

iOS 15 Beta Download

Apple Apologizes to Security Researcher for Ignoring Aught-24-hour interval Vulnerabilities

Security researcher earned an apologetic response from Apple subsequently he uploaded four zippo-day iOS vulnerabilities to the public domain. He claimed that Apple had known of the vulnerabilities for months and did non fix them, even with iOS 15. He added that Apple did fix one of the vulnerabilities he reported but did non give him credit for its discovery.

Apple’southward lax attitude drew immense criticism from the security research community and this isn’t the offset example the community has criticized the Bug Compensation Program.

Other Summit Apple Stories This Week:

  • iPhone 13 lineup staring at longer-than-expected commitment timelines due to camera component shortage
  • iPhone xiii display repair from third parties could render Face ID completely useless
  • Apple tree AirTags can exist used for iCloud phishing scams
  • Brazilian regulators could fine Apple tree for non bundling a charger with the iPhone 13
  • Here’s our roundup of the best iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro accessories
  • We also curated a list of some cool subconscious features in iOS 15

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