Top Apple Stories of the Week: No SIM Slot on iPhone 14 Rumors, Indian Regulator Starts Probing Apple, Revisiting 2022

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In case you missed events and exciting news from the world of Apple this week, bank check out this roundup of top stories, so you’re all caught up with everything Apple.

This calendar week, we came across a sketchy rumor that Apple tree would exercise away with the SIM card slot on the upcoming iPhone 14, at least in a few regions. Too, Apple’due south VP of Acoustics, Gary Geaves, and another senior executive explained how Bluetooth’due south bandwidth limitations constrained the AirPods 3 design. On the legal front end, things took a downturn for Apple this calendar week. It put contract iPhone manufacturer Foxconn on probation subsequently a plant remained inoperative in India. Meanwhile, the country’s antitrust regulator has opened an investigation into the company’south in-app purchase arrangement.

Rumor Suggests iPhone fourteen Could Skip the SIM Carte Slot

After nuking the headphone jack, rumor has it that Apple has fix its sights on the iPhone’s SIM slot. The company could soon do away with it in some markets when it launches the iPhone 14. The rumor was corroborated when MacRumors was tipped that Apple asked U.s.a. carriers to prepare to launch eSIM-simply smartphones by September 2022. This suggests that the phone could very well be the upcoming iPhone 14.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series already pack support for eSIMs but still offer a nana-SIM bill of fare slot to ensure compatibility because several carriers around the globe yet don’t support eSIM. It is likely that Apple will launch iPhone xiv Pro models without a physical SIM card slot in the United states in 2022 and go on to nuke the iPhone’southward SIM tray equally we know it in 2023.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

Senior Apple Executives Propose Bluetooth Bandwidth Could Be Hindering AirPods Development

In an interview with What Hi-Fi almost the development of AirPods 3, Apple tree’s VP of Acoustics Gary Geaves and Head of AirPods Product Marketing Eric Treski said that Bluetooth has its limitations and Apple could use a protocol with more bandwidth to improve the AirPods. Geaves said that the AirPods 3 were “built from the ground up” with proprietary components. He added that the speaker driver packs a “complicated acoustic organisation” to reduce pressure in the ear canal.

In the detailed interview, the VP of Acoustics also touched upon how the ear canal’s shape and head width touch on how yous perceive sound. These parameters are mathematically encapsulated in the Caput Related Transfer Part (HRTF). Apple’southward engineers reportedly gathered HRTFs from thousands of people to derive the most optimal 1 to pattern the AirPods 3, which caters to a broader spectrum.

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Apple Puts Foxconn on Probation After Protests in Bharat

This week was somewhat underwhelming for Apple in Republic of india. The visitor’southward contract manufacturer Foxconn was placed on probation afterward its iPhone constitute in the country remained closed due to multiple food poisoning incidents and worker protests over poor living conditions. The institute has been airtight for over a week, and the reopening has been delayed repeatedly. The local authorities instructed Foxconn to review civilities for staffers.

If that wasn’t sad enough, the Competition Commission of Republic of india opened an investigation into Apple’south business organization practices post-obit a complaint filed by the not-turn a profit group Together Nosotros Fight Society. The market place regulator is investigating Apple’s mandate that app developers use only Apple’s payment arrangement for in-app purchases. The CCI is pursuing this investigation despite Apple’s small 2 percent marketplace share in India.

A Expect Back at 2022 for Apple: The Highs and Lows

With the yr coming to a close, nosotros glanced back at how 2022 was a proverbial roller coaster ride for Apple. The twelvemonth had several positive moments for Apple, such as condign the world’south largest smartphone maker in February, launching its new iPhone 13, iMac, iPad Pro, AirTag, Apple TV 4K, etc. The visitor too released the iOS 15 update and macOS Monterey update, although some headliner features remain unavailable.

On the other paw, there were some irksome moments for the iPhone maker. Information technology was dragged to court by Fortnite developer Epic Games alleging antitrust practices with the App Shop. In May, Apple CEO Tim Melt too testified in the legal boxing. Likewise, the Pegasus spyware leaked the data of several prominent individuals through an iMessage exploit. Apple tree later on sued the spyware developer NSO Group. The company’s CSAM scanning characteristic besides drew intense criticism from privacy advocates and not-profits alike. We suggest you bank check out our detailed post hither.

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