Top Apple Stories of the Week: Secret Apple Double Agent, iPhone 13 September Launch, SharePlay in iOS 15 Delayed, More

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Missed out on all the Apple news from last week? Check out our in-depth Apple and iPhone news roundup to know the top Apple stories of last week.

The controversies surrounding Apple’s CSAM tool continued, with more leaks around the iPhone 13 series surfacing. A new rumor even claims that Apple tree could hold multiple launch events in September itself.

CSAM Reverse-Engineered, Apple Says Generic Algorithm

Developer Asuhariet Yvagr reverse-engineered Apple tree’south controversial NeuralHash algorithm for detecting CSAM content. He was then able to get the hash to collide with non-identical images.

Apple, however, responded on the matter, saying the NeuralHash algorithm opposite-engineered is generic and not the one used for CSAM. It also reiterated that later on a threshold of CSAM content is matched, in that location’due south a manual review to ostend at that place’south no imitation positive.

Apple tree Leaker Was a Double Amanuensis

A fascinating report from the Motherboard reveals the story of an Apple tree leaker who was likewise secretly working as a double agent for the company. The leaker used to help Apple find the source of leaks, including the person who leaked the iOS xiv internal build.

Ultimately though, the double amanuensis feels that Apple tree took advantage of him and did not aid in any way.

iOS xv Beta vi Released With Safari Changes

Apple tree released iOS 15 beta 6 to developers and public beta testers last calendar week. This build introduced major changes to Safari’s tab bar and added an option to move it to the top.

Apple tree too confirmed that SharePlay wouldn’t be a part of the initial iOS 15 releases.

iOS 15 Beta Download

Apple Could Hold Multiple Launch Events in September

A DigiTimes rumor says Apple could concur multiple launch events in September to unveil the iPhone xiii, Apple Watch Series 7, AirPods iii, new iPad, and more.

Apple has held multiple production launch events within 30 days of each other, but two product launch events in the same month are improbable.

Apple tree’s Anti-Fraud Chief: ‘We Are the Greatest Platform for Distributing Child Porn’

An internal iMessage thread from last twelvemonth revealed that Apple’s anti-fraud chief Eric Friedman knew about the problem and believed iPhones were the “greatest platform for distributing kid porn.”

Multiple Ceremonious Rights groups have asked Apple to abandon its CSAM plan, as it would practice more impairment than good in the long run.

iPhone 13 Could Launch in the Tertiary Week of September

Wedbush annotator Daniel Ives believes Apple could launch the iPhone 13 series in the 3rd week of September. He also believes the iPhone 13 Pro series will exist bachelor with upward to 1TB storage.

iPhone 13 series

Apple Delays Return of Its Employees to Part, Over again

Apple has once again delayed the render of its employees to the office until January 2022. The company initially asked its employees to render to the office in September before delaying it until Oct due to the rising COVID cases.

Other meridian Apple Stories of the Week:

  • Google announced the Pixel 5a to take on the iPhone SE and iPhone 12 mini.
  • An alleged iPad mini six mold leaked revealing some major blueprint changes.
  • Later settling all cases against Corellium, Apple again went after it and filed an appeal in a copyright lawsuit.
  • AppleCare+ for Macs can at present be purchased equally an almanac subscription.
  • iOS 15 will let you disable the Night fashion in iPhone’due south Camera app.

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