Top iOS 15 Features Apple Copied From Jailbreak Tweaks and Apps

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In that location are enough of new features in iOS 15 and iPadOS xv. However, not all the features are new, with Apple conspicuously taking inspiration and cues from some popular jailbreak tweaks for some of the new iOS 15 features. Below is a look at such popular jailbreak tweaks whose functionality Apple tree has replicated in iOS xv and iPadOS 15.

The IOS jailbreaking scene is not as popular as before. However, the community notwithstanding comes up with some innovative new tweaks from fourth dimension to fourth dimension that make jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad worth information technology. But then, Apple releases a new iOS update that ends up bringing the same functionality to your iPhone or iPad.

Here is the listing of iOS 15 features Apple tree copied from jailbreak apps and tweaks:

1. Redesigned Notifications

The redesigned notification experience is ane of the cardinal new features of iOS 15. Even so, the jailbreak community was style ahead of Apple in giving the notification experience a revamp on jailbroken iPhones. There are jailbreak tweaks like Velvet and Quart that vastly improved the notifications on jailbroken iPhones.

Obviously, in that location are design differences between the jailbreak tweaks and Apple’s implementation, but that’southward understandable. The core aspect of the tweaks and the redesigned notifications in iOS xv remains the same, though: offer a ameliorate user experience. The Enchant jailbreak tweak besides redesigns the notifications on jailbroken iPhone, which looks very similar to Apple’south implementation.

iOS 15 notifications

2. Widgets on the iPad’s Home Screen

With iPadOS fifteen, Apple will let you to place a widget anywhere on your iPad’s home screen. The power to place widgets anywhere on the dwelling screen was first added to the iPhone with iOS xiv terminal year. This year, Apple tree is bringing the same functionality to the iPad, where the characteristic would be more useful.

However, the Anywhere Widgets for iPad jailbreak tweak has been offering the same functionality to iPadOS users for a few months now.

3. Focus Mode

Focus Manner is another major highlight of iOS 15. You can set dissimilar Focus profiles depending on your location to mute notifications and modify other system settings. Incidentally, the PureFocus tweak that was first released in 2022 offers similar functionality as the Focus mode in iOS 15. Apple’s implementation is non an exact copy of the jailbreak tweak since the PureFocus jailbreak tweak lets you disable notifications and other distracting apps for a specified time menstruation

Focus in iOS 15

4. App Library

App Library is also making its style to the iPad with iPadOS 15. The feature first debuted on the iPhone with iOS 14 concluding year. App Libary will assistance reduce clutter on your iPhone or iPad’s habitation screen and act as an app drawer for all your installed apps. Jailbroken iPad users, however, can already enjoy App Library functionality on their iPad using the App Library Enabler tweak.

5. Low Power Mode on iPad

iPhone has had a Low Ability mode for years. With iPadOS xv, Apple is bringing the same Low Ability Mode to iPads. Given the excellent battery life of iPads, y’all are unlikely to apply the Depression Power Manner much. Nonetheless, it is a useful choice to have if you e’er detect yourself in a state of affairs where your iPad is running depression on ability, and y’all are non nigh a power outlet.

If you were heavily into jailbreaking your iPad, though, yous’d know that the LPMPad jailbreak already brought Low Power Mode to the iPad fashion before Apple tree did.

6. Pull-to-Refresh in Safari

Apple tree has added a new pull-to-refresh gesture in Safari on iOS 15 and iPadOS xv. However, a jailbreak tweak, Pull to Refresh, introduced the aforementioned gesture on jailbroken iPhones over a decade agone in 2010. The same gesture is also available on Chrome for Android.

Safari Pull to Refresh in iOS 15

vii. Appointment Picker

Apple has again switched dorsum to an iOS xiii-style date and time picker in iOS fifteen and iPadOS 15 after switching to a different picker design in iOS fourteen. The Appointment Picker – Wheels jailbreak tweak restored the iOS 13 time and date picker.

8. New Grid Page Design in Safari

Apple is introducing a new grid layout for Safari in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. The grid layout volition make information technology easier to view all your open tabs in Safari at a glance. All the same, the GridTab jailbreak tweak has been offer the same functionality for a decade at present. This shows how ahead some of the jailbreak tweaks were from the time.

You tin can read nearly all the other new Safari changes in iOS fifteen hither.

9. Magnifying Glass for Text Editing

Apple killed the magnifying glass for text fields in iOS 14 and iPadOS xiv. The glass helped in text option and placing the cursor exactly where one wants. With iOS 15, the visitor is again bringing back the magnifying glass, probably later on realizing its mistake. Withal, the jailbreak community was ahead of its fourth dimension, with the Loupe jailbreak tweak restoring the magnifying drinking glass on iPhones and iPads running iOS fourteen and iPadOS 14.

10. Quick Annotation

Quick Note is a new characteristic in iPadOS xv that allows iPad owners to beginning taking a quick note from anywhere in the Bone by but swiping upwards from one of the corners of the brandish. Jailbreak tweaks similar Libellum and Notepad accept been offering like functionality on jailbroken iPads for over a year at present.

An iPad screen showing a Quick Note in Safari in iOS 15

What are some other popular jailbreak tweaks that Apple has copied in iOS 15 and iPadOS fifteen? And what are some other jailbreak tweaks that you promise Apple ends upwards copying in the adjacent major release of iOS? Drop a comment and allow us know!

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