Top Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 14 – iOS 14.3

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The jailbreak community took its time, simply eventually, thanks to the hard piece of work of @ModernPwner and @Pwn20wnd, they did release an iOS 14 – iOS xiv.3 jailbreak. Sure, the iOS fourteen jailbreak scene might not be as happening every bit the iOS 13 jailbreaking scene, but that does not mean jailbreaking is dead. Hither are some reasons as to why y’all should consider jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 or iPadOS 14.

With Apple tree calculation home screen widget support in iOS xiv, it can be argued that jailbreaking iOS is no longer relevant. However, there are however plenty of tweaks and apps that you lot tin can use on a jailbroken iPhone to increase its usefulness. Below are some reasons why you lot should jailbreak your iPhone or iPad running iOS 14 – iOS xiv.3.

Top Reasons to Jailbreak iOS 14

5. Ability to Lock Apps

So many major iOS releases afterwards, Apple tree still does not offer an selection to lock tertiary-party apps on iPhone using Touch ID or Face ID. For a company that focuses and so much on security and privacy, the lack of a native app lock feature is puzzling.

Yes, many third-political party apps have added their ain Touch ID/Face ID locking machinery, just that still does not make up for the lack of a native app locking feature. A jailbreak tweak similar BioProtect XS ($two.99) will easily allow you lock installed apps on your iPhone.

Fifty-fifty improve, the tweak uses Face up ID or Impact ID for authentication purposes, so you won’t accept to enter the unlock Pivot to open up any locked application. Apart from locking apps, you can use the jailbreak tweak to as well lock downwards admission to folders, Settings app, toggle system settings, SIM unlock, and more.

BioProtect XS Jailbreak Tweak


4. Call Recording

Another glaring omission in iOS and iPhone is the inability to record calls. Yes, in some parts of the world, it is illegal to record calls, just there tin can nonetheless be plenty of reasons as to why one would want to record a telephone call.

If yous jailbreak your iPhone, you tin use the Call Recorder X+ jailbreak tweak ($2.99) to tape calls. This tweak will not only let you record regular vox calls, merely you can also use it to tape VoIP calls washed on WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, etc. You can as well straight sync all your recorded calls to Dropbox or Google Drive.

To comply with local laws, Call Recorder X+ can play a beep every xx seconds as a fashion to inform the other party that the call is being recorded.

Call Recorder X+


three. Themes

Back in the twenty-four hours, theming iOS was one of the key reasons for anyone to jailbreak their iPhone. This still stands true in 2022, as y’all can apply themes on a jailbroken iPhone to refresh its UI. Depending on your option, you can change the system icons, give the dock a new look, change the arrangement UI accents, and more.

You tin use custom home screen icons on your iPhone’s iOS 14 home screen, but that’southward nonetheless nowhere nigh close to applying a organization-wide theme. A theme can go a long style in refreshing the UI/UX of your iPhone and exhale a new lease of life into information technology.

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2. Filza

Despite Apple introducing the Files app in iOS 11 and further improving it since then, file management in iOS xiv is all the same nowhere as good as information technology should be. The app does not provide one with admission to the internal storage or arrangement files, and despite the Files app interim as a file manager, 1 has very express control over file management on their iPhone.

On a jailbroken iPhone, though, you can utilize a file manager like Filza to easily proceeds admission to arrangement files and edit them. A full-blown file managing director like Filza makes managing files on a jailbroken iPhone a breeze, and if you tend to bear a lot of documents and data on your iPhone, this app could be a strong reason for you to jailbreak your device.


one. Jailbreak Tweaks

The beauty of jailbreak your iPhone is that information technology opens the gate to a earth of tweaks. Jailbreak tweaks offer endless customization options and can add together new features to your iPhone, which Apple will likely never add.

Jailbreak tweaks to change the default browser and maps app on the iPhone have existed for the concluding few years, while Apple only got around to adding this feature in iOS 14. If yous are new to the jailbreaking world, check out our list of the all-time iOS 14 – iOS fourteen.3 jailbreak tweaks.

You lot can also observe some useful iOS fourteen jailbreak tweak repos hither.

Why practise y’all jailbreak your iPhone? Please share your top reasons in the comments below.


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