Top tech to help you get fit: It’s not just about Apple Watch and Fitbit

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Motion picture the scenario – it’s the start of a New year, the weather’s getting colder and y’all’ve only noticed a few actress pounds on the scale later having one too many mince pies in December.

Look nosotros’ve all been there, and if y’all practice want to start the New Year on the right human foot with some healthier living and so that’s neat, and the best part is, there’south so much tech out there that can help you realise those ambitions. The only problem is – where do you start?

Well, having spent a ton of time reviewing fettle related tech over the years, here are my recommendations for the devices you need to check out if you lot’re planning to make a change in 2022.


When you call up near tech and healthy living, there’s no bigger crossover than in smartwatches and fitness trackers, but of all the tech we’re going to embrace here, the wearables market is hands the most crowded of the bunch.

But every bit with smartphones, at that place’south a ridiculous amount of companies all trying to vie for your attention with their ain device to help you lot stay fit, simply in reality, there’s only a handful that are really worth your time.

For the best all-rounder, I recommend the Garmin Venu 2. It’s got dandy health and wellness tracking to proceed an eye on your recovery, and information technology has offline Spotify support for listening to your favourite tracks. Plus, because it’s a Garmin spotter, it’ll requite y’all back plenty of data to go along track of your progress.

If you want something a bit cheaper then the Fitbt Versa 3 is an excellent shout – it also has offline music support but this fourth dimension via Deezer, and Fitbit’s app does a great job of keeping things simple without ever throwing as well many statistics you’re style, and so it’s a expert option for beginners.

With that said, if y’all’re an iPhone user then there’due south no getting around the fact that y’all’ll probably get the best feel with an Apple Watch. You don’t have to spent a fortune though, every bit the affordable Apple tree Sentry SE has the same smashing fitness software as the Apple tree Lookout 7, packed with slumber tracking and GPS connectivity for post-run assay. It’s a very like shooting fish in a barrel watch to utilize and I find myself coming back to it in between reviews.

If you’re already in adequately decent shape (and props to you on that one), then in that location is a wearable designed with yous in mind – it’s called the Whoop Strap four.0. While information technology doesn’t have fancy things like a brandish or even whatever buttons, it does excel as a wellness monitor. When you’re wearing it, the Whoop Strap is constantly checking your heart charge per unit variability, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels and even your pare temperature to permit you know if your body needs to recover, or if you might be coming downwards with an illness.

The accompanying Whoop app as well gives y’all plenty of workout and slumber information to let you lot know exactly how you lot’re performing and where you lot tin improve. For amateur athletes, the Whoop Strap is a must-take.


With wearables out of the fashion, what’due south next? Well, just as when you listen to music at piece of work or on the become, a bully soundtrack tin can really motivate you during a workout. I know I couldn’t get through a run without my playlists on mitt, and so with that in mind, allow’south talk nearly the ideal headphones to get.

I’ve recently been using the UA Project Rock headphones and aye, Rock as in Dwayne the Rock Johnson who adult these headphones with JBL. They’re a rugged pair with IPX4 water resistance and soft cushioning around the ear cups that keeps the seal tight without ever feeling uncomfortable. They’re a bit on the pricey side at around £260 but they come up with active noise counterfoil, auto-pause when you remove the headphones and crucially, the sound quality is pretty good.

The LG UFP8 are a lot smaller than their predecessors

If you’ve become too accustomed to wearing earbuds, and over-ear headphones just don’t appeal, then might I advise the LG UFP8 earbuds instead? These little guys use an oblong design, non too disimilar to Apple tree’s AirPods Pro, which allow them to stay snug and fit whilst out on a run. They’re h2o and sweat resistant with an IPX4 rating, and fifty-fifty though the sound quality is amongst the all-time that I’ve come beyond for a pair of truthful wireless earbuds, they’re significantly cheaper than the contest at £179. If you don’t desire to go above the £200 marking so the LG UFP8 are a great shout.

Of course, I do take 1 other alternative in mind with the Shokz Aeropex (formely Aftershokz Aeropex). This headband uses os conduction technology to let you heed to music without ever obscurring your ear culvert, so yous tin can nonetheless have complete sensation of your surroundings. They’re very handy for runners who may have to cross decorated roads on their road, and their lightweight design ways that y’all barely detect when you take them on.

Everything else

Amidst all of the same wearables and headphones there is sure to be a pairing that suits y’all, just what about the extra accessories that don’t fit into either category. Well, if losing weight is a key part of your fettle program then you might want to consider investing in a smart scale.

I use the Withings Torso Cardio which has non only had a decent price cutting over the years, but it’s also seen new features added besides. Sure, the calibration tin can rails your weight and muscle mass which can be viewed at whatever time in the Withngs app, only it also measures your eye rate to let y’all know your centre historic period in relation to other people within your historic period bracket. It’due south a nifty characteristic that can be a decent indicator of exessive booze or caffeine consumption, two factors that play a huge office in maintaining ideal cardiovascular health.

As a final curveball product, if you want to exit your phone at dwelling house but you still want to heed to music whilst working out, then the Mighty Vibe is your all-time bet. This dinky sound thespian feels reminscent of the iPod shuffle, and while some of its design quirks feel a bit outdated, such every bit the demand to use the accompanying app to connect the Vibe to wireless headphones, it still gets the job washed and in that location’s something to be said nigh the level of focus you can accomplish when your phone isn’t effectually to distract you.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into the options y’all have at the starting time of your fitness journey, but if you have whatever questions then requite united states a shout on Twitter or Facebook @TrustedReviews.


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