And so your Hisense Tv remote is not working and yous’re looking for a solution? Don’t panic, this is a really common trouble. Luckily in that location are several proven fixes you tin try to get your remote working again.

Hisense Telly Remote Non Working

If your Hisense Television remote is not working, accept off the back panel, remove the batteries, and hold down the power button on the remote for thirty seconds. Next, mash all the buttons and pat the remote confronting the palm of your mitt a few times. Effort a new set up of batteries.

Yous might accept to repeat the higher up process a couple of times. If the above fix does not piece of work, there are still several other options that you should admittedly effort earlier ownership a replacement. I’ll walk y’all through some basic troubleshooting steps that should help narrow downwards the issue.

Remove batteries, hold down power button on remote

Slide downward the console of the Hisense TV remote and pop out the batteries. Hold downwards the power button on the remote and press it a few times.

The reason y’all need to press the power push on the remote is to bleed information technology of any residual power.

Even when the remote’due south batteries are removed, it can even so store some electricity inside capacitors, and it won’t completely reset unless y’all drain it.

Holding downwardly the ability button with discharge the electricity stored in the remote’southward capacitor. While it seems like a uncomplicated footstep, it’s quite of import, and lots of people overlook information technology.

This unproblematic reset will probable fix your remote.

Confirm Remote’s IR Sensor Is Working

Your remote and Goggle box both utilize an infrared beam to send and receive signals.

If this beam is not working properly on your remote, it can be the direct cause of a non-working remote.

I of the easiest ways to cheque that the IR on your remote is working is by
using the camera on your phone:

  • Open up the camera app on your telephone and look at your remote through the screen.
  • Press whatsoever button or a series of buttons on the remote.
  • A working remote will have a crimson light blinking through the camera screen with each button press.
  • If you do not see a red calorie-free, the remote may be defective or the batteries are expressionless.
check IR sensor on remote using smart phone camera

Replace the batteries

While this sounds incredibly obvious, your remote batteries might be old and need to be replaced.
Placing a fresh set of batteries into the remote could very well solve your problem.

You’d exist surprised how frequently this is cause of the effect!

And worst case, if the remote still does not work with new batteries, at least now you know the batteries were not the event.

Remove obstacles that could be blocking IR signals

Blockages betwixt your remote and TV are some other mutual issue.

Since your remote uses an infrared axle and your Telly has an IR sensor, they demand to exist able to send and receive this beam without dealing with obstructions.

Obstructions can include walls, other electronic signals including bluetooth, and big objects such as furniture or speakers.

If you notice a blockage between your Hisense remote and the Tv, attempt moving to a unlike location or pointing the remote directly at the sensor of the TV.

Sometimes the issue can be every bit elementary equally sitting in a unlike seat of your home or moving a decorative furniture.

Brew all the remote buttons

Information technology might seem a little strange at first, simply mashing all the buttons on the Hisense remote tin can go it to work again.

mash buttons on Hisense TV remote

Oftentimes times a push on the remote is stuck. If one or more than of the buttons on your remote is stuck, the other buttons won’t work. Information technology’south like when y’all concur down multiple keys on a keyboard, information technology stops responding to keystrokes.

There are many different ways a remote button tin become stuck. Maybe information technology fell into a scissure betwixt burrow cushions and some dirt got stuck under the rubber. Either way, information technology’s a pretty common issue and piece of cake to fix.

Mashing all the buttons and slapping the remote confronting the palm of your hand a few times, while primitive, can pop the buttons back out.

Turn it over with the buttons facing downward and slap the back to brand information technology easier for dirt to fall out. Don’t worry, Hisense Idiot box remotes are very durable.

Power-bicycle your Hisense TV

In some cases,
a software outcome with your TV can cause a problem with the communication between the Tv and your remote. If that’s the case, power-cycling your Hisense TV will probable gear up the issue.

To power-cycle your Hisense Goggle box,
unplug the power adapter from the wall outlet and expect for 60 Full seconds.

While you wait, press and agree the power push on your TV for thirty seconds.
Make sure you printing and concur the
TV power button
and not the remote! This volition drain the TV of whatever residue power built upward inside its capacitors.

Later on the full minute is up, plug your TV back in.
Await for the TV to boot up (it volition take slightly longer than usual) and test the remote.

In many cases, restarting the TV using this method tin can gear up problems with the remote too. It as well helps go on your Idiot box running smoothly.

Liquid Impairment

The next nearly likely issue is that some liquid got inside the remote and damaged the button circuits.
Liquid impairment is pretty common and it’due south often the reason why certain buttons on a remote refuse to work.

If liquid did get into your remote, it can get out residuum behind that tin can prevent the rubber buttons from having full contact with the circuit pads.

If y’all have to press ane button hard for it to register, liquid damage is probable the reason. Soft drinks can leave behind a sticky balance that can create all kinds of problems.

From here, what you could try is a quick DIY fix and disassemble the remote to clean the internal components. If y’all’re not comfortable with that, I recommend searching for the Hisense remote’s model online and ownership a replacement.

Merely if you lot’re curious, and want to have on a new project, allow’s continue. I hateful, what’due south the worse that can happen? The remote is already not working!

Open Remote Case

The idea is to
open the remote instance and clean the rubber buttons, excursion board, and plastic panels, to remove whatever liquid residue. It’s a pretty like shooting fish in a barrel projection and most Hisense remotes don’t accept whatever screws.

To start, we need to open the Hisense remote.
Make sure to remove the batteries and then printing the ability button a few times to belch the remote.

Hold the remote on its side, and near where the OK push is located, in the middle, slide a flat-head screwdriver into the gap betwixt the panels. You might demand to wiggle it a flake.

Use another screwdriver to widen the gap, twist the screwdriver, and you lot should hear a section disconnect. Slide the screwdriver further down the case, popping out each of the sections.

Clean the Components

In one case the panel is loose, inside you’ll notice the rubber push button panel and the circuit board. Experience free to remove these parts and inspect them for whatsoever signs of liquid damage.

You’ll likely find some hair, stains, or other unpleasant dirt within.
Inspect each part, including the plastic panel, and make certain they’re make clean.

The rear side of the condom button is the most important.

To clean liquid residue, use 99% isopropyl alcohol. You could use a q-tip dipped in alcohol to rub the residue or simply soak everything in information technology.
99% Isopropyl alcohol won’t damage the excursion board, at least non subsequently information technology has time to completely dry.

Now have a look at the circuit board, it will have pads that correspond with the condom push panel.

If one of the buttons on your Hisense remote was unresponsive, align the condom button panel side past side with the circuit board and locate the pad that matches the unresponsive button.

Check the Circuit Lath Pads

There’due south a practiced chance the excursion board pad will be slightly overused or have stains from liquid damage.
Apply alcohol to remove the stains from the excursion.

Another cool trick is to employ a pencil and draw forth the lines of the excursion lath pad tracks. The reason for this is
the graphite in the pencil helps improve conductivity which makes information technology easier for the pad to annals pressure.

Once yous’re sure everything is clean, it’s time to put everything back together. The circuit board goes into the rear plastic console kickoff, and the rubber button pad is on the acme panel. Make sure they’re securely in their respective panels.

Connect the two panels and clasp them together, making sure they click and connect. Put the batteries dorsum in and test the Hisense remote.

Hopefully, after all that attempt, the Hisense remote volition offset to work again. If it still refuses to work, subsequently all of these fixes, the last resort is to buy a replacement.

Hisense remotes are not expensive only information technology can exist inconvenient waiting for shipping without being able to use your Hisense TV.


Here are the key fixes for your Hisense remote when it’s not working:

  • Remove the batteries from your Hisense Television set remote and press the ability button a few times
  • Confirm the IR sensor on your Hisense remote is working
  • Remove any obstacles that might be blocking IR signals between your Hisense Idiot box and remote
  • Mash all the buttons on your Hisense Goggle box remote and slap it against the palm of your manus a few times
  • Try a fresh pair of fully charged batteries
  • Reset your TV by unplugging it from the wall, waiting xxx seconds, and reconnecting the power
  • Disassemble your Hisense remote and utilise 99% Isopropyl booze to clean liquid impairment residual from the circuit board and rubber button panel

When all else fails, it’due south time to buy a replacement. Were yous able to fix your Hisense remote non working? If so, let me know how in the annotate department below.