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The mid-tower ATX case is one of those PC parts that has been effectually forever dutifully holding our gear, and nonetheless rarely gets the respect it deserves. Sure, it’s not as flamboyant as a massive total belfry, or as charming equally a small Mini-ITX case, but that’s why we like information technology. The all-time gaming PC chassis doesn’t need to take upwardly a lot of space, tin can be as unassuming equally you wish, and yet can concord a ton of hardware while assuasive for semi-radical cooling and high-cease builds. And since mid towers take total-sized ATX motherboards, the world is your oyster when shopping for parts.

With this in mind, we have rounded upwardly a few of the best mid-tower cases for consideration in your next build. These options offering a variety of features, including flashy RGB lighting, sleek designs, and loads of cooling. Nosotros’ve made these selections based on our many years of PC building expertise, and then without further ado here are the top mid-tower PC cases for yous to ogle, and consider when you get around to your next build. Click here to find them in the Great britain.

TL;DR – These are the All-time Mid Tower PC Cases:

  • Lian Li Lancool Three

  • Corsair 4000D Airflow
  • Phanteks Eclipse P300A
  • Cooler Main H500
  • NZXT H510 Menstruation

  • Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo

  • Fractal Design Ascertain vii
  • Phanteks Eclipse P600S

  • be tranquillity! Silent Base 802
  • Fractal Pattern Meshify 2 Compact

1. Lian Li Lancool III

Best Mid Tower PC Case

Lian Li tin can make a mean case, and the Lancool 3 exemplifies just how well. This example is set up for just about any build, every bit it can support up to East-ATX motherboards and downward to mini-ITX boards. There’south ample infinite for various parts inside the case while keeping everything organized is made simple, cheers to a comprehensive cable direction system, including magnetic cable embrace doors and velcro straps. If you’re looking to load upward on tons of storage, you tin even fit up to 12 SSDs or four HDDs and eight SSDs. And swapping SSDs or other components in your rig is a cakewalk with hinged side panels and lesser shroud panels that quickly flip out for easy access inside — no tools necessary.

The Lancool III features a fine mesh blueprint on the front, elevation, and lesser side panels for high airflow. Iv 140mm fans, iii in the front end and i in the dorsum, are even included in the kit for a wild amount of cooling power. If that’s still not plenty fans, y’all can squeeze three additional 120mm fans above the power supply chamber. And yous can take advantage of the infinite in the front, top, or above the PSU in the case to add a radiator to keep things fifty-fifty libation. Clearly, the Lancool Three is made for cooling, and so overheating will be a thing of the past.

two. Corsair 4000D Airflow

All-time Budget Mid Tower PC Case

Corsair 4000D Airflow

  • See information technology on Newegg
  • See it on Corsair

If yous’re not interested in an expensive and flashy RGB-lit case, then the Corsair 4000D Airflow is for you. Sure, you lot lose out on the cool lighting, but the tempered drinking glass side panel tin show off the RGB on your high-end components anyways. That console also slides off for piece of cake part swapping. And, y’all tin can squeeze in a wide range of systems from East-ATX to ITX builds. There’south tons of boosted space for CPU air coolers, radiators, and large graphics cards, also. You tin fifty-fifty slide in two SATA SSDs and ii hard drives on acme of yet many PCIe SSDs your motherboard supports, giving you lot plenty of flexibility on storage.

Of form, airflow in a case matters. It might exist the well-nigh important feature, and the 4000D Airflow has earned its name. It totes a well-ventilated front panel with room for three 120mm fans, and yous tin add even more fans to the tiptop of the case. Plus, two fans are already included in the front end and rear, so you’ve got a strong offset for your cooling needs. The instance also has plenty of cablevision necktie down points to help you lot manage all those cruddy wires. However, we think your favorite feature might exist the $105 price tag.

iii. Phanteks Eclipse P300A

Best Ultra Cheap Mid Tower PC Case

Phanteks Eclipse P300A

Sometimes you lot want to spend more than on your internals and be a chip thrifty when information technology comes to your reckoner example. That’s where the $eighty Phanteks Eclipse P300A steps in. It offers a decently spacious mid-belfry to build in with loads of airflow. A metallic mesh forepart panel helps move the heat out, and you tin fifty-fifty utilise the front every bit an outlet for air diddled through a radiator as big as 280mm. The case also features a filtered fan port on top, so y’all can direct airflow as needed. Plus, at this price, a rear frazzle fan is still included.

The Phanteks Eclipse P300A is pretty roomy, and it fits most motherboards likewise as total-sized power supplies. There’s plenty of space for storage with two mounting points for two.five-inch SSDs and two 3.v-inch bulldoze trays that slide out of the forepart of the case. Phanteks provides zip ties to assistance with capable management likewise. And, you can see everything working inside cheers to the tempered glass side panel.

4. Cooler Chief H500

Best High-Airflow Mid Tower PC Case

Cooler Master H500

  • See it on Walmart

Do you tend to do a lot of overclocking? Then you want to snag a case with loads of airflow to ensure things go on cool fifty-fifty when your components are working their hardest, and the Cooler Main H500 is the best option for the chore. Get-go off, yous get dual 200mm intake fans that move air like it’south nobody’s business while managing to stay super quiet. At that place are loads of additional fan mounts on the forepart, top, and rear to absurd every last part of your PC. The mesh front and filtered ventilation organization on top ensure that hot air gets out. Plus, you even have room for a liquid CPU cooler setup too, or a dwelling-mash kit if you lot’re ready for it.

Everything is going to be kept nice and frosty while residing in the Cooler Master’s H500, so y’all can pack this example full of powerful parts. Information technology fits a range of motherboards and has a big GPU clearance of 410mm. You can as well add additional storage thanks to the four drive trophy. And, to top everything off, you get an ARGB lighting arrangement.

5. NZXT H510 Menstruation

Best Looking Mid Tower PC Case

NZXT H510 Flow

NZXT has upgraded the great H510, but the NZXT H510 Flow sticks to its sleek and unproblematic pattern. Y’all’ll have an easy time making a clean setup inside the example as it features NZXT’s special cable direction bar, which lets you route, adhere, and effectively hibernate your cable runs. Since your reckoner’south interior is going to exist that much easier to brand pretty, the tempered glass side console helps y’all prove everything inside off.

The NZXT H510 Flow has ditched some of the glass this time around for more air intake. It’south at present got a perforated pinnacle and front panel, letting loads of air come up through to efficiently absurd off internals. All of the air intakes on the instance are also filtered, then you can worry less nigh dust slipping in and gunking up your system. To top off the cooling prowess, the NZXT H510 Menstruum comes with two case fans, one in the front and i in the rear, simply it has room for an extra forepart fan and a top fan. There’s even room radiators upwardly to 280mm.

6. Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo

Best High-End Mid Tower PC Instance

Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo

If you’re looking to show off your build with a flashy instance, the Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo is the premium mid-tower of your dreams. This tower is congenital to print with two tempered glass sides that display all of the loftier-end components you’re kitting out your PC with. The chassis is reversible, so you lot tin experience the tempered glass showroom view from either the left or right side. Aside from showy tempered drinking glass, aluminum fine mesh paneling allows for optimal airflow and grit filtering, helping keep the quality parts packed inside running smooth. A personalized ARGB lighting strip completes the stunning design.

The modular build of the Lian Li O11 Dynamic Evo makes the most of the space inside. There are tons of opportunities for cooling cheers to the upright GPU kit. In total, you lot tin load this instance up with three 360mm radiators and ten fans. The ample airflow also allows you lot to add aplenty storage, and it has infinite for 9 SSDs or six HDDs plus three SSDs. And, if yous’re worried about struggling to mount everything, it shouldn’t be too difficult thanks to quick release brackets for the fans and anti-sag brackets for the GPU.

7. Fractal Pattern Ascertain 7

All-time Minimalist PC Case

Fractal Design Define 7

  • Run into it on Amazon
    (with metal side panel)

When information technology comes to subtlety, Fractal Design has it all figured out with the Define 7. This case doesn’t go all out with wild, RGB fans and lights, rather sticking to a simple but refined design. It’s also built to stay tranquillity with sound-damped panels on the front end, top, and sides. And, if airflow is a major concern, the sleek steel top panel can be swapped out for filtered ventilation. There’s also a tempered glass side console to come across all your high-end components inside.

The Define 7 has 3 panels that pop off to offer piece of cake access while building or modding your PC, and there is loads of room to do just that. The case’s open up layout allows for pretty much any motherboard, including E-ATX. Plus, it can fit up to nine fans for extreme cooling and fifty-fifty a 420mm radiator tin exist squeezed in. In that location’southward room for up to 14 difficult drives and 4 SATA SSDs providing ample storage. Plus, y’all go loads of port variety on the peak of the example.

8. Phanteks Eclipse P600S

Best Modular Mid-Belfry Example

Phanteks Eclipse P600S

To a caste, most computer cases you’ll discover are somewhat modular. After all, you get to choose what kind of motherboard you lot want to install, how many fans, what type of storage, and then on. Some might limit you, merely the bigger they are, the more options they generally provide. But, the Phanteks Eclipse P600S goes the extra mile. This case provides enough of room for your choice of even E-ATX motherboards, but a special subclass you tin buy lets you build a secondary ITX-based arrangement right within the same instance equally your chief system. Imagine having your streaming system built inside your gaming system.

Beyond the motherboards, the Phanteks Eclipse P600S has room for a ton of large fans or radiators, and it even includes a PWM hub to support eight fans. You’ll notice an anti-sag bracket if you choose to mount your graphics carte du jour horizontally, but in that location’s too a vertical mounting subclass. And, there are a ton of bays for storage, with ten slots for difficult drives and three for SSDs. Even the front of the example is modular with an acoustic front panel for silent functioning. Still, you tin remove information technology to increase airflow.

9. be repose! Silent Base 802

Best Silenced Mid-Belfry PC Case

be quiet! Silent Base 802

be quiet! Silent Base

  • Run into information technology on Amazon

When information technology comes to silent PC parts, be quiet! is a brand yous tin can count on, so why not go with a full case for silent operation? That’s just what you get with the Silent Base 802 PC case. Information technology totes 3 of be quiet!’southward own Pure Wings 2 140mm fans already pre-installed, then you’ll get hushful cooling right off the bat. There’south besides the option of ventilated front and peak panels or solid panels to cut downward on dissonance. And, if you want the pick to easily go from minimal noise to maximum cooling, a four-pace fan controller on the top of the case lets you quickly manage up to six fans at once.

The Silent Base 802 mid-belfry is designed for tranquility PC builds big and small with support for East-ATX motherboards on the large end and ITX on the small end. The case has an actress play tricks with a moveable motherboard tray that lets you lot invert the layout to control airflow how yous meet fit. Y’all can likewise fit in a CPU air libation up to 185mm alpine or you lot tin can go all in on liquid cooling with support for a front-mounted 420mm radiator or tiptop-mounted 360mm radiator.

10. Fractal Design Meshify 2 Meaty

All-time Mesh Mid-Tower PC Case

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact

Fractal Design Meshify ii

If you’re concerned almost operation, then you’re probably going to want a PC case that has plenty of airflow. Mesh is essential in ensuring your case fans have easy admission to cool air and a place for fans to push out the hot air. The Fractal Pattern Meshify 2 Compact is designed with this in mind. The case has a subdued aesthetic with a stylish mesh forepart panel. A nylon filter is included to assist keep dust out of your figurer, just you lot can remove it for even more airflow if needed.

The rest of the case continues to offer more potential cooling options. You tin can fit two fans on peak of the case, one on the bottom, and one more for the frazzle on the rear. For the price, Fractal Design includes three Dynamic X2 fans: ii 140mm and one 120mm. Don’t worry virtually not being able to show off your rig, though, as the case too has a tinted glass side console.

Where to Become the Best Mid Tower PC Case in the UK

Cooler Master MasterCase H500

Cooler Master MasterCase

Corsair 4000D

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