Trade In Ipod Touch 5th Generation

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Sell Your iPod with a GizmoGrind Trade-In.

Apple tree does not accept iPods for merchandise in but yous notwithstanding have that trusty music playing machine. Guess what, you can nonetheless sell your iPod online with us!


Start past finding your iPod model below by searching or selecting

your device to find out how much we volition pay for your iPod.

  • iPod Touch 5th Generation

    iPod Touch 5th Generation


  • iPod Touch 6th Generation

    iPod Touch 6th Generation


  • iPod Touch 7th Generation

    iPod Affect seventh Generation


  • iPod Classic 6th Generation

    iPod Archetype 6th Generation


  • iPod Nano 7th Generation

    iPod Nano seventh Generation


Why employ Gizmogrind?

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Ironclad Guarantee

Unhappy with your concluding assessment? Nosotros’ll return your device at no cost

How it Works

Trade-in a in iii Quick Steps

Get a quote

Get a quote

Cull your iPod and the condition of your device to find out what information technology’s is worth instantly.

Choose Your Aircraft

You’ll get a GizmoGrind Shipping Kit with everything yous need to transport us your iPod. For the shipping savvy, utilise our prepaid characterization and package it yourself for faster service. Send the device by dropping it off at any Canada Post location.

payment Options

Choose How to Go Paid

Choose between Interac, Bank check, Apple Gift Bill of fare, and PayPal.

Shipping Option

Get a quote

Choose How to Go Paid

Choose between Interac, Cheque, Apple Gift Card, and PayPal.

Shipping Option

Go a quote

Cull your iPod and the condition of your device to discover out what it’s is worth instantly.

payment Options

Choose Your Shipping

Y’all’ll go a GizmoGrind Shipping Kit with everything y’all need to send us your iPod. For the shipping savvy, use our prepaid label and package information technology yourself for faster service. Send the device by dropping it off at whatsoever Canada Mail service location.

Finish Line

Once we receive your iPod, a GizmoGrind technician does a quick inspection. If everything is as described, we send your payment out the same twenty-four hours. In 1 minute or less, yous’ve done your function now hang tight for your payment.

The GizmoGrind Advantage

payment methods

Kiss Store Credit Goodbye

We don’t concur up the fun with trade-in credit. Cull betwixt Interac, Cheque, Apple tree Souvenir Carte, or PayPal. We make it easy to choose what you desire to do with your coin. Sweet cash = sugariness freedom!


Drippin’ Shipping

Selling your iPod with GizmoGrind gives you peace of mind with the choice of using ane of our shipping kits delivered fast to your door!
Our shipping kit has all the goodies needed to transport your smartphone in safely. For even faster service, use our prepaid shipping label. It’s instantly ready to print and ship, no need to find a store and spend your time in a lineup.

days per city

Rapid payout

We’re crazy fast. Hither are the typical days to payment depending on where you live:
The other guys have two weeks to a month until y’all get paid.

Trade in Value

Sell your iPod Affect Online For Way More

No other carrier or Manufacturer trade-up program will offer higher value payouts than other iPod selling sites. Not even Apple’s GiveBack program compares.


Ironclad Guarantee

If we have to downgrade your buy-back quote and you lot are non satisfied, nosotros volition return your device at no cost to you. No questions asked. That’south our way of saying thanks for giving us a shot.
Once you’ve signed up to trade in a device, we lock your trade-in offer for 30 days. You’ll get 14 days of a toll lock with most other programs.

Boot the Classifieds

On Kijiji, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you lot’ll spend fourth dimension posting, negotiating and fending off scams. Then you’ll trek across town and run into a stranger who might decide to pass on your iPhone. Our Apple Canada Trade-in program gives yous fast and professional person service, strangers not included! Since our trade-ins are processed online, yous never have to leave the comfort of your abode.

money for phone

Carbon fighting machine

Carbon fighting machine

We plant ane tree for every iPod sold to usa. We’ve partnered with to plant thousands of copse across the Americas and Africa. Planting copse helps beginning the impact that our electronic devices accept on the planet.

Lots of our gadgets end upwards in landfills that shouldn’t. Nigh of these devices even so take value and can be reused.
Your iOS device contains petroleum and other chemicals that can leach out from landfills. These chemicals get into groundwater and waterways. Plants and wildlife consume it, and so do nosotros!

Non reusing or properly recycling our phones hurt the ecosystem. It besides hurts us.Reusing our electronics is the all-time fashion to deal with e-waste. We brand that happen! When reusing a device is no longer possible, our vetted recycling vendors suspension downwardly the iPod to its cadre elements.

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Trade-in iPhone Anywhere in the U.s.a.

From the early on iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle to the legendary iPod Touch, Apple gave united states of america thousands of our favourite tracks right in our pocket.

It’s inspired some to build an iPod collection and others to restore vintage iPod Classics.
iPods are the most expensive MP3 player ever made. Since Steve Jobs released the first iPod, every upgrade has gotten pricier. Less in the bank for y’all.
You’re looking to trade in your Apple iPod, iPhone, or iPad, GizmoGrind volition stone your world!

GizmoGrind pays the virtually for your used iPod with the least corporeality of hassle, nosotros aid you quickly sell your quondam one and become your hands on a shiny new flagship device.
Try u.s.a. out and save on your next device buy instead of a 24 month or 12 calendar month payment contract. You lot cease upward paying more over the entire term of your contract than if you purchase the device outright.

Using the value of your old device to buy a new i makes more fiscal sense. Yous’re non paying the full cost, merely the difference. Ditch the 12 payments and save!

Gizmo Grind

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offering more than than Apple and other merchandise-in programs?

Specializing in trade-ins since 2013 allows us to fine-melody doing this ane matter right. It’due south fabricated us kind of hard to beat out.
Dissimilar manufacturers of these items, we don’t have the motive of keeping customers in our ecosystem and upselling them to the latest product, because of this our trade-in program has blossomed to a far more than efficient system than the alternatives.
Another reason we offer more is that Apple Renew or Apple GiveBack uses various 3rd-party partners like Phobio to process their merchandise-ins. These are companies just like ours. When you deal with us directly, it is ane less middle man in your way.
Lastly, your trade-in has to account for a fancy apple shop. We operate entirely online, which helps to do away with that toll and pass those savings to you.

What happens if I cull the wrong status?

Our technicians will email or call you to offer a requote. If you’re not happy with your new quote, you lot can asking that your item be mailed back to you at no accuse.

Volition my personal information exist safe?

Extensively training GizmoGrind Staff on information security measures is the master way nosotros keep your information safe. Hither’southward a link to a CBC article we contributed to explaining iPod Data security.
The personal information on your device volition undergo a software hard bulldoze scramble which goes a step across a normal reset. Using software will ensure the following possessor of your device cannot admission files that once existed on your device.
Still, it is good exercise to bring your device to factory settings before aircraft it in. Back upwards your iPod and consummate a simple reset.

Where do I drop off my prepaid parcel?

You can drop it off at any USPS facility or partner locations, including any CVS locations. Search for a drop off location here

How to Deactivate iCloud

Before selling your telephone, it is essential to turn off Discover My iPod from your iCloud account.

Method 1

(if your iPod is non broken and you can access settings)
1. Become to Settings
2. Get to Apple ID
three. So tap iCloud
four. Tap on “sign out” and follow the prompts.

Method 2

(if your iPod is broken or you don’t have access to it)
1. Sign in to on your web browser. We recommend using a desktop browser.
2. Detect the device you’re trading in and select erase.
3. Once erased, select Remove from Business relationship.

Practice I need to Include My SIM Carte du jour?

No. The sensitive data on your SIM carte du jour is easily retrievable. If you lot accept another SIM carte, destroy the old one.

Do I need my IMEI to use your site?

No. Merely land the model and condition, and we’ll confirm the details once it arrives.

Does Apple Pay a Fair Toll for iPod Trade-ins?

Apple tree Currently does not take iPod trade ins. So, the short answer is no. However, for other items, they can offering a competitive cost and we always recommend our users compare trade-in offers before deciding. Furthermore, keep in mind they only offer shop credit, non greenbacks or cash equivalents like us.

Can I trade in a locked iPod?

Luckily y’all don’t have to worry about this since iPods are never carrier-locked. This is a feature sectional to cellular devices able to connect to a cellular network. But make certain its not iCloud locked.

How practise You Compare to Best Purchase’south iPod Trade-in program?

Nosotros don’t! Best buy is an exclusively in-store experience taking up your time. Boy, practise we all need any extra time we can get.
Also, BestBuy will only pay you via Gift Card. A Gift bill of fare limiting you lot to their store. Why not get paid more than whatever BestBuy is offering and accept advantage of a cash payment instead. So yous can do whatsoever you want with your moola.