Trai Rules For Sim Card Deactivation

Are you worried almost the hidden subscriptions and packages deducting STC sim remainder? And y’all don’t know about the counterfoil process?

No worries, You lot tin
cancel STC subscriptions,
deactivate STC services,
Unsubscribe Packages, and
Cease Content charges
past using:

  1. MySTC App,
  2. Calling at helpline;
  3. Send a deactivation code in SMS.

These methods work on all services or packages; an internet package, an SMS service, or a calling minutes subscription. Let’s explore these methods one by 1. And, determine for yourself which ane you lot are going to cull.

how to check active services and Subscriptions in STC

Before, y’all deactivate or
cancel STC subscriptions
services, either an unknown STC internet package or a calling offer.

You must know about all the activated services. Once we determine the subscriptions consuming the residue, you can abolish them easily.

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Transport A Deactivation Code Through SMS

To cheque the agile services, packages and subscriptions, transport a
bare SMS
800444.The replying message shows all the activated offers on the sim.

Just await, yous can observe more than that. The SMS is showing the
united nations-subscription code
to cancel STC packages and services also. (Meet the prototype below.)

You can see that the above STC number has 2 subscriptions, Pakistan Cricket and Pakistan news. Let’s deactivate the Pakistan News service. To cancel it,

how to cancel sTC subscriptions

  • In the message, write
    (space) Unsubscription code and ship information technology to
  • Example: U 47032
  • Send to 800444
Deactivation code for Pakistan news in STC

The selected service will deactivate afterwards a few minutes. And, y’all volition receive a confirmation message besides. Select each service and follow the in a higher place procedure until yous are done.

Use MySTC App To Cancel, Conciliate STC Packages and Services

STC provides an united nations-subscription service in its
MySTC app. Information technology shows all services and internet data packages active on your sim.

Every bit no need to ship a message and conciliate packages i by ane. First, practice register in MySTC app. If you lot have two STC sims and so, before deactivating whatsoever service or subscription check the STC sim number.

Now, After successful registration on the app,

  • Open
    MySTC app
  •  On the chief screen, tap on ‘Manage
deactivate vas in stc

  • Now tap on
  • On the Subscription page, you lot will observe all your services.

In the image below, two services are active; Sawa friends and Family and Pakistan Cricket.

  • To cancel Pakistan Cricket under
    Content Service,
    tap on it
  • Now tap on
    Unsubscribe. A new bulletin pops out for confirmation. Tap on Confirm to cancel the service.

Thus y’all tin can cease
STC automated rest deduction
by using MySTC App.

Call The Helpline

Another way to cancel and deactivate STC services and subscriptions is by calling the helpline. You tin can practise it by

  • Call at 900
  • Select
    to get help for the sim you are calling from
  • Again select
    for packages and services
  • To cancel services, choose
  • Select
    to cancel the service.

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