Tribit Stormbox Pro Review

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Solid sound at an affordable toll, the Tribit Stormbox Pro is a rugged portable speaker worth because if your budget is around £100.


  • Good clarity
  • Long bombardment life
  • Waterproof build


  • Sick-disciplined at higher volumes
  • Bearding appearance


  • UK
    RRP: £119.99
  • USA
    RRP: $119.99

Fundamental Features

  • Bluetooth multi-point pairing
    Connect two sources to the speaker at once

  • 24 hour battery life
    Long-lasting stamina and tin charge other devices

  • Xbass mode
    Adds more than bass power and weight to music


Tribit’due south Stormbox Micro was a surprise package of 2022, a atomic upkeep speaker with excellent sound at an inexpensive price. And so, information technology’south with interest that the Stormbox Pro emerges on the
Trusted Reviews’ radar.

The Stormbox Pro is Tribit’south flagship portable Bluetooth speaker, big in size and with a price to match; it’s a wireless speaker that looks to undercut the bigger, more recognised names.

Information technology will appeal to those looking for an affordable, rugged, portable sound companion, but you’ll have to accept a few rough edges.


  • Bearding appearance
  • Handle for carry
  • Tough, waterproof outside

Tall, and with a shape that tapers towards the top, the Stormbox Pro’s is a chip wider than you might await as it fits in a iii-inch subwoofer, 2 40mm speakers and 2 passive radiators.

In that location’s a rubbery handle for carry and the summit surface is home to multi-function (MFB) and book (upwardly and down) buttons, plus ability, Bluetooth and the Xbass button, with five-strong row of LEDs that testify the current battery accuse. It’south all easy to become to grips with. Using the onboard controls proves to exist awkward as they feedback they offer feels rigid with flat push button presses.

Tribit Stormbox Pro cloth material and handle

The MFB can be used in music and conversation modes, the latter ways the speaker tin can be used every bit an external speaker for taking calls. Press the Xbass button and that livens up the low cease, while a five-2d concur on the Bluetooth push button puts the Stormbox into pairing way.

Tribit Stormbox Pro controls

The speaker’south body is wrapped in a tough looking fabric that mirrors the i on the Micro, and it speaks to a look that is rather nondescript. For £120 you might await some more pizzazz – non to mention more colour options than just black.

On the rear is a cap that covers two USB ports, a USB-C for charging the speaker itself and a USB-A for connecting a smartphone or other device to accuse.


  • 20+ battery life
  • Stereo pairing supported

Have another Stormbox Pro to hand? Put the get-go speaker into pairing manner, and a v-second hold on a 2d marries them together, activating Party Style. A short press of the Bluetooth button sends the two speakers into Stereo mode, forming a left and right aqueduct. When I did this the speakers seemed to become directly into Stereo mode so presumably Party Mode is the same sound coming out of both speakers.

The Stormbox Pro matches the Micro with its IP67 rating, good plenty to guard against dust and a drib into a metre deep of water for 30 minutes – useful for puddle political party set up.

Tribit Stormbox Pro on ledge

Bluetooth is v.0 with Qualcomm’s aptX codec for playback. It can remember up to eight paired Bluetooth devices (for those who similar to chop and change sources), while multi-point Bluetooth back up enables a connection to two devices simultaneously. To avoid whatever sneaky takeovers of music, playback on the source device needs to be stopped before playback from another can be started.

Battery life is triple that of the Stormbox Micro with up to 24 hours available, though as always, that varies on the type of music and book. Charging dorsum to full takes a while – vii hours – before its sizable 10,000mAh battery is filled.


  • Lacks composure at higher volumes
  • Xbass mode beefs upward bass
  • Clear, detailed sound

The Stormbox Pro is an enjoyable heed, but it is also a functioning that can, at times, come across every bit unbalanced at higher volumes. Information technology’s surprising simply how loud the speaker can go – fifty-fifty at a third of its book the Stormbox Pro is louder than nearly effectually its cost point – but above that and the Stormbox Pro loses composure and sounds strained, with overly sharp treble and thin sounding voices.

Tribit Stormbox Pro in field

It’south much better to proceed it at ‘lower’ volumes as the Stormbox showcases a solid sense of dynamism that’south coupled with an engaging sense of free energy. Clarity and definition levels are good, the speaker avoiding sounding muddy or indistinct. Vocals of singers comes across decently, although to my ears they lack that bit of sharpness and projection to etch them out with even more clarity.

Given the shape of the speaker, you lot might expect a lack of a width but with The Jam’s That’south Entertainment in that location’s breathing infinite out to the sides and above to ensures the track never comes across as cluttered or jumbled. If you want more width, you may desire to consider purchasing another Stormbox Pro and pairing the 2 speakers together in Stereo mode, which works well in opening the soundstage even further.

Tribit Stormbox Pro on deck in park

Press on the Xbass and the depression cease is beefed up with some more than weightiness, depth, and rumble; and with the Xbass mode on, the Stormbox Pro’s sound feels more than substantial. When used to play Jidenna’s Long Live the Principal, there’s a weightiness to the commitment, with vocals having more than of a presence than there was with Xbass turned off. A expert attempt from Tribit, as long equally you dial that volume down a piddling.

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Should y’all buy it?

An affordable portable speaker with good sound
The portable speaker market is full of options, and the Tribit makes a decent case with its emphasis on value. If what you’re afterwards is good sound and decent spec at an affordable price, this is some other solid endeavor

If you like to play music loud
At college volumes the Stormbox Pro piles on the energy but in doing so lacks sophistication and discipline that makes for a messy, unfocused performance.

Terminal Thoughts

The Stormbox Pro has a few rough edges just if you tin look past them, at that place’southward a solid sounding wireless speaker and decent feature gear up at a very competitive toll.

How we examination

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Tested with existent world use

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Does the Stormbox Pro support Alexa, Google Banana?

There’due south no congenital-in support for voice assistants, but you can call up the voice banana on your smartphone through the MFB push button.

Can I charge my smartphone through the Stormbox Pro?

Yes you lot tin can! Plug it into the USB-A port and the speaker will charge any device connected to it.

Full specs




IP rating

Bombardment Hours

Size (Dimensions)



Release Date

Driver (s)


Audio (Ability output)



Frequency Range

Speaker Type

Tribit Stormbox Pro






96 x 96 ten 180 MM

980 G



3-inch subwoofer, two 40mm drivers, two passive radiators


xl W

Bluetooth 5.0


lx 20000 – Hz

Portable Speaker


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