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Commodity Updated: November 14, 2022

John Espirian and I recently hopped on Zoom to do some testing of LinkedIn’due south new Auto-Generated Captions Feature. Here are the takeaways…


Auto-generated captioning is available on mobile. πŸ₯³ You will know this feature has been rolled out for y’all when you lot go to upload a video. Await for the CC at the bottom of the video upload screen. If you don’t encounter it… attempt updating the LinkedIn app.

Note: the very first time you upload a video, you will run across a purple precious stone abreast the CC symbol and information about the automobile-generated captions characteristic.

You can utilize your mobile device to create motorcar-generated captions on videos to LinkedIn from the photographic camera roll of your phone AND also on videos recorded using the LinkedIn app “Tape a video” option.

Upon uploading a video on mobile you will be presented with 2 options for generating Auto Captions:

  • “Add captions to the video as soon equally they are generated (this is the default)”
  • “Notify me when the captions are ready and I’ll review them on the LinkedIn website before they’re published.”

Both options only allow you lot
one shot to edit the captions.

To edit your captions, you volition need to admission your video mail using the desktop version of LinkedIn. There is no option to edit motorcar-generated captions on your phone.

Of import:
During testing I had issues uploading videos from the camera roll on my phone. While the start frame of the video displayed, the residuum of the video was black. 😱 All iPhone videos are saved every bit MOV files, a file format that is NOT uniform with LinkedIn. While there are workarounds for converting a MOV to MP4 that’s across the scope of this commodity.

No alt text provided for this image
Some of the screens yous will encounter on mobile for machine-generated captions.


The auto-generated captioning characteristic does non work with mobile videos in the direct messages. We have no thought whether this is something that LinkedIn has plans to include in the future.


On LinkedIn Desktop, there isn’t any notification the machine-generated captions characteristic has been rolled out to you. So the but style to tell if you have it is to upload a video.

Once you upload a video you won’t immediately meet closed captions on your video. You also will not immediately see the option to edit your captions. You must outset refresh your video mail (ie. clicking the View Mail) after the video is published. Nosotros believe this is simply a caching issue.


The car-generated captioning characteristic does indeed piece of work for videos uploaded via mobile and Desktop to both LinkedIn groups and company pages. Still, it seems that only the original video content creator can edit the captions.

πŸ—“ Video Posts via tertiary Party Scheduling Tools
>>> John Espirian did a test using Buffer to his Espresso+ company page and discovered that automobile-generated captions were
not applied to the video. So it seems that only native video uploads (mobile or Desktop) trigger LinkedIn’s auto-generated captions.

Terminal NOTES:

We need to keep in heed the new auto-generated captioning feature is being rolled out to LinkedIn members in waves. Which means that anyone who doesn’t have this feature will NOT have their videos motorcar-captioned. Consequently, we’ll still going to see lots of videos with no captions until the characteristic rolls out to everyone. πŸ™

⚠️ Another affair to know is that some folks are receiving a fractional rollout of this new feature. 😳 For instance, Rebecca Wilson uploaded a captioned video and LinkedIn automatically added machine-generated captions. Unfortunately, Rebecca has not yet been given the ability to “Edit the Captions” so she has no way to hide these Double Captions.

In situations like this, information technology’south up to the viewer to either Hibernate or Prove the the machine-generated captions by clicking the CC button. Here’south hoping Rebecca receives the full rollout shortly. πŸ™

No alt text provided for this image
When you see double captions, use the CC push button to hide or testify the car-generated captions.

🎬 Lookout the video beneath to see the highlights of our Zoom Coming together (18:58):


ORIGINAL Commodity – Published: November 12, 2022

When I logged into LinkedIn today, something just didn’t look correct.

The videos in my feed were all being displayed with double captions. What? What? What?

No alt text provided for this image
Airtight Captions displayed on top of Open Captions (i.eastward. burned in captions)

Since 1 of the videos in my feed was posted by my friend and colleague Annette Richmond, I reached out to her and asked what in the world was going on.

Equally someone who strives to make her videos accessible to anybody on LinkedIn, Annette had already included Open Captions on her video. Open Captions are captions burned directly into the video during the editing procedure.

And so kudos to Annette for taking the fourth dimension to do that. πŸ‘

But… now at that place were Closed Captions (text-based captions that can be toggled on and off by the viewer) sitting on tiptop of Annette’s other captions. Yikes!

Well later a few minutes of chatting in the LinkedIn DMs with Annette, it became apparent she had washed null incorrect. Instead, today was the 24-hour interval LinkedIn finally released auto-generated captions. Hurray! πŸ₯³

But the cease-effect was non looking as well good on Annette’s video. 😞


Merely in case you’re non familiar with the term “auto-generated captions” here’s a quick overview. Auto-generated captions are created when a video automatically uploaded. This is something that has been a standard feature on many social media platforms. YouTube has been offering machine-generated captions for years.

Through the procedure of bogus intelligence, a video is transcribed and upon completion, the closed captions are automatically displayed on the video. Closed Captions have a standard look of white text on a blackness groundwork that can unremarkably be found at the lesser of a video.

What’s nice about Closed Captions, is that the viewer has the choice to display or hide the captions at any time by clicking the CC push at the bottom of the video.

On LinkedIn, auto-generated captions fabricated their first appearance awhile back on LinkedIn Lives. When I become live each week on LinkedIn, I don’t have to do anything. Instead, they magically appear.

This provides both alive viewers and those watching the replay with Closed Captions that are on by default and can be toggled on and off at the viewers discretion.

No alt text provided for this image

The just downside to LinkedIn Alive auto-generated captions is that they cannot exist edited. So if names or words are spelled incorrect, there’south nothing we can practice.

For quite awhile, many LinkedIn members have been praying for the twenty-four hour period that motorcar-generated captions would finally be rolled out for native videos on LinkedIn.

Today was that day. Woo hoo hoo.

And, even better, unlike LinkedIn lives, video auto-generated captions tin actually be edited. Double woo hoo hoo!


NOTE: LinkedIn has at present posted an official aid topic: Auto captions for videos on LinkedIn

All you need to do is simply upload a video to LinkedIn and the captions will be created automatically. One time the video is candy (which but takes a few minutes) yous have the option to go back in and edit the captions.

You only have
ane shot to edit your captions. So y’all must exist 100% thorough with all your edits BEFORE you hit that Done push button.

I have to admit my showtime endeavour today with automobile-generated captions was a wee bit glitchy. But hey, there’s always going to be a few growing pains with any new feature. Then I am going to attempt non to kvetch too much.

The Auto-Generated Captioning features is non RETROACTIVE. None of the videos you previously published LinkedIn videos volition be afflicted when the characteristic is rolled out to yous.

🎬 Watch the video below to see how to add automobile-generated captions (four:12):

I take only tested auto-generated captions on Desktop. I take not idea how the process differs on mobile however. Stay tuned for more updates.

Okay, so what’s the catch? Is there a downside to this new LinkedIn machine-generated captioning feature?

Yes, there is.

There is at present the danger of DOUBLE CAPTIONS, which are Closed Captions displayed on top of Open up Captions. 😱

So pay attention on how to fix this… and then your videos do non look wonky.


For anyone that has already created Open Captions, similar my buddie Annette Richmond, they’re going to have Closed Captions displayed over top of their Open Captions (captions burned directly into the video). As you saw in the photo in a higher place, the cease result is pretty darn messy.

But, in that location is a way to get around that. Phew!

This is something that Annette quickly did, which made her video await and then much better.

No alt text provided for this image
Closed Captions hidden from displaying on acme of Open Captions (i.due east. burned in captions)

It’due south pretty easy peasy to hide the car-generated captions.

Afterward uploading your video to LinkedIn, you simply go dorsum in and Edit the Captions, and then select “Hide all captions.”

This will immediately remove the auto-generated Closed Captions from displaying on your video.

🎬 Sentinel the video beneath to meet how to hide car-generated captions (2:01):

You only take
1 shot to edit your captions
subsequently uploading your video. And then be sure to click the “Hide all captions” option BEFORE you hitting that Washed button.


I am really excited that LinkedIn has finally released this new automobile-generated captioning feature for native LinkedIn videos. While it may be a tad buggy right now, information technology is definitely a stride in the right direction.

The more that we can exercise to make our LinkedIn videos accessible to anybody the meliorate.

I can non stress how important it is to explanation your LinkedIn videos. Providing captions is a must for anyone who is deafened or hard of hearing.

Past default LinkedIn videos always play with the sound OFF. And then when you don’t add captions, you need to know the majority of people won’t have a inkling what yous’re banging on nigh and nearly likely will simply ringlet on by. πŸ˜”

It takes time and energy to make videos for LinkedIn. So what’s the indicate of making videos and not adding captions?

And so over to you lot. I’1000 curious to know if You lot will accept advantage of this new LinkedIn feature of auto-generated captions?

Delight share your thoughts in the comments below. πŸ‘‡


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