Turn Off Triple Tap Zoom Android

Since its debut in September 2008, Android Os has grown in popularity due to its all-encompassing functionality. Now, it does not just provide great software for smartphones, it also covers tablets, wearables, and idiot box.

As time progresses, our devices’ displays get bigger and more detailed. Of course, this is a welcome change to customers who want to meet more at one fourth dimension. We want our displays to await sharp and vivid. With a bigger screen brings a more immersive feel.

However, some developers may not take into account how small their UI looks on such a big display. We end up having to squint hard or take out our glasses to read it. Android has taken notice of this problem and has come up up with a solution: triple-tap zoom.

Triple Tap Zoom

Triple-tap zoom is a feature that enables users to zoom in on the screen with a triple tap. It can exist activated anywhere on the display except for the keyboard and the navigation bar. This characteristic is a lifesaver for devices with irregular display attribute ratios.

 How to Enable Triple Tap Zoom

  1. OpenSettings > Accessibility > Magnification
  2. Navigate toMagnification with Triple Tap
  3. TapUse Service

A yellow edge volition announced around your screen to indicate that the feature is currently agile.

Triple Tap Zoom Usage

Hither are some ways to brand the best of Android’s Triple-Tap Zoom feature.

Devices with Irregular Display Aspect Ratio

The display aspect ratio is the ratio between your display’s width and height. The mutual display attribute ratio is 4:3 and 16:9. However, there are special devices with a taller screen, like Samsung Flip Z. Smartwatches take pocket-size attribute ratios with a rounded display. Tablets accept a humongous screen with a box-like display.

These aspect ratio irregularities tin can reach such an extreme, that it obscures the UI. The font shrinks, UI elements go too small for your finger to isolate, or yous just tin’t make out what is on the display.

This problem tin can be easily solved by triple tapping the screen. The screen will zoom in making the UI within that detail range easier to navigate.

Gaining Advantage in Mobile Games

If y’all like games, so I think you’re going to like this one. Triple-Tap Zoom is quite useful for PUBG and COD mobile battle royale games.

You don’t demand a powerful telescopic when scouting for other players and enemies if you’re standing atop a loftier belfry. You tin can just triple tap and scan the horizon. With the extra zoom, you’ll exist able to spot that person running effectually in the altitude, nearly 800 meters away.

Prototype Inspecting

Sometimes you run across a piece of gorgeous 4k artwork, and y’all just want to marvel at information technology from a close altitude. If you’re an artist yourself and just love looking at the details, you can combine double-tap and triple-tap to inspect the color blending, shadows, and all the tiny little details.

Other Accessibility Tips

Since the Triple-Tap zoom feature is located withinAccessibility, there are few other essential Accessibility features that might help make using your phone easier.

Color Correction

For people that are diagnosed with color blindness, you lot can enable the color correction feature to aid you procedure the UI better. There are three options, Deuteranomaly (ruby-red-green), Protanomaly (scarlet-green), and Tritanomaly (blue-xanthous).

Font Size + Display Size

This feature is helpful for people that have an eye-related disease such as myopia, hypermetropia, or astigmatism. You tin can suit the size of the font to compensate for poor close-range vision. My grandmother was ecstatic when I inverse her Android’southward font size and display size to large.

Dark Theme

Enable your phone’s dark theme! Not but will your Android UI turn dark, but other apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Chrome will automatically follow suit. Besides, information technology looks very cool, and your eyes volition definitely thank you.

Closing Thoughts

Triple Tap zoom is one of many powerful features on Android. This characteristic lets yous zoom in on practically annihilation, giving yous the ability to piece of work effectually attribute ratio problems, nearsightedness, and even giving you a improve appreciation of the finer details in artwork — oh, and for being the best sniper in battle royal games, as well. Can’t forget that one!

Source: https://www.technipages.com/triple-touch-zoom-android