Unlock Samsung Tablet Without Losing Data


“I’m locked out of my tablet and forgot the countersign, OMG! What should I do? How exercise I unlock my Android tablet without the password? I need an unlocked tablet.”

Forgot the password of your Android tablet? That sounds terrible, but actually it is not. You can unlock a tablet without a password at present. This article will tell yous 5 unlocking means for Android tablets, and so that y’all will freely admission your tablet soon. No matter which locking mode yous assail your tablet, these solutions are effective in unlocking.

  • Office ane: How to Unlock Tablet without Password via Android Unlock
  • Part ii: How to Unlock a Tablet When You Forgot the Password via Manufacturing plant Reset
  • Office 3: How to Unlock a Tablet via Find My Mobile (Samsung Tablets Just)
  • Part 4: How to Unlock Android Tablet with Computer Using Google Find My Device
  • Office 5: How to Open My Tablet If I Forgot the Password via Forgot Password Feature (Android iv.4 or Older)

Office i: How to Unlock Tablet without Password via Android Unlock

Android Unlock
is a desktop awarding to help you unlock a tablet when you forget the tablet password. It can remove multiple types of locking, including password, fingerprint, Pivot, and pattern. At that place is no skill in operation, and then that you can unlock a tablet without a password via uncomplicated clicks.

What’due south more, this software tin unlock most Samsung and LG phones and tablets without erasing information. That is, you won’t lose data after unlocking it. How amazing it is!

Key features and advantages of this Android unlock software:

– Fast unlock a tablet when you lot forget the password.

– Effectively remove iv locking modes on Android devices, such as fingerprint, PIN, passcode, and pattern.

– Featherbed Samsung and LG mobile devices without deleting information.

– Support about all Android tablets and smartphones, similar Samsung Milky way Tab S8 Ultra/S8+/S8/S7/S6/A8/A7/A, Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro/Pad 5/Pad iv/Pad 2, Redmi Pad, LG Ultra Tab, Thousand Pad 5 10.ane, LG W41 Pro/W41/W31/W11/K92/K62, Sony, ZTE, Honor, Google, OnePlus, etc.

Download the unlocking software for gratis beneath.

download win version of android unlock software

Here’s how to unlock an Android tablet with a computer using this program:

Footstep 1. Install the Software

Download and install the software on your PC, and open it on the desktop. Link your Android tablet to the computer via a USB cable, and enable the USB debugging mode on the tablet.

Stride 2. Select the Model of Your Tablet

Choose the “Screen Unlock” > “Unlock Android Screen” option, and select the model of your tablet. Then tap the “Next” icon.

fast unlock an android tablet without password

Step iii. Unlock the Android Tablet

– Follow the guide to enter the Download Mode, and the software will begin to download the recovery package.

remove the lock screen on the tablet via android unlock

– Once done, click the “Remove At present” button and confirm your functioning by typing “000000” to unlock the tablet.

easily unlock the tablet without pin

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Office two: How to Unlock a Tablet When Yous Forgot the Countersign via Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset is also useful to open up a locked Android tablet. In this style, you can reset your tablet directly. However, you will lose all data after the factory reset. By the way, please charge your pad if it is low-battery before resetting it.

How to become into a locked tablet via manufactory reset:

Step one. Turn Off the Tablet

Printing the Power button for a while, and tap the “Ability off” icon to turn the tablet off.

Pace two. Enter Recovery Mode

Press and concord the
Volume Upward
buttons at the same time, and the Recovery Style will announced on the screen.

Step iii. Factory Reset the Tablet for Unlocking

– Use the Volume buttons to choose the “Wipe data/factory reset” option, and hitting the Power button for confirmation. So choose the “Factory information reset” > “Reboot system now” pick.

– Wait for the process patiently. Afterwards that, yous tin can go into your tablet without the countersign.

wipe the lock on android tablet via factory reset

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Office three: How to Unlock a Tablet via Find My Mobile (Samsung Tablets Only)

Observe My Mobile is another practical tool to remove the lock screen when you forget the passcode on an Android tablet. However, it is available for Samsung tablets but. Furthermore, if you haven’t enabled the Remote unlock characteristic, you can’t remove the lock in this way.

Here’due south what to practice if you forgot your Android tablet password:

Footstep 1. Go to Detect My Mobile

Please visit Find My Mobile on your computer, and sign in to your Samsung account used on the locked tablet.

sign in to samsung account on find my mobile to unlock a tablet

Step 2. Unlock the Tablet Using Your Samsung Business relationship

– Choose your tablet on the listing, and click the “Unlock” icon twice. Then enter your Samsung business relationship and password again. Tap the “Next” icon, and information technology will remove your lock.

– Then, you can swipe the screen to admission the tablet.

unlock a tablet when you forgot the password using find my mobile

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Part 4: How to Unlock Android Tablet with Computer Using Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device can locate and erase data on Android devices, and so that you can eliminate the password although your tablet is locked upwards. By the style, if y’all haven’t attached your Google business relationship to your locked device, it cannot piece of work. Likewise, brand certain the network is available, and Location feature is enabled on the tablet.

How to unlock an Android tablet without PIN via Google Find My Device:

Footstep 1. Go to Find My Device

Launch the Find My Device website on a estimator, log in to the Google account yous signed in on your Android tablet, and tap the “Next” icon.

Step two. Erase the Lock on Your Tablet

Click the “ERASE DEVICE” mark twice, and input your business relationship once again. Finally, choose the “Erase” option to start unlocking your tablet.

get into a locked android tablet via google find my device

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Part 5: How to Open My Tablet If I Forgot the Countersign via Forgot Password Feature (Android 4.4 or Older)

The Forgot Password characteristic is supported on those old Android tablets running Android OS 4.four and lower, which will non wipe your tablet data. Plus, you tin create your new password to unlock the tablet without hassle.

How to open my tablet if I forgot the password via the Forgot Countersign function:

Step 1. Enter Wrong Countersign

Turn on the tablet, and enter a random countersign several times. So you will see the “Forgot password/pattern” button on the screen. Please tap on it.

Step 2. Enter Your Gmail Address

Please enter your Gmail account and password that you signed in on the tablet. Adjacent, tap the “Sign in” icon.

Pace 3. Unlock Your Android Tablet with New Countersign

Navigate to your Gmail on another device, and open the e-mail well-nigh resetting the password. Then click the link to set a new passcode. After that, you can access the tablet with this new passcode.

reset the password on a locked tablet via forgot pattern feature

Final Words

It is like shooting fish in a barrel to unlock a tablet via these approaches, especially if y’all utilize the
Android Unlock
software. This software can remove unlike types of locks without limitation. Anyway, if you don’t want to lose your files due to unlocking, please regularly back up your tablet. Then, you can restore the backup files to your device fifty-fifty though they are erased.

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