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How to install Windows 11 right now — and avert the wait

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Just because Windows eleven has now been released doesn’t mean it’s available for everyone. Microsoft has been rolling out the installation to Windows ten users, which is a slow process. It could take months before the upgrade naturally reaches you.

Thankfully, there is a way to skip the line if you’re keen to get Windows eleven installed as soon as possible. The best function is that this all seems to be above lath, because it relies on Microsoft’due south official Windows 11 Installation Banana
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How to install Windows xi: Meet if you’re eligible

The commencement thing to exercise is check that your PC isn’t already eligible for an upgrade to Windows 11. So head down to the
carte, then go
Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates.

If you tin become Windows 11 already you’ll see something that says
Feature update to Windows 11. Only click
Download and install
and Windows volition exercise all the residuum for you.

Windows xi Installation Assistant

If the upgrade isn’t available, your next all-time option is to use Microsoft’due south Windows eleven Installation Assistant. That can exist establish and downloaded from the
Microsoft Windows xi upgrade page

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In one case your download is consummate click the file and hit
Run. This volition check your PC to ensure you meet all the Windows 11 organization requirements. Once it’s confirmed yous can run Windows eleven, hit
Accept and Install
and once the software is installed you lot’ll exist prompted to restart your PC.

This will finalize the installation, and your PC may restart several times during this process. But, provided yous continue information technology switched on, you can just leave Windows to sort everything out for you.

Windows 11 upgrades: Other options available

If you don’t want to practise the simple upgrade for whatsoever reason, Microsoft also points out there are more technical options. The beginning is to create Windows xi Installation Media for reinstallations of clean installations of the OS.

Simply download the Media Creation Tool from the upgrade page, install it, and follow the instructions on screen. This method will either let yous save an installation file to a USB drive, or create a Windows 11 ISO file that tin after be burned to a DVD.

Alternatively, you can download an ISO file direct from Microsoft’due south upgrade page, should you want to create bootable installation media or create a virtual motorcar before you install Windows 11.

All you need to do here is select Windows 11 from the drop-down carte du jour, and hit Download. You’ll and so get another drib down card asking you to confirm the product language, at which betoken y’all hit Confirm followed by 64-bit download.

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