Upgrade your Xbox Series X storage with this 1TB Seagate card deal

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Seagate’southward Expansion Menu is designed specifically for Xbox Series consoles, and it has seen a discount for Black Fri from Very.

You tin can currently choice it up for £184.99, granting you a £35 or so saving on the carte’s original RRP of £219.99.

If yous are in need of some extra storage to add to the Series S/X consoles’ internal drives for storing the latest AAA games, then we’d definitely advise nabbing one while stocks last.

Catch yourself some extra storage for your Xbox Series X for less this Black Friday

Seagate’south proprietary Xbox Serial X storage expansion carte has seen a handy price cut for Black Friday courtesy of Very that now means you can pick it up for £188.99 as opposed to the usual retail price of £219.99, saving you lot £35.

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  • Was £219.99
  • £184.99

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One of the biggest benefits about the Seagate Storage Expansion Bill of fare is its ease of use. Different with the PS5 where you’ll need to really install a uniform G.two SSD to upgrade your storage, Seagate’s card slips easily into a uniform slot for increasing capacity on the back of either the Xbox Series South or Series X. This helps to keep things piece of cake, especially if you are merely looking for a uncomplicated plug-and-play solution.

Beingness fully integrated into the panel ways the card takes reward of Microsoft’due south new Xbox Velocity compages. In the existent world, this should interpret to much faster load times for games.

Aslope this, you can use features such as Quick Resume to total effect, whether the game is installed on the internal SSD or your boosted storage card, so you can leave one game in a suspended state while you lot go and play another. And when yous return to the original game, it’ll be exactly where you left off previously.

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In improver, its 1TB capacity tin can help to double the existing storage present on the Series X’s 1TB internal SSD, and triple the Series S’south options since Microsoft’s lower-end console but features 512GB of internal storage. If you lot desire to have your games with you, then the carte du jour tin can simply pop out of its slot and you tin can be on your way in no time.

If you are transferring games, you lot’ll be pleased to know that the Seagate Storage Expansion Card’s speeds are pretty damn quick indeed, with quoted speeds of two.4 GB/s making sure that y’all won’t exist waiting too long for any transfers to stop when they’ve started.

Moreover, it’south worth noting that even if the games you lot’re playing aren’t optimised for Series consoles, yous’ll still be able to load them up rather quickly if they’re stored on this expansion carte.

Grab yourself some extra storage for your Xbox Series X for less this Blackness Fri

Seagate’southward proprietary Xbox Series X storage expansion menu has seen a handy price cut for Black Friday courtesy of Very that at present means you lot can pick it up for £188.99 as opposed to the usual retail toll of £219.99, saving you £35.

  • Very
  • Was £219.99
  • £184.99

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And so, if you practise need boosted storage for your Xbox Series X that offers insanely quick load times, is easy to install and currently doesn’t cost besides much, then we’d definitely propose picking this up equally soon as possible.

And of course, exist sure to bank check dorsum with us over here at Trusted Reviews as we’ll be scouring the web for the best Black Friday deals out there as the weekend draws to a close.

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