Vectornator Takes the Vector Design Experience to the Next Level With v4.0 Release

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There was a time when nosotros used to rely on Adobe for every design-related requirement. The company took advantage of the monopoly and continued to raise prices for the Creative Cloud subscription. Now, we have capable alternatives from Affinity, InVision, Canva, Vectornator, etc. to replace Adobe apps. Amid them, Vectornator is probably your best bet to replace Adobe Illustrator, and with the recent version iv.0 update, the company is taking the app feel to the next level.

What Is Vectornator?

Vectornator is a powerful vector design platform that allows you lot to create cute illustrations, sophisticated user interface designs, and amazing layouts. The company is focusing on an like shooting fish in a barrel-to-use and intuitive interface with a sleek pattern to bring your creativity to the world.

What Makes Vectornator Special?

In the past, Vectornator focused on bringing more features to the software. With the latest v4.0 release, the company is focusing on an updated design that features native and responsive interface elements such as buttons, toggles, text boxes.

On top of that, the v4.0 includes new add-ons such every bit shape builder, SF symbols, redesigned habitation screen, and Settings menu, as well as built-in emoji back up for adding emojis directly to your vector designs. Allow’s take a wait at all the major Vectornator v4.0 features.

Complete UI Overhaul

macOS Big Sur introduced a redesigned user interface throughout the OS. App developers, including Vectornator, are getting on-lath with a complete UI makeover to their software.

UI and UX play a major role in any illustration software. Afterwards all, if you lot tin can’t easily discover relevant options during a design project, you lot will switch to a rival that’s simple to employ and offers amend aesthetics. Vectornator has nailed the UI experience here.

ui vectornator

The v4.0 includes a frosted glass effect that reflects the document’s details and colors, allowing for a translucent and immersive experience. The Layer tab on the left side is now updated to Big Sur’south translucent sidebar design. Overall, Our new Mac UI feels more than native than always.

Speaking of native experience, Vectornator v4.0 does support Apple’s in-business firm M1 chipset. However, the company is dropping back up for macOS 10.15 Catalina as the v4.0 relies on technologies that are non available on macOS Catalina and are only nowadays in macOS 11 Big Sur.

Support for SF Symbols and Emojis

To be off-white to Vectornator, the app already has a huge library of lxxx,000 icons. With v4.0, the company is adding support for SF icons to create cute infographics. Just tap and elevate a symbol you lot beloved from the search window and drop it into your document, correct where you desire to utilize it.

Emoji is now the biggest, well-nigh widely-spoken, and fastest-growing language in the globe. Vectornator now offers scalable vector emojis built into the platform that adds more personality and sparks to your designs.

New Abode Screen and Redesigned Settings Menu

The default home screen on Vectornator finally gets the much-needed love. The thumbnails are significantly larger, and access to helpful Learning Hub material is just a click away.

vectornator new home

The app settings have now been completely redesigned to be more user-friendly and intuitive. The Settings card on iPad also gets better with the robust organizational layout of the different options, such every bit Document, Canvas, Appearance, Input, General.

Quick Actions

If you need to find a specific function in your design program but take to dig through layers and layers of complex menus to notice information technology, it’south easy to get distracted from what you really want to accomplish.

new context menu in vectornator

To tackle the event, Vectornator is introducing smart contextual menus that appear right nether your selected objects, assuasive you to work much faster when it comes to cadre actions like changing opacity, boolean operations, and many more.

The company claims that this feature allowed their users to work up to thirty% faster than their standard workflow.

Shape Builder Tool

With this tool, the user tin easily merge and delete parts of a vector shape. Complex Boolean operations and other difficult tasks are now as easy equally pointing and clicking.

Quick Settings

The new quick settings options permit the user to quickly and easily toggle controls such every bit outline style, layer isolation, rulers, and guides.

new color picker menu in vectornator

Other small additions include updated color picker UI, meliorate Certificate template window, redesigned Consign Panel, a new choice to switch artboards directly from the export console, and more.

The standard features such as Adobe Illustrator support, Unsplash integration, a wide range of import/export options, Apple tree Pencil support on iPad, etc., remain the same.


Vectornator is available on the entire Apple ecosystem, ranging from iPhone to iPad to macOS, with more than four,000,000 downloads. Go ahead, give it a attempt using the download link beneath.

Vectornator: Download

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