Vegas Movie Studio 16 Platinum Upgrade

Important Note!

Towards the end of 2021 Magix quietly retired Vegas Pic Studio in what some may say was rather a deceptive manner.

They released an upgrade to Vegas Pic Studio which probably should accept been version 18 and embarked upon a sales and marketing campaign to back up that new release.

However what that release turned out to be was a rebranded version of Magix’ existing consumer level program, Movie Edit Pro and NOT Vegas Movie Studio.

Somewhen the truth came out that the reason for the change was that the Vegas team in the U.S. but did not have the resource to maintain Motion-picture show Studio so it was dropped in favor of concentrating on the Vegas Pro line.

A simple explanation and totally understandable and showed that there was absolutely no need for Magix to engage in such deceptive behavior.

As of the beginning of 2022 Vegas Movie Studio has been completely removed from the Vegas site and is no longer bachelor.

I volition leave this old review here for the moment for the sake of completeness.

If you were interested in video editing software at the level of Vegas Film Studio then you tin can become to this page for my alternate suggestions.

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This Vegas Picture Studio 17 review marks the fourth release of the software since Magix bought out the entire Sony Creative range of video and audio editing products a few years back now.

Despite the doomsday rumblings at that time as to what what Magix was going to do with the software, the visitor has steadily continued evolution with very good results.

And then just every bit I do whenever I am embarking on whatsoever new review, hither is a video from Vegas Artistic showing a reasonably consummate run through of the software and what it looks like.

Now before I embark on this full Vegas Movie Studio 17 review I think information technology is important to accost why Motion picture Studio in many ways sits outside the box when it comes to consumer level video editing software.

Motion-picture show Studio was e’er a scrap of an oddball inside the consumer level video editing software market over the years mainly due to its origins.

The product grew out of some of the very first digital video editing software made past Sonic Foundry, later purchased by Sony which ultimately became Vegas Pro.

All of those early editors were designed around the existing terminology, techniques and workflows of professional person film editors to make them more attractive to that specific market place.

At some point the geniuses at Sony (the owners at the time) worked out that video editing was finding its way into the consumer market place so they decided to create a “habitation user” version of the software.

Unfortunately the upshot of that was a very well equipped piece of software that was an absolute nightmare to acquire or understand unless you were a pro editor.

Over the years blueprint changes were fabricated to brand it easier to handle but I don’t think Sony always actually grasped the concept of easing a new user into a totally foreign slice of software.

Of class the reality is that no matter which editing software y’all choose, if yous take had no previous experience with it, it will all wait a picayune daunting!

With the sale of the software to Magix a few years back things finally started to fall into place for Moving-picture show Studio.

Magix have non actually tried to add a bunch of new bells and whistles to the program given that the software always had a pretty formidable feature attack offer.

What they take introduced has been an entirely new view on the style the software looks and operates from the user’s point of view.

The user interface is now a simple clean system offering easy admission to the extensive gear up of features on offer without all the clutter.

If you are new to the software or new to Vegas Movie Studio of course like whatever editing software, it will all seem a flake strange so to deal with that Movie Studio comes armed with a set of interactive lessons built in to the interface.

Y’all tin can get upward to footstep and be working on your project in no fourth dimension at all and more importantly, whatever fourth dimension you become stuck or desire to know how to exercise something, you can access the appropriate guide to notice out immediately how to do it.

For an idea of actually working within the software check out this video below which although uses version 16 everything is pretty much the same.

Mode Based Workflows

The new Mode-based workflow has been introduced to offer a sequential approach to putting together your projection based on a logical progression of steps.

Closeup of Vegas Movie Studio mode based editing menu.

As y’all tin run across in the epitome above yous kickoff with the addition of video, audio and paradigm assets then from there move through to Titles, Graphic Elements Transitions, Special Effects etc until you finally output to your file type of choice.

At any fourth dimension you lot can switch to the Power User Manner which immediately converts the user interface into the fully loaded editing interface.

This workflow is actually based on the aforementioned workflow most professional editor brand apply of and minimizes the need to keep switching back and forth to correct things that have been thrown out past other deportment.

The best function of it is that whenever you are working on a specific type of feature such as transitions or titles etc., the user interface switches instantly to only prove the tools and settings relevant to that activity.

This is a great way of keeping your screen real estate clean and uncluttered and lets you always know just where y’all are in the editing process.

You can run across a demonstration of both the Mode Based workflow in the video below.

Guided Video Creator

This is an even more guided approach to making video projects that steps you through the unabridged process from the point of selecting the video assets you are going to utilize.

Interactive Storyboard Editing

Over again another characteristic designed to make the software more user friendly.

Having a Storyboard view within the editing interface is hardly a groundbreaking new feature in any video editing software!

However in virtually editors that level of functionality available in storyboard mode is usually greatly reduced based on the assumption that storyboarding is only going to be used to add media to a projection in a very full general “overview” sort of way.

In Movie Studio 16 you take the ability to use your cursor to scrub through each clip shown in the library and then yous can go a better thought of what that clip contains.

You can not simply layout your clips from this view of the editor but also trim clips and rearrange them to attain a fast “rough cut” of your project.

Which Version?

Vegas Movie Studio is offered at three levels:

Vegas Movie Studio 17

This is the simplest version of the program ideally suited for someone wanting to perform elementary editing and uploading to the internet or mobile devices.

It offers basic editing features, special effects and tools but has no ability to create discs of any kind, has limited audio features and only ten available video or audio tracks.

It does have integrated uploading to YouTube and other services considering that’s basically the fashion of editing or distribution it is aimed at.

VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum

At this level most of the more avant-garde features begin to kick in with more pro tools such as move tracking and enhanced video stabilization bachelor.

Y’all can adjust the layouts of your windows and workspaces and so salve them for later use.

The sheer number of features yous get at this stage is far also long to list here simply some of the highlights are the NewBlue Transitions Ultimate package, the ability to colour match footage likewise as secondary color correction.

You can execute motion tracking along with the power to employ Bézier masking, one-touch video stabilization, consummate 360° editing workflow and much much more.

At this level Vegas Movie Studio also adds the ability to burn down DVDs, Blu-ray discs and AVCHD on to DVD discs.

You lot also go a much wider range of sound effects, video furnishings and filters plus greater ability to control them.

VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Suite

At this level you lot are about equally close every bit y’all are going to get to a pro editing solution at the consumer stop of the market.

This is mainly accomplished through the implementation of NewBlue FX packages consisting of:

  • NewBlue Transitions Ultimate
  • NewBlue Cartoonr Plus
  • NewBlue Picture palace Drove Template
  • NewBlue Chroma Key Pro
  • NewBlue Essentials 5 V3
  • NewBlue Fluid Template Pack
  • NewBlue Titler Pro Express

This version represents the height of the Movie Studio family with all the bells and whistles and I remember if you look hard enough, you will find the kitchen sink as well!

Information technology has hundreds of features and can practice only about anything yous can think of and information technology is at this level that the interactive guides really become necessary.

There is just a bewildering array of video, audio and notwithstanding prototype furnishings and features within the program and to list them all out would have pages and pages which I am non going to do here.


In that location is no point going into what Vegas Pic Studio 17 tin can do here… it does it all and information technology does it very, very well!

Of all the video editing software at the consumer level Vegas Movie Studio sixteen is one of the most feature packed products at each price level.

It especially excels in the field of manually decision-making every attribute of video production and honestly if it can’t do what you lot want and then y’all probably demand to go up to a pro editor.

With its excellent tutorial system the learning curve is still a curve only much less painful than virtually.

Within a very brusque time you will take the software well nether control and doing what you want information technology to do.