Activate lighting

To activate lighting, press the Backlight toggle fundamental in the upper right corner of your Pro Gaming Keyboard.
For data on how to toggle the lighting on your gaming keyboard, see Game Fashion and backlighting control on the Pro Gaming Keyboard.

Customize lighting settings in Logitech Gaming Software

  • Lighting modes
  • Onboard retentiveness
  • Per profile backlighting

You can utilise Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) 8.91.48 and subsequently to customize lighting settings for your keyboard. If you don’t have Logitech Gaming Software, you tin can become the latest version from the LGS download page. Launch LGS, select your Pro Gaming Keyboard and click the
Lighting Settings
icon. You lot can select from four lighting modes and configure lighting for different game profiles.

Lighting modes

  • Freestyle:
    Use Freestyle mode to customize the color of whatsoever individual key likewise equally the Game Mode primal, Backlight toggle key, G-logo, Caps and Scroll Lock indicators. Pick a stock color or use the color selection cycle create your own. Then, click on the key to which you want to use the color. You lot can too disable or switch off lighting for ane or more keys. Select the blackness color on the bottom right of the stock color list, and click on the primal for which you wish to disable or switch off lighting.


  • Zones:
    Grouping keys together into color zones. You can only assign an individual key to i zone at a time.


    To add keys to a zone, select a zone in the
    Lighting Zones
    pane and then select a key. You can also use the
    push button to create additional zones.

    Lighting Zones

    The agile zone is indicated past a blue flag in the correct side corner of the name.

  • Effects:
    Actuate i of 6 different custom lighting effects:


    • Stock-still Color — use the color selection bike to choose a color or create your ain custom color.
    • Breathing — select this pick to actuate a pulsating event that simulates breathing. You lot tin can also configure the breathing effect rate. Click and drag the slider to the right to increase the rate of the breathing outcome. Drag the slider to the left to subtract the charge per unit.


    • Star Upshot —
      activates an effect that simulates stars in the sky. Random keys (the stars) gradually lite upwards in the selected star color and eventually fade back into the heaven colour. Y’all can choose the number of stars and colors for both stars and sky.  You can as well configure the
      Star Effect

      Star Effect

    • Color Cycle — set the speed for how quickly the colors wheel on the keyboard.

      Color Cycle

    • Color Wave —
       select this option to set the colors to change horizontally, vertically or from the center out. Employ the slider to fix the speed at which the color wave cycles.

      Color Wave

    • Key Printing — select this selection and so the keys you printing slowly light upward in a colour of your choosing and fade back into the groundwork after a brusque period of time. Yous can set separate colors for
      Key Printing
      Background. Use the slider to customize the speed of the effect.

      Key Press

  • Your Effects: Create and manage your ain animated lighting effects. Cull from i of the sixteen presets or read Create and manage lighting effects with Logitech Gaming Software to learn how to create your ain.

    Default Profile



The Pro Gaming Keyboard features onboard memory to store lighting effects. This comes in handy if you need to employ a calculator that does non take LGS installed. At the fourth dimension of release, you lot tin can only store one Freestyle or Zones layout on the keyboard’southward memory. For more information, read Access lighting effects on the Pro Gaming Keyboard.

Per-contour backlighting

The lighting customization options universally impact the Pro Gaming Keyboard by default. However, you can also configure lighting settings to be assail a per-profile basis.
To enable per-profile backlighting:

  1. Click on the double left arrows in the top-right corner of the LGS window.

    Lighting Mode

  2. Bank check the box to
    Enable per profile backlighting. A list of agile LGS game profiles volition announced.

    Enable Per Profile

    The Default Profile is selected by default.

  3. Select a game from the list to begin configuring lighting settings for that game’s profile. Click
    Scan for New Games
    to search your calculator for recently installed games that may have associated game profiles in LGS. If your game is not automatically associated, see Scan For New Games does non observe game in Logitech Gaming Software.