Video: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Comparison

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Samsung announced the Galaxy S22 Ultra last week to accept on the iPhone 13 Pro serial. On newspaper, the phone has the same camera setup equally its predecessor but at that place are underlying improvements. Then, how does the S22 Ultra’s camera compare to that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max?

Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone boasts a quad-photographic camera setup consisting of a 108MP f/one.8 primary sensor with OIS, a 10MP f/2.four telephoto, a second 10MP f/iv.ix telephoto capable of 10x optical zoom, and a 12MP f/2.two ultrawide. The S22 Ultra packs a 40MP f/2.2 camera in a hole-punch cutout on the front. The phone supports 8K60fps video recording as well. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 has three 12MP sensors that piece of work together as ane cohesive unit of measurement.

Incredible Zoom

In his 12-point comparison of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, YouTuber Arun Maini, who goes past Mrwhosetheboss, showed where the phones shined and lacked. Starting with the Milky way S22’s significantly higher zoom, the YouTuber noted that Samsung’south setup “completely spanks the iPhone” because of its superior 10x telephoto lens, which gives usable images fifty-fifty at 30x digital zoom. All the same, to Apple’due south credit, switching between the diverse lenses on the iPhone xiii Pro Max feels smoother. Both cameras feature sound zoom when recording video, simply the iPhone’s mic does a better job suppressing wind racket and sounding more than natural.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Galaxy S22 Ultra Zoom

Steadier Stabilization

Maini noted that Samsung has also significantly improved its optical image stabilization and post-processing. He said that it isn’t a “game-changing difference in practice,” only the visitor’s ameliorate stabilization system produces an obviously different upshot when recording videos while running. However, Apple tree is nevertheless the reigning champion on this front because the resultant videos are clearer overall, probably considering it has consummate command of the photographic camera organisation’s hardware and software stack.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Galaxy S22 Ultra stability

Sweeter Selfies

In terms of selfies, the YouTuber notes that the iPhone 13 Pro Max delivers consistent results in varying lighting atmospheric condition. The Galaxy S22’s 40MP selfie camera delivers sharper results when fed with aplenty light. Yet, he says the implementation isn’t at Apple’south level yet.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Galaxy S22 Ultra selfie

Low-Light Operation

Apple’southward iPhone xiii Pro Max delivers stellar low-light operation due to its near-perfect image processing, although the S22 Ultra doesn’t lag far backside with its vivid, well-baked photos. While Samsung claims the S22 Ultra snaps 25 percent more frames in Night Mode in a shorter time, and the camera also has larger pixels, the improve hardware is let down by poor image processing.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Galaxy S22 Ultra night time

Daytime Performance and Software Features

The S22 Ultra captures more crunchy images in the daylight with bright colors and sharper contrast that doesn’t seem boosted. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro Max delivers natural-looking images that replicate what you come across with your eyes. In terms of software features, Apple takes the win again, thanks to its smooth transition between the lenses and the color profiles of the cameras that are virtually indistinguishable from each other. The Milky way S22 Ultra also brings innovative new features to the tabular array and deserves due credit for it. For case, Manager’s View shows you lot the scene from every camera’s viewpoint and the Remaster characteristic lets you heighten pictures using AI.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Galaxy S22 Ultra day shot

The Final Verdict

Mrwhosetheboss notes that right out of the box, most people would get better results out of the iPhone 13 Pro Max in point-and-shoot scenarios. While Samsung has fabricated progress and caught upward to Apple tree’southward standard with the S22 Ultra, information technology is let downward by poor software processing in some cases and doesn’t perform well in video. So, he says both the cameras are neck-and-neck with each other. Nosotros believe if you are in the market for a smartphone that delivers corking Instagram-ready images right out of the box, wait no further than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, if you lot are willing to play around with the camera modes and go a bit easily-on with the zoom and other features for amend images, the S22 Ultra could be the flagship for yous. Cheque out our detailed comparison if you’re yet on the contend about which flagship phone to buy.

To get a look at more camera samples and Maini’s raw opinion, bank check out the entire video below:


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