Wake up to this swish Echo Dot with Clock deal in honour of Black Friday

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Snatch upwardly a 4th-gen Amazon Repeat Dot and salve £21 with this great Black Friday deal.

This Echo Dot (4th-generation) with Clock is an accented steal at £38.99, and while it can exist used in any room, we call back that it makes a perfect bedside tabular array companion.

The spherical pattern is hit merely stylish, and since the lite ring shines down rather than upward, it won’t light upwardly your whole room when it’due south turned on, which the earlier models were decumbent to.

The Amazon Echo Dot quaternary-gen smart speaker with clock is now on sale

The Amazon Repeat Dot (4th-generation) but saw an amazing toll drib of £21, making this the perfect time to upgrade your smart speaker.

  • Amazon
  • Was £59.99
  • Now merely £38.99

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As with all the other Echo products, you will be treated to the wide range of Alexa features. Information technology can bank check on the atmospheric condition, respond general knowledge and read your calendars. Y’all can delve into Alexa Skills if y’all want to kit out your Echo Dot even more.

Y’all can also now make free outbound calls with Alexa, and if y’all’re on Vodafone or EE, feel free to pair your number with the speaker to receive incoming calls besides, which is peculiarly helpful if yous don’t accept your easily free when the phone rings.

And if you’re unsure if this is the time to invest in a new Repeat Dot, have a gander at this Keepa screenshot, which shows how much the price has dropped in comparison to the rest of the year.

Echo Dot 4th gen Keepa
Echo Dot 4th-generation price history

In terms of audio, the 4th-gen Echo Dot packs in a 1.6-inch speaker which sits in a forward-facing position, thanks to the Dots extra superlative. Having the audio pushing forwards means that you’re losing less audio, as in that location’s less chance of it bouncing off the walls or into the air.

This model has a Low Power mode that volition put the speaker into an free energy-saving state when it’southward idle for too long, as long as it’south linked up to your Spotify account, so you won’t have to worry about wasting ability if you accidentally leave it on.

The Amazon Repeat Dot 4th-gen smart speaker with clock is now on sale

The Amazon Echo Dot (4th-generation) just saw an amazing cost drop of £21, making this the perfect time to upgrade your smart speaker.

  • Amazon
  • Was £59.99
  • Now but £38.99

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We gave the Echo Dot quaternary-generation four.5/5 stars and a Trusted Reviews Recommended bluecoat, with the verdict reading: “With its new spherical blueprint, the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) is a far more interesting-looking product than the one-time model, improve able to slip into your abode without continuing out for the wrong reasons… those looking for a new small-scale smart speaker, this is the model to purchase.”

If you’re looking for even more of the all-time Blackness Friday deals, bank check out all the discounts and offers we’ve found only below. Nosotros’ve got everything covered, from home appliances to phones, then yous can bag the best deal this year.

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