Warhammer 3 is the perfect Total War game for newcomers

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Opinion: Equally a newcomer to the series, I was pretty sceptical that I would be able to enjoy and understand Total War: Warhammer 3,
given its in-depth strategy and endless lore.

But after playing the game ahead of release, I am now happy to report that this is definitely a title that anyone could get into, fifty-fifty if you’ve never played an RTS (real-time strategy) game earlier.

Total State of war: Warhammer 3 is the next title in the long-running franchise, with the developers challenge this as the almost noob-friendly entry even so, but we wanted to put that to the test.

To start off, Warhammer 3 comes with a prologue, which the developers recommend everyone plays, regardless of your experience with the franchise.

For me, the prologue was integral in introducing me to this new globe and game mechanics. Information technology spends a couple of minutes running through beautiful graphics that explain the overall story, even though it becomes quickly clear that you don’t actually need to understand the lore to play the game.

Once yous get onto the map, the prologue really takes its time in setting up how y’all play, giving you pace-past-step instructions from the ground up; the first matter I learned was how to move my character forrad.

While that may seem like a trivial job, I can say without shame that it took me a long time to understand how I could move around the map freely. But as the prologue explained to me, you have a stamina bar, and when it drops down yous need to end your turn to move again.

Veterans of the franchise may find this aspect of the game condescending, but there is no harm in running dorsum over how to play, and information technology actually is the most accessible way to innovate new players.

After learning the ropes of selecting armour and agreement the plough mechanics, it was time to get into my first battle. The battle aspect of the games was the easiest role for me to pick up, only learning even more tactics and push shortcuts was incredibly helpful.

Information technology ran through the types of boxing units and how they tin can be used almost finer earlier letting me accept the reigns, resulting in an impressive Heroic Victory, which means I won despite having fewer (or weaker) troops.

After I ran through the prologue, I settled on the Piece of cake difficulty setting, as playing the prologue helped me recognise I wasn’t going to be able to hammer through the Hard campaign with ease. And if information technology did get to the stage where I was suddenly winning battles left and right, you’re able to change the difficulty settings mid-game, and then yous’re not trapped on a path you don’t similar.

Total War Warhammer 3

What makes the prologue then perfect to me is that it’south too optional; if you know these games inside and out you are more welcome to dive direct into the campaign, but if you want a quick refresher yous have the option to learn what you lot need to practise, instead of beingness left in the lurch.

So while this game did not make me an RTS skilful, I tin can safely say that the prologue volition guide even the about clueless gamers through the perils of the Choas Realms. And if you’ve e’er been also nervous to dip your toe into the Warhammer franchise, there really is zero stopping you now.

Full War: Warhammer 3 launches on 17 February 2022, and will be available to play on PC Game Pass from day one of release.

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