What Charger For Samsung Note 8

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just got my Note 8 last calendar week and I am loving it! I am currently searching for accessories now. I wanted to find out if information technology I tin utilize a USB blazon C Ability Delivery battery pack with information technology. I take doing some research and I guess they tin put out up to 100w simply I am concerned nigh plugging my actually expensive telephone into something like that. This is the battery pack I was looking at. E’er had good luck with Anker products.


    I tin’t seem to find a definitive answer to this. Can anyone help me out?

    Thank you lot all very much for the time. Take a great afternoon!

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  2. marctronixx



    That’southward the exact aforementioned bank i have. What exactly are you lot concerned about?

    With the USB 3.1 gen 2 super speed cable from choetech, im too getting PD speeds from the powerbank. The phone shows its fast charging (meet photograph).


  3. GeoGoGo

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    Awesome! Cheers, Marc! I guess I was really worried about the wattage being too high and zapping the phone. How exercise you like the battery pack? I have always liked Anker products and have had skillful luck with them.

  4. marctronixx


    The powerbank will but deliver what the phone is requesting—nothing more.

    Just think, you lot can as well plug the phone with a usb wall charger direct into a 120V wall outlet and the telephone volition only get the current it needs from the wall charger (thats connected to a wall receptacle capable of delivering 15-20 amps!)

    I had the prior model and still accept that older one as a backup. This 1 is sleek and has PD feature of grade. Ive used the bank with a friends s8 and iPhones at the same time.

    I have this one for my more than power hungry devices i travel with daily

    And the note8 works with it as well.

    I have had this powerbank (July) fifty-fifty earlier i got the note viii. Every bit it shows the note8 recognizes it as a fast charger.

    Yep i am a long time fan of anker products as you are and would recommend this charger.

    As well become a usb blazon C 3.i gen 2 charge/information cablevision from Choetech (certified superspeed/USB PD ). That’s the cablevision im using in that photo above.

  5. Stares at my stack of Anker powerports, powerbanks, and car charges.:p
    Anker power supplies and powerbanks use a dedicated flake (PowerIQ) that detects what is existence charged and automatically optimizes the output to friction match. Where it cannot determine the load device information technology will default to standard USB output.

  6. GeoGoGo

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    Cheers very much, guys! That charger with the A/C outlet looks fantastic!

    Your input is profoundly appreciated!

    George D.

  7. I am discovering the difficult way that there are different fast charging protocols out in that location. The Annotation 8 uses a unlike protocol than others may do. A fast charger that works for i device [eg the s6?] won’t work with the Note viii etc. Ditto motorcar chargers.

    Any pointers appreciated. (I retrieve the Annotation 8 uses Qualcom ii.0?)

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  8. “Keep information technology plugged in when y’all can. Juice is juice regardless of speed.”

    Words of Wisdom

  9. FTFY


  10. LOL! I modified the commandment to be more relevant.
    They never put the plugs near the seating.

    LOL! I modified the commandment to exist more relevant.
    They never put the plugs near the seating.

  11. Well I always carry a 5m charger cablevision so proximity isn’t mostly a trouble.

    But seriously guys. I concluded up with a fast charger that won’t. (Vendor is sending me a freebie that will – on account of my production review.)

    Somebody must have written this up. Wiki didn’t help.

  12. BGR has the answer. You’ll have to cheque it out yourself. I’g not into spoilers.

  13. Thanks. Didn’t really answer what I was request but good to know anyhow.

  14. It’s Quick Accuse 2.0 for some reason.

  15. marctronixx


    Its 2.0 for heat reasons. Samsung played it conservative this fourth dimension around.

    The note 8 can take advantage of PD charging speeds also…

    Updated thread bailiwick to be more helpful in searches.

    The note 8 uses qc 2.0 and you can use PD enabled chargin devices to get a boost in speed.

    Earlier in this thread I show using an Anker PD enabled ability bank. The note 8 sees this as a fast charger and charges at faster speeds.

    Stick with qc ii.0 (no need to go college —annotation 8 wont take reward of the faster 3.0 spec. Will but slow rot two.0 speed) and yous will be aureate.

  16. I recall I got a Power IQ. Didn’t work. My Qualcomm standard 1 (Ravpower) does. Not sure which car chargers do or practice non.

  17. marctronixx


    If they are 2.0 Qualcomm they will work. Even if they are not technically those chargers volition charge the device.

    Ive some power iq variants and they do charge the note eight, just not recognized as fast charging.

  18. Manufacturer in an electronic mail said it didn’t accuse QC 3 or QC 2 devices (such as s7 edge). Come across screenshot. I’d done my tests with Ampere app and not relying on the phone Os to tell me.In sum, there announced to be two fast charge systems. One is Qualcomm [2.0/3.0] which is what the Note needs (and it turns out, my wife’s Motorola). The other is something chosen PowerIQ. It seems to exist unique to Anker. No idea what that works with.

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  19. marctronixx


    why don’t you just simply stick to qc 2,0 chargers rather than trying to figure out all the specs of each?

  20. Cause QC3 is faster?

  21. marctronixx


    ^^^^ If you are directing your response to me,the note 8 does not take advantage of the increased charging speeds on qc three.

  22. k. Makes sense. Samsung will get in that location eventually.

  23. Afterward the Note 7 bombardment caught fire, discretion was the amend part of valour?

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