What Do Chains Do In Minecraft

How to Make a Chain in Minecraft

A chain in Minecraft is a decorative block that tin can be placed to add some amazing detail to different builds.

This block adds a level of detail to builds other blocks, like string, vines, or other, cannot. It gives a sense of realism and life to any build it is added on. It can be used to hold hanging lanterns and lights, just too as information technology can give the illusion of a working mechanism.

How to make a chain in Minecraft is relatively easy besides and in this article we will show yous how to do so, also as give you ideas on how to use your bondage in your builds.

Minecraft Chain Recipe

  • 2 Iron nuggets
  • one Iron ingot

The recipe is very uncomplicated to follow and the material easy to get once you lot take gotten far enough into the game to have fe.

A single iron ingot will give yous ix iron nuggets, which tin can and so be used to craft chains among other things. The recipe you tin see hither is enough to produce a single chain.

Finding Chains in Minecraft

Chains can too be institute naturally generating in a few places in the world of vanilla Minecraft.

They can be institute in the Nether and around bastions, as well as in Mineshafts. Usually in a mineshaft they will generate in an air corridor near the bridges.

In that location they can be harvested using a pickaxe.

Placing Bondage in Minecraft

To place a concatenation in Minecraft you have to hold it and right click where you wish to identify information technology.

A chain can be placed either vertically or horizontally and information technology tin can hang while non being adjacent to whatever block, leaving it floating in the air.

When placed vertically you can place whatsoever block on elevation of it, and below it you can place any of the hanging blocks, such as a lantern. Because of the way they connect to lanterns and soul lanterns information technology seems like they are the main block they connect to.

They tin besides connect to each other, but not nearly as efficiently every bit rails exercise. This ways a horizontal chain volition not connect to a vertical one.

Though, they can connect in long lines, allowing for some slap-up ornament.

Additionally, you can also walk on horizontally placed chains. If yous have the accuracy and precision to do so, you can even use the chains as bridges – even though information technology’ll experience more like walking a tight rope than a typical bridge.

They may also be moved by pistons without breaking.

Using Chains in Edifice

Nosotros have already said how lanterns are ane of the best items to utilise chains with, because of the top part of each lantern (when hanging) connects perfectly to chains. However, there are many other uses for bondage.

If you go your hands on a spawner you can seamlessly hang it using a chain.

Though, if you go creative you can build various things using chains.

Other than lanterns you tin utilise it to create lovely hanging plants or even banners. On bigger builds they add lovely details to bridges and cranes.

In the image higher up you can encounter how I built my crane to make it seem similar the chains would actually move on the mechanism. Become creative and add them where you can.

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