What Does Fairy Hair Look Like

Whether you call it
fairy hair
hair tinsel
glitter pilus
, putting in these sparkly strands is easier than you might recollect, once y’all get the hang of it.

The fairy hair trend has been effectually for a while at present.   I’ve seen it in both kids and adults alike, and it’s then much fun, no matter what age you are.

Fairy hair is a actually subtle way to add a little bit of fun and sparkle to your hair in a non-permanent style.

We’ve shared fun pilus projects before, like our Kool Aid Pilus Dye Tutorial, but we really like this 1 due to the not-permanent, non-damaging nature of hair tinsel.

finished fairy hair

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What Is Fairy Hair?

Fairy hair are small, sparkly or iridescent strands of hair tinsel that can be attached strand by strand to your pilus at the root.

Hair tinsel can last anywhere from ii to 8 weeks, and just falls out when your regular hair does.  Information technology can stand up to your regular hair routine of brushing, washing, and even blow drying or crimper.

Fairy hair is great for holidays, parties, and other festivities, just we retrieve information technology’due south super fun for every mean solar day likewise!

Where To Go Fairy Hair

You lot can get fairy hair put in your hair at lots of salons, merely it’southward really super easy to do at dwelling house.  It only takes a few minutes to learn how to put it in, and once you’ve mastered information technology, you can have fun with hair tinsel anytime.

Having fairy hair put in by a professional can get pricey likewise!  Most salons start at a minimum of $20 for only 5 to 10 strands of fairy hair!   Information technology’southward a lot more economical to do it yourself.

While I haven’t seen pilus tinsel bachelor in stores, it is readily bachelor on Amazon.

We ordered AMchoice Pilus Tinsel.  The kit comes with 2400 strands in xvi colors, so there is NO shortage of fun colors to use.  It also includes a tool to utilise for installation, but nosotros found information technology easier to just do it by hand.

Each strand was 48 inches long.  If y’all have shorter pilus, you could cutting them in one-half and take even more of them to employ.

What You’ll Need

You don’t demand a ton of supplies to put in fairy hair, just a few basic things you probably already accept around your firm and the hair tinsel.

Fairy Hair in the package


  • Hair tinsel strands
  • A good detangling brush
  • A rat tail comb
  • Pilus clips
  • Scissors

Fairy hair works best on pilus that’s at least two inches long, since it tin be actually hard to adhere to super short hair.

Yous can put fairy hair on a kid of whatever age.  Every bit long as they tin can sit down still to accept it put in, they can get fairy hair.

Simply be enlightened that fairy hair may not stay in as long on children, since they tend to shed hair at a higher rate than adults.

How To Put In Hair Tinsel

Applying fairy hair is super easy.  The pilus tinsel is simple to work with and merely takes a few seconds to become attached once you have mastered the technique.

Fairy pilus typically lasts from two to viii weeks, only I’ve heard of some people’s strands lasting equally long as two years!!

You’ll want to start with a head of clean, dry, thoroughly brushed pilus.   Yous really desire to piece of work out all those tangles BEFORE you utilize the hair tinsel.

Starting time past deciding how much fairy hair y’all want and where you want information technology.  Do you want simply a few sparkles framing your face or do you want sparkles everywhere?

Once y’all’ve fabricated your decisions almost where and how much pilus tinsel to put in, it’s time to start with the actual awarding.

Isolate the root of the hairs you lot desire to adhere the fairy hair to using hair clips to hold back other hair if necessary.

You’re going to create a slip knot on each strand of hair tinsel.

To brand a sideslip knot in your hair tinsel, start by folding the strand in half, finding the middle point.

Criss cross the tails of the strand to class a loop.

Pinch the loop at the cross betoken between your pollex and your forefinger

At present put your fingers through the loop, and grab the tail of the strand that crossed over the elevation of the other strand and pull it into your loop, forming some other loop.

Consummate the knot past pulling upwardly on the loop until it cinches closed.

You can tighten your slip knot by pulling on the end of the strand that you pulled in to form the loop.  Loosen by pulling on the loop.

Studio Knit has a great post with pics and video of how to tie a sideslip knot that is really helpful for this process.

adding hair tinsel to a strand of hair

Now thread a few strands of pilus  (iii to five strands for fine hair or 1 to two for thick hair) through the loop of the slipknot.

Pull the slip knot tight and move the loop as close to the root of the pilus as yous tin can.

Nosotros constitute it helpful to ask the person who was getting the fairy pilus put in to place a finger over spot where the strand was put in place to hold it there while we finished attaching it.

Now take the strand of hair and the hair tinsel and tie the 2 of them together two or three times.

To stop attaching the pilus tinsel, tie the two ends of the fair hair to each other, leaving the hair out of the last knot.

Repeat this procedure with equally many strands as you want, handful them evenly all over the pilus.

To cease it off, trim the hair tinsel to the same length equally the hair surrounding information technology.

Now you’ve got fairy pilus!

fairy hair on a brunette

Information technology takes a few tries to actually get the hang of it, simply by the 5th or 6th strand, you’ll have the process figured out and volition be able to put them in quickly.

Helpful Pilus Tinsel Tips

If the hair tinsel is sliding down the hair and doesn’t seem to want to stay put, add a bit of dry out shampoo to the roots to add some texture.  That should help it go on from moving

Desire fairy hair to stay in as long as possible?  Add a tiny fleck of eyelash glue to the knot to secure information technology in place.

Be extra gentle when brushing hair to avoid pulling your hair tinsel out and effort not to let pilus get too tangle to avoid having to tug on the fairy pilus to get a tangle out.

Pay attending to the heat restrictions for the brand of hair tinsel you utilise.  Some brands are rated for college heats than other brands.  We used lowest setting for applying any type of heat such as flat irons, crimper irons, or blow dryers to our fairy hair.

How To Remove Fairy Hair

Fairy pilus is super fun, only you may not want to keep information technology in forever.

If y’all want to get rid of your fairy pilus, yous tin can only pull it out.  Almost times it will pull the hairs it’s attached to out with information technology, and that can be a tiny fleck painful.

You can always remove fairy hair past cut it out as well.

Red and blue fairy hair on dark brown hair

Nosotros constitute that some strands lasted longer than others, and a few brutal out the first night they were slept in.  Simply because nosotros had then many on hand, information technology was super easy to supervene upon them and keep going.

This was probably due to my inept skills in applying the first few strands.  The ones we put in after I got the hang of information technology have lasted much longer.

They’ve fabricated it through every 24-hour interval styling and take even fabricated it through a few hair washings!  We’ll update the post when we know the total lifespan of how long they final for united states.

Practise you love fairy hair as much equally we practice?  It’s such a fun way to add some sparkle to your expect.

Have you lot tried fairy pilus?  Tell usa about it in the comments!

Fairy Hair: How To Put Pilus Tinsel In At Home

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