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What Does Join Mean On Facetime

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iMessage is Apple’southward premier messaging app, so much then that it’southward a reason for a lot of Apple users to stay within the company’s walled garden. The app’due south rich messaging experience and the seamless integration with FaceTime is quite an enjoyable experience.

However, popularity doesn’t mean iMessage is free of random bugs and glitches. In this commodity, we’re going over an fault where the call icon is replaced past a ‘Bring together’ button and giving you a few solutions to solve the problem. The same reasons and fixes also utilise to the Facetime tap to bring together green button issue when at that place’s no telephone call.

Why does it happen?

Generally, when y’all open an iMessage conversation, you’ll see a photographic camera icon in the top right using which you tin start either a vox or video FaceTime call. Notwithstanding, if you lot see a green Join button instead, it indicates that the people in that group chat are in a FaceTime telephone call, and you lot can hop on by tapping that button.

If you see the button in a personal chat, the other person is already on the call and is waiting for you to join. Yet, a known issues in iMessage replaces the camera button with the join push fifty-fifty if there’s no ongoing call. This mostly happens if the telephone call gets dropped unexpectedly considering of someone’due south phone dying mid-call or their internet connectivity being lost.

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How to ready this?

Here are a few solutions yous can endeavour out to fix the join on iMessage error. These fixes will also piece of work if yous’re seeing the Facetime tap to join light-green button while at that place’s no telephone call.

Bank check for iOS updates

A major reason for this fault could be a bug in iOS. More oft than non, developers realise this quickly and release patches or subsequent updates to ready such bug.

Follow these steps to ensure that you have the latest iOS version installed on your phone.

Why is iMessage not working? | Candid.Technology
  • Head over to the settings and tap onGeneral.
  • Tap onSoftware Update.
  • Ensure that yous’re on the latest update available. If not, update your device immediately.

Re-enable iMessage

Disabling iMessage and re-enabling it can freshen things upwards and resolve the issue.

Why is iMessage not working? | Candid.Technology
  • Caput over to the settings and tapMessages.
  • Turn the iMessage toggle off.
  • Restart your device.

Once your device boots back up, repeat steps 1 and 2 to re-enable iMessage and check if information technology resolved your issue. This solution is likewise applicable if you’re having issues activating iMessage (or FaceTime) on a device.

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Make sure iMessage is set up properly

Another thing that you should check out is whether or not your iMessage is set upward properly in the first identify.

Why is iMessage not working? | Candid.Technology
  • Head over to the settings and tapLetters.
  • Tap onSend & Receive.
  • UnderStart new conversations from,make certain that your phone number is selected.

Log out of your Apple tree ID and log in again

Sometimes just re-enabling iMessage isn’t enough. Doing a simple login cycle with your Apple ID can solve many other issues with your phone.

Why is iMessage not working? | Candid.Technology
  • Head over to the settings and tapMessages.
  • Tap onSend & Receive.
  • Tap on your Apple ID at the bottom.
  • ChooseSign Out.

Now to log dorsum in once more, go to the settings menu, and you’ll see an option to sign in to your Apple tree account. Restart your phone one time you’re done, and iMessage should be working but fine.

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