What Does Light Bulb Emoji Mean

How many people does information technology take to spiral in a lightbulb? One if you’re smart! Light bulbs are tools to provide light to lamps. The lightbulb is also a widely accepted symbol of having an idea or existence smart. When someone is considered “bright” like a lightbulb, it ways they are smart. The light bulb emoji shows a glowing single low-cal bulb. The emoji tin can represent light, intelligence, innovation, and electricity. Use this emoji when talking well-nigh low-cal, someone who is smart, or a new idea. Instance: Emerge 💡 I have a keen idea for a new recipe.


bulb, comic, electric, idea, light





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  • The flashlight emoji may be shown at different angles, in different colors, and at unlike levels of lit-ness, simply one thing maintains: yous have to take one on hand in instance of a power outage!

  • A vertical traffic light is shown here as a blackness groundwork with red, green and yellow lights. The traffic calorie-free can be used to say you’re stuck in traffic.

  • Are you doing some science experiments? The test tube emoji tin can be used to show chemicals beingness tested. It’s a clear tube with green liquid tiled on its side.

  • The telescope emoji is your ticket to a whole world of space you’ve never seen before. Use this emoji when talking well-nigh astronomy or the wonders of the universe.

  • Things yous may find in a mad scientist’due south lab for 100, please! The alembic is a tool used in chemical science and biomedical labs to dribble. Some versions of the alembic are also used to distill booze.

  • The flag of Djibouti emoji is made upwards of light bluish and green sections on the top and bottom. A white triangle on the left side of the flag holds a five-pointed cherry-red star in the centre.

  • Zap zap! The high voltage emoji shows a lightning bolt that implies the presence of electricity. Utilize information technology in the context of this utility.

  • Practise yous need a little more light in your life? Just turn up the brightness with this sunny bright button emoji!

  • This red-light emoji is what is seen on top of police cars. In a text situation, it’s used to show that the sender is having an emergency.

  • The electric plug emoji is portrayed as a blackness plug with two gilt or silverish colored metallic prongs sticking out of it, depending on the platform. May likewise bear witness a wire fastened to it.

  • Take a closer expect with the magnifying glass tilted right emoji. This emoji is usually seen online every bit a toggle switch to zoom in and out of something. The magnifying glass titled right emoji tin can be used when talking about detectives, scientific discipline, a search, or description.

  • Is that a falling star or a flaming comet in the sky? Lookout out, if the comet crashes to earth information technology volition create a huge crater. Use the comet emoji when talking about outer infinite and infinite comets.

  • Needing to communicate over long distances? Watching satellite TV? Wanting to get a satellite dish? Talking to aliens in outer space? Then, this emoji is the one for yous.

  • The waning crescent moon emoji depicts the moon in the phase before new moon. In this stage, the moon is but a small sliver of light, and is growing smaller.

  • The microscope emoji depicts a typical science lab microscope, used to magnify fifty-fifty the tiniest specimens for observation. Neat!

  • Please take a right at the light. The correct arrow emoji is a directional pointer pointing to the right. Utilise this emoji if yous are referring to something in the correct direction.

  • A nail from the past, the floppy disk emoji shows a sparse foursquare disk that used to exist used for storage of files before USB drives and, subsequently, the cloud.

  • Things are getting too hot in here, better pull out the fire extinguisher to put out those flames.

  • The beginning quarter moon emoji reveals a yellowed moon half shroud in shadow on its left side.

  • Hey in that location Mr. or Mrs. gear up it, a wrench may come in handy when you are working on your next project. While this emoji is one size fits all, make certain yous take the right size for your bolts!

Source: https://yaytext.com/emoji/light-bulb/