What Does Piercing In Minecraft Do

How to become the Piercing Enchantment in Minecraft?

Here’s how to place the piercing enchantment on your weapons in Minecraft.


The Piercing enchantment is one of the only enchantments specifically designed for arrows in Minecraft. You can utilise this enchantment to crossbows, and it profoundly increases the capabilities of your weapon, assuasive your arrows to pierce through multiple enemies at in one case. The piercing enchantment likewise has multiple levels and increases the number of objects you can pierce through as you level upward.

Enchanted Crossbow Minecraft Piercing

How to Enchant your Weapon with the Piercing Enchantment?

Enchanting your crossbow with the Piercing Enchantment allows your arrows to pierce through multiple objects in a single blow. With this enchantment, arrows don’t get destroyed and can also be retrieved after use.

Add whatever crossbow to an
Enchanting Tabular array
and apply the Piercing Enchantment to enchant the particular. You tin also apply an
to accomplish this, or a game command if you accept enabled cheats. Your crossbow volition initially be enchanted with Level 1, but you tin level up to a Level 4 enchantment as yous gain experience.

Keep in mind that the Piercing Enchantment is incompatible with the

The Piercing enchantment also allows you to attack up to five unique mobs with your crossbow with Level IV Piercing Enchantment, as you can pierce through 1 more mob than the enchantment level.

How to get the Minecraft Piercing Enchantment

The commencement method involves using an Enchanting Tabular array, which tin can exist crafted using Obsidian, Diamonds, and a Book.

Simply place your crossbow into the Enchanting Table, along with some Lapis Lazuli, and click on i of the three options available to yous, depending on your experience level.

Unfortunately, there’southward no way of knowing for sure whether you’ll get Piercing or some other enchantment. That’due south why this method isn’t as constructive if you just desire to get Piercing.

Using An Enchanting Table

The 2nd, more than reliable method is to utilize an Anvil and an Enchanted Book. To do this, yous’ll simply need to identify your Crossbow and a Piercing Enchanted Book into the Anvil to combine them – at the expense of some experience levels.

Getting a agree of this book is the tricky part, though. Yous may find one in a Breast, but yous tin can also trade with a Librarian villager to get one, or enchant a book on an Enchanting Table.

Using An Anvil And An Enchanting Book

You may besides come across a Crossbow already enchanted with Piercing when trading with a Master-level Fletcher. Equally a Fletcher is also a groovy way to farm Emeralds, y’all might already accept 1 or ii levelled upwards anyway. If not, nosotros’d recommend it. And, since at that place aren’t that many Crossbow-suitable Enchantments bachelor, the chances of getting a Piercing Crossbow this way are quite high.

fletcher trade Piercing Minecraft enchantments

How to Utilize the Piercing Enchantment in Minecraft?

Here’s how you tin use the Piercing Enchantment:

  1. Fight big mobs: The piercing enchantment comes in handy when playing Minecraft in the
    mode since you can easily tackle large numbered mobs with fewer ‘Piercing’ arrows.
  2. Pillager battles:
    Mobs aren’t the but enemies yous can defeat with the piercing enchantment. Fighting Pillages is much easier when you utilise their ain weapon (the crossbow) against them.
  3. Achievements: As well as the “Enchanter” achievement, which you will get the first time you lot use an Enchanting Table, there are 2 achievements unique to Piercing. “Two Birds, I Pointer” is unlocked when a player kills two Phantom with 1 arrow enchanted with Piercing, while “Arbalistic” is awarded for killing five unique mobs with one Piercing IV arrow.
  4. Unlimited arrows: Ordinary arrows disappear once they’re fired, just you can actually retrieve arrows that are enchanted with Piercing. In that location are two benefits to this: yous don’t take to go along enchanting arrows in the game, and you have a virtually unlimited supply of arrows.
  5. Pierces through shields:
    Other Minecraft players have what nigh mobs lack – shields. That’south where the piercing enchantment comes in handy since these arrows can pierce through shields with ease.

Technically, no. Piercing doesn’t bargain out any extra damage to mobs or other players, it merely means y’all’re able to deal damage out to more enemies with a single shot. However, while you will however deal the same corporeality of damage to each individual mob, if you deal damage to five mobs with one arrow, you’re dealing more impairment in i sense. What this means is, if your arrows volition deal out ane center of impairment with piercing, your shots will bargain one middle of damage to every mob that yous hit with each shot, and then that’due south upward to 5.

Other enchantments volition allow you to bargain more damage with each shot and some of them fifty-fifty combine with Piercing to turn your enchanted crossbow into the ultimate killing automobile!

Best Minecraft Crossbow build

In order to have the strongest Crossbow possible, you’ll need to know which Enchantments are Crossbow compatible, and if any are mutually sectional. As we’ve mentioned, Multishot and Piercing are unavailable on the same Crossbow in survival Minecraft, then you’ll need to chose one or the other – or carry 2 Crossbows!

The best Piercing Crossbow volition have the post-obit Enchantments:

  • Mending
  • Piercing IV
  • Quick Accuse 3
  • Unbreaking Three

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