What Does Reset Keyboard Dictionary Do

iPhone keyboard stopped working for no reasons? Odd discussion pops up in your iPhone keyboard predictive text suggestions? Sometimes, we need to reset iPhone keyboard to prepare your lag keyboard or remove an incorrect or embarrassing word proposition. We go the detailed steps on how to reset iPhone keyboard, what will exist removed afterwards you resetting the iPhone keyboard and what to do if resetting iPhone keyboard non working.

  • Part 1. How to Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone?
  • Part 2. What Happens If I Reset iPhone Keyboard?
  • Part 3. What Can Resetting iPhone Keyboard Practise?

Office 1. How to Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone?

Resetting the iPhone keyboard dictionary is very simple. We have listed the steps beneath. Cheque them out. Here’s how to reset keyboard dictionary in iPhone.

  • Tap on the “General” pick under “Settings”.
  • Then, tap on the “Reset” option.
  • Under the “Reset” carte, tap on “Reset Keyboard Dictionary”.

  • Y’all will be asked to type your passcode, and then tap on “Reset Dictionary” again.

Afterwards the reset is complete, your iPhone keyboard volition be reset.

Part ii. What Happens If I Reset iPhone Keyboard?

So, we already know how to reset keyboard words iPhone. But what happens after resetting the iPhone keyboard?

  • Delete all custom words you lot take typed on the keyboard volition be deleted
  • Some words from iPhone predictive text will be removed
  • Your often used & recent emojis from your iPhone’s keyboard will be cleared
  • The keyboard lexicon will be returned to factory defaults

Part 3. What Can Resetting iPhone Keyboard Do?

Resetting the iPhone keyboard tin can practice a lot of improvements to its functioning. The procedure can help you resetting the emojis yous frequented. Information technology also resets the saved text also equally fixing a lot of iPhone Keyboard not working issues.

  • iPhone keyboard lag
  • iPhone keyboard non popping up
  • iPhone Keyboard shortcuts not working
  • iPhone Keyboard messages mess upward
  • iPhone Keyboard messages tin can’t tap
  • iPhone Keyboard numbers not working

The iPhone keyboard can do a lot more. If y’all had any other issues with the keyboard, information technology will probably become fixed as well.

Part 4. Resetting iPhone Keyboard Not Working? Try ReiBoot! (iOS 16 Supported)

Unfortunately, if resetting the iPhone keyboard didn’t fix your keyboard problem at all, and then it is possible you are facing something major.

While a simple reset should take done the job, there is a possibility that the keyboard issue you are facing might accept appeared due to a glitch in the iOS system. If the trouble is complicated to that extent, so the just way out is iOS system repair using Tenorshare ReiBoot. It volition repair core iOS system and restore your iPhone to become rid of all iPhone keyboard problems.

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  • Download and install Tenorshare ReiBoot on your calculator.
  • Launch the programme and connect the iOS device to the estimator. In the main interface click on “Repair Operating Organisation”.

  • Then, click on “Set up Now” in the following page.

  • At present, you take to download the associated firmware from the internet. Select a path and click “Download”.

  • After the firmware has been downloaded, click “Repair Now” and gear up the operating system.

You lot should no longer worry about iTunes is downloading the software for this iPhone/iPad fault.

Other than resetting the iPhone keyboard dictionary, this is the almost effective fashion to fix problems with iPhone keyboard. While resetting the keyboard volition erase all the saved texts, customizes words, using ReiBoot will set up iPhone keyboard non working but won’t erase those custom words or texts.


Reset completely sends the keyboard program to its manufacturing plant default. So, all the customized works, texts and even frequent emojis get erased. Still, it is useful. Now, if the trouble arises due to whatever meaning iOS related bug, and so reset won’t assistance. The only manner out is using Tenorshare ReiBoot and repair iOS.

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People Also Asked about iPhone Keyboard

i. Is in that location a way to recalibrate my iPhone keyboard?

Yes, y’all tin recalibrate the iPhone keyboard by resetting iPhone keyboard from iPhone’s settings > General > Reset and tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

2. How exercise I reset my iPhone keyboard history?

Yous can reset iPhone keyboard history by resetting iPhone keyboard. On your iPhone, head to settings > Full general > Reset > Reset Keyboard Lexicon.

3. Where is the keyboard setting on iPhone?

Yous tin find iPhone keyboard settings from Settings > General, tap Keyboard, then tap Keyboards.

4. Tin can you lot brand your iPhone keyboard bigger?

iPhone doesn’t offering you an option to enlarge the keyboard but you lot can apply a built-in iPhone feature called Brandish Zoom. When enabled, Display Zoom will increase the display size of everything on your iPhone, including iPhone keyboard.

5. How to reset emoji keyboard on iPhone?

You can articulate or reset the frequently used or recent Emojis in the iPhone’s born Emoji keyboard past going to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

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