What Does The Banana Emoji Mean

The banana is a popular tropical fruit loved by people and monkeys. The banana emoji shows a ripe yellow banana peeled halfway. While the emoji represents the sweet fruit it has other meanings. Yous can apply this emoji to talk virtually someone slipping up or messing upwardly. It is as well ordinarily used in a more suggestive tone to depict male person genitalia.

Example: “Karen says she wants to make certain the 🍌🍌 are ripe enough for her famous 🍌pudding.





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  • Cherries are a notorious symbol meaning something is sexy. In the emoji world, this rings true. They can also be used to testify actual cherries, of form.

  • The sweet mango fruit is good for you and topical. The fruit is a popular selection for smoothies, juices, and summertime snacking. The mango emoji is a delicious ane without the juicy mess of a real mango.

  • The Pear emoji is just that; a generic, simple light-green pear with a stem (and sometimes a leafage) poking out from the pinnacle of the fruit.

  • A sweet and tropical fruit, the kiwi is associated with all things sweetness and tart. It’southward a good for you snack that’s packed with nutritious benefits and it tastes good too.

  • Bagels are a popular breakfast item that are usually toasted and served with cream cheese, lox and a loving cup of coffee. While some prefer a obviously bagel, you can opt for blueberry, poppy, wheat, multi grain and many other tasty choices.

  • Are you as sugariness as a peach? Why is this fruit shaped similar a butt? The peach emoji is used to talk almost healthy snacks, fruity treats and large butts (we cannot prevarication).

  • Strawberries aren’t actually berries, merely that doesn’t mean you can’t include this strawberry emoji in your emoji fruit salad. The strawberry emoji is a sweet symbol of summer.

  • The Taco emoji features the iconic Mexican dish, with a yellow shell, inside which lies brown ground meat (or beans), cheese and various vegetables.

  • The Green Apple emoji depicts a classic Granny Smith, the tart relative of the scarlet apple, and features a stem with a leaf atop its crown.

  • The cucumber emoji is usually shown in it’s total, bumpy greenish glory, but is occasionally depicted as sliced up cuke. Sprinkle this emoji in salads or pickle it for a salty crunchy snack.

  • The Tamale emoji features yellow corn husk, cooked and tied with a string, meat poking out from one side. A very similar appearance to a common burrito.

  • The olive emoji is rather rare, and can be seen either as two olives on a brand or every bit a single olive off the branch. It would seem they’re an acquired sense of taste, in the real globe and equally far as emoji offerings go.

  • Hungry? Try sinking your teeth into a delicious falafel. This dish is pop in Greek and Middle Eastern foods. There’due south no meat in these, making them vegetarian friendly. Make sure to have a side of hummus and pita bread to complete the meal!

  • Who doesn’t love the delicious gustation of gooey, buttery goodness? Butter makes any meal meliorate.

  • Grapes are a sweet treat that grow on a vine, and are oftentimes fermented to make vino! While this fruit comes in many shapes and flavors this emoji shows purple grapes on a vine.

  • Information technology’southward fourth dimension to consume your greens with the broccoli emoji. Use this emoji when talking about your favorite veggies or when constructing a forest made of tiny trees.

  • Looking for something salubrious? Trying to drib a few pounds? Effort a salad! These vegetable filled meals are great for those looking to lose weight or to add together more than nutrients in their diets. Just accept information technology like shooting fish in a barrel on the ranch salad dressing, information technology has a lot of calories.

  • It’s the fruit of the summer! Nil says embankment day or picnic like the watermelon emoji. It reigns supreme in the fruit emoji wars when it comes to selecting a summertime fruit. In that location is ever a watermelon at the picnic.

  • Why pay $30 for Avocado toast in California when y’all can go this emoji for costless. The avocado is a creamy fruit that’southward often put in the vegetable category. The good for you green avocado is used in foods like guacamole, tacos, salads, bugers, toast, sandwiches, pasta…and many other food options. Some people even swallow information technology on it’southward ain!

  • Do you lot want pina coladas? Use the pineapple emoji in your telephone conversation to ask for 1. The tropical fruit is the symbol of health, sun, and fun.

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