What Does The Home Key Do

The keyboards are extremely essential to use any device you use to write on, like desktop, laptop, smartphones, etc. Every key present on the keyboard has singled-out function users can use to perform certain actions. And ane of the keys present on the keyboard is the Home keyboard button. Regular keyboard users may know the functionality of this button. But the other new keyboard users would want to learn about it to use it for the better. If you know a little or zippo about the Home button on a keyboard, read this article till the end to know everything in detail.

What is Home Button on a Keyboard

What is Dwelling Button on a Keyboard?

The Home button has different functions for different operating systems. 2 of the most usually used OS effectually the world are Windows Os and macOS. Read the following points to learn the home keyboard button functions for these two operating systems.

i. Windows Keyboard

The Dwelling house button on the keyboard for Windows Os is used for these functions:

  • If you are in a text file that is
    non editable, similar in PDF or webpage, the Home push button will have yous to the
    top of the certificate or page.
  • If you are in an
    text file or folio, the Home button volition take the
    cursor to the showtime of the aforementioned line.

Ctrl + Homekeys
simultaneously to reach the pinnacle of the editable document or page.

  • Y’all tin can likewise use the
    Shift + Home keys
    simultaneously to highlight all the text in the aforementioned line earlier the cursor.
  • Press
    Ctrl + Shift + Home keys
    together to highlight all the text till the start of the document or page.

For the Linux users, the Home key and above mentioned key combination functions remain the same.

2. Mac Keyboard

The Home button on total-sized macOS based keyboards can be functional in the following means:

  • Printing the Home push to
    move to the beginning of the text document or page without moving the cursor.
  • On the Apple keyboards with no Habitation button, users can printing the
    Fn + Left arrow keys
    togetherto get to the top of the certificate or folio.
  • Press the
    Command + Left pointer keys
    combination to move the cursor to the top of the editable text certificate or page.

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Where is Home Push on a Keyboard?

This Home button is constitute in different locations on the dissimilar types of keyboards. At present, allow us see where you tin can discover it.

1. On Windows Standard Keyboard

Windows Standard Keyboard. What is Home Button on a Keyboard

The Domicile push can be found in 2 different locations on the standard Windows keyboard.

  • It is located
    above the navigation keys

    with some other keys, like Insert, Folio Up, Delete, End, and Page Down.
  • It is also located
    on the
    Numeric keypad. The Home button in the Numeric keypad tin exist used to type the number seven when the Num Lock is on.

2. On Windows Laptop Keyboard

Windows Laptop Keyboard

Every bit the Windows laptop keyboards are almost similar, the Home key placement makes the departure. On the laptop, it is
just present in the Numeric keypad
with dual functionality discussed in the above bespeak.

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3. On Mac Keyboard

Mac Keyboard. What is Home Button on a Keyboard

The Home push button is present in only some of the macOS-based keyboards.

  • In the
    full-sized Mac keyboards, it is
    present on the rightmost side.
  • If your Mac keyboard does not have a dedicated push, press the
    Fn + Left arrow keys
    together to perform the similar functionality as the Windows Domicile button.

Oft Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Tin I use the Home button in the Microsoft Word app?

Yes, Microsoft Word is a word processing software that allows document editing. You can use the Home button in whatsoever Word document to
move the cursor at the first of the judgement
and the
Ctrl + Home button
combination to take the
cursor to the very first discussion
in the certificate.

Q2. Why there is no Home push on my Mac keyboard?

The Dwelling button is only available on the total-sized Mac keyboards. If you lot have a MacBook laptop, you lot will non exist able to utilise the dedicated Home push every bit it is non on information technology. So, if you want to use the similar Dwelling button functionality on it, press the
Fn + Left pointer keys
simultaneously to perform the action.


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This is what
domicile push button on a keyboard
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