What Does The Whale Emoji Mean

When emojis first started being rolled out, they instantly became a much easier and faster mode to communicate thoughts and emotions. Just did you e’er think ane day they’d be a way to communicate human relationship status, especially seemingly random images like animals or fruit?

Users of Snapchat specially take been wondering what does the pineapple emoji mean?

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This Snapchat trend is all virtually your relationship status.

Earlier Snapchat, people could log into Facebook and indicate their relationship with a uncomplicated status update: “single,” “it’due south complicated,” or “in a relationship.” Now, it looks like Gen Z has taken that to a whole other level.

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In a
article, author Kathryn Kattalia explains that posting fruit on Snapchat indicates human relationship status. Plain a Snapchat fruit “game” originated onetime around 2016. It was meant to confuse a primarily male person audience almost what users were looking for or if they were dating someone. The rules are pretty simple: “Reference the land of your dear life using a specific ‘flavor.'”

The full listing of meanings equally interpreted by Reddit are every bit follows:

  • Blueberry: Single
  • Pineapple: Information technology’south complicated
  • Raspberry: I don’t want to commit
  • Apple tree: Engaged
  • Cherry-red: In a human relationship
  • Banana: Married
  • Avocado: I’m the better half
  • Strawberry: Can’t observe Mr. Right
  • Lemon: I want to be single
  • Raisin: I want to get married to my partner

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Where does that get out pineapple? Pineapple seems to exist an indicator of “information technology’due south complicated.” Why pineapple? The reply to that is unclear. Cherries in reference to a coupling seems more natural considering the electric current emoji features a pair, just every bit for the significant behind the rest, no one knows for sure.

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This isn’t the showtime time emojis take held hidden meanings on Snapchat.

Following the fruit emoji tendency, after a sneaky leak to Reddit, Snapchat users decided to update the code to include
more than
emojis, like candy confined, numbers, colors, and finally, beast emojis. As if things couldn’t perhaps get more confusing, bank check out the new and improved list of relationship status meanings below.

pineapple emoji meaning

Source: Getty Images

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Co-ordinate to

Jenn Rose, who consulted with various teens on the effect, these emojis could signal relationship status
how long the user has been in a human relationship.

  • A whale means “information technology’s complicated,” and so does a monkey.
  • A panda or a equus caballus means unmarried.
  • A bird ways the user likes someone or wants to ally their partner.
  • A panthera leo too means the user likes someone.
  • A cow ways “taken” or possibly in a relationship for one year.
  • A cat also means “taken” at least for a few days.
  • A sus scrofa could mean “talking to someone,” or having been in a relationship for a few months, or “No 1 is cute at my school,” which is mode harsh.
  • A rabbit means they’ve been in a relationship for a month, or that they can’t find “the one.”

Ultimately, it seems like putting an emoji in your Snapchat story is meant to be deceiving… and then err on the side of caution. You lot might accidentally choose the wrong one and attract an unintentional new romance… or tell your old one to take a hike!

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