What is a HomeKit Secure Router?

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Apple HomeKit (and its Home app) are 1 of the best home automation platforms bachelor. I use the tech all of the fourth dimension in my business firm, adding additional devices that don’t accept native HomeKit support via Homebridge.

While the general smart home side of HomeKit is generally well understood, HomeKit Secure Routers may be a new feature to you lot that you’ve not heard much about. That’southward a shame, as the engineering science is excellent for security.

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HomeKit Secure Router back up

You demand a HomeKit Secure Router to use the additional security features that they bring to HomeKit. Currently, there are just three listed routers available: Eero, Eero Pro and the Linksys Velop Mesh Wi-Fi Organisation – Tri-Band.

Due to the way that the routers work, HomeKit support has to be baked in and can’t exist bolted on using a third-party service such as HomeBridge.

If y’all have one of the supported routers, you can add together it to your Apple tree Home post-obit the in-app instructions. This will make your router appear as a device in the HomeKit app, plus it will give you the pick to turn on the default security level of Car.

Eero 6 HomeKit

What security features do HomeKit routers provide?

Once you lot’ve got a HomeKit Secure Router added to the Home app, you lot tin can have advantage of the additional security features, which control how (or if) devices tin connect to the internet. Effectively, HomeKit allows the router’s firewall to be automatically configured to add security. The default option is set for all devices, but for each device, you can choose the method of admission that you lot want. I’ll cover the 3 options.

HomeKit Secure Router settings

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Restrict to Home

This is the nearly powerful brake bachelor. With this turned on a device tin’t access the net at all. Nor can the device exist connected to direct, and all communication is through a HomeKit Home Hub (a HomePod, HomePod Mini, Apple tree TV or iPad).

If another device on your home network was hacked, the hacker would be unable to communicate with any HomeKit device ready to this mode.

Of course, restricting net access may cease some features from working. For example, you won’t exist able to get software updates, and time synchronisation features will not piece of work. However, via HomeKit Habitation Hubs y’all can still control your devices and they will piece of work as featured.

Use this feature if you want the highest level of privacy or for older devices that may not exist supported anymore. Just remember to change the setting from fourth dimension to time if yous want to go on your devices updated.

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This is the default level of security. Device control is even so via HomeKit, simply additionally, devices can also communicate with services recommended by their manufacturer. For example, a Hue Bridge can ship some diagnostic information, download firmware updates and synchronise with a time server. When you select a device’s style, y’all can see which services information technology can communicate with.

Automatic is best for most people. The restrictions in place forbid a lot of bad stuff: if a device is hacked, it can’t be used by hackers as part of a botnet in attacks, and the residual of your devices will remain firewalled off. And, you still get the do good of your device’due south cyberspace connexion so that information technology works the mode the manufacturer intended.

No Restriction

This is the least secure mode. Equally information technology states, your devices take no restrictions, then can communicate anywhere on the net and with any device on your home network. You’d need to accept a good reason to enable this mode.

Should you apply HomeKit Secure Router Features?

If yous take a uniform router, and smart devices in Apple Dwelling, then you should absolutely turn on the features. It’s best to stick with the Auto settings unless you have specific reasons to move to Restrict to Home or No Restrictions.

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