What is a VPN and what is it for?

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A virtual individual network (VPN) provides you with a straight, encrypted connectedness to a individual network via the net. In business, they’re widely used to permit remote workers to deeply access their employer’s office network as though they were physically connected to it.

Consumer VPNs, however, primarily exist then that users tin route all internet traffic to and from their device through an encrypted tunnel, finer routing your cyberspace connection via a remote server.

This encrypted connection can prevent your online activity from being monitored or snooped on, whether by your ISP (internet access provider) or someone else on your local network. And on the other end of the tunnel, you become a completely dissimilar IP accost, assigned by the VPN endpoint server you’re connecting to. This means that y’all can appear to be located in a completely different country.

Traditionally this would come at the expense of a fast internet connexion, but recently some of the best VPN services we regularly test have offering surprisingly speedy data connections.

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What is a VPN for?

The most common uses for consumer VPN services are to provide extra security or privacy on public networks and to virtually region-shift yourself for the purpose of viewing foreign streaming content. Though you may want to be careful doing this as near streaming platforms care for this a breach of their terms and weather and doing and so could lead to yous existence manually blocked from using them.

Privacy is always a more compelling statement and reason to employ a VPN: thanks to terminate-to-end encryption, it becomes impossible for your network traffic to exist monitored from outside your PC. Package inspection volition reveal only encrypted data.

This has obvious advantages if you want an extra layer of security when information technology comes to, for case, keeping your browsing habits private. This is especially important on public Wi-Fi networks, where it’s impossible to determine how secure your connection is. It also ways services that may throttle or fifty-fifty block your connexion based on the kind of data you’re sending – such every bit some function, mobile and public networks – won’t be able to do so.

While some networks may also block VPN connections either deliberately or every bit an incidental outcome of not permitting certain protocols, this is unusual. Nonetheless, equally an actress security feature for those who need to hide the fact that they’re using a VPN, a number of service providers have implemented methods of obfuscating their encrypted traffic. Examples include TunnelBear‘s GhostBear fashion, VyprVPN‘due south Chameleon way, and Perfect Privacy‘s StealthVPN manner.

It’southward important to bear in mind that, when you apply a consumer VPN service, you’re effectively replacing one Internet access provider with another. Your VPN provider is potentially in a position to snoop on your activity, and so ensure that your online activities when connected via a VPN match the level of trust you’re prepared to place in information technology.

If you really want privacy, though, you accept to retrieve not to sign in to any online services, such every bit Google, with accounts that might identify yous, equally just connecting from a VPN won’t cease your activities from beingness recorded; similarly, any cookies saved on your PC tin can even so be accessed – a VPN alone won’t become you very much privacy unless you adapt your behaviour accordingly.

What’s the divergence betwixt a free and a paid VPN?

Complimentary VPNs range wildly in quality, from poorly secured connections to services explicitly designed to suck up their users’ data for marketing purposes, to – far better – free tiers from reputable consumer VPN providers that wish to provide a useful public service and/or promote their paid-for subscriptions.

While no service that you don’t command can offer guaranteed security, to avoid existence ripped off when using a free VPN, stick to gratis services from reputable companies, such as the ones we tested and recommended in our best costless VPN guide.

When it comes to reputable free VPN services, wait to see a combination of bandwidth caps, endpoint location and service restrictions. In some cases, you may have to view adverts if you’re using a gratuitous VPN, which potentially ways that some data may be collected for ad targeting.

Bandwidth caps could be anywhere between 500MB and over 10GB a month. Unlimited services, such every bit ProtonVPN’due south costless tier, simply requite y’all access to a much smaller selection of endpoint servers. As well as not providing services optimised for streaming or obfuscated VPN connections, free endpoint servers can go crowded, which ways that your connection speeds are slower than on their paid-for counterparts.

How to set a VPN connectedness

All consumer VPN services provide clients to make it piece of cake to connect to them. These ordinarily provide cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS. But install them, sign into your account and connect.

These are usually graphical and share broadly similar interfaces across all platforms, although command-line versions are common among Linux VPN providers. Some VPN providers don’t even require you to sign in to get access to their free tiers and trials, which is handy if you need a throwaway VPN connectedness in a hurry

Some, merely not all, VPN providers back up manual configuration. We particular platform and manual configuration back up in our reviews.

For manual configuration, your VPN provider will give you connection profiles, such as L2TP profiles for iOS and OpenVPN or Wireguard profiles for utilize on desktop computers or hardware such equally routers and NAS devices.

Data retention and the law

If privacy is a key reason that you want to use a VPN, then you should be aware that different service providers have varying policies on logging users’ connection data. In addition, depending on where a company is headquartered, they’ll exist subject to different information retention regulations.

Our reviews item both where each service is based and whether it retains any connection logs. However, logging isn’t the be-all and terminate-all of VPN security. We’ve restricted ourselves to testing services from reputable companies with a proven track record, just it’s impossible to truly know how much faith tin can be put in any arrangement’due south claims about their logging policy.

In some cases, these claims accept been put to the examination. United states-based Individual Net Access provided no data to the FBI because information technology had no logs, and ExpressVPN’southward endpoint servers were found to incorporate no log information when seized by Turkish authorities. Both of these companies have subsequently been bought by the same parent, United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland-based Kape Technologies, and it remains to be seen whether this change in ownership results in any practical changes to the way the companies handle logging or demands from the authorities.

Perfect Privacy’s Dutch servers gave up nothing when police seized them, and ProtonVPN was unable to plough over logs in response to a court order considering it doesn’t keep any. However, its sis service, ProtonMail, was forced to hand over information nearly French climate activist following an Europol guild honoured by Swiss authorities, despite Switzerland’s generally privacy-friendly laws.

Some VPN providers – including NordVPN, VyprVPN and Surfshark – take also had contained audits carried out to ostend their no-logging status.

Before it was bought by Czech firm Avast, United kingdom-based HideMyAss (HMA), handed over information in accordance with UK law during the LulzSec case. IPVanish, now owned by J2 Global, once handed over detailed user activity information to the U.s. Section of Homeland Security in 2022, despite claiming that it kept no logs. Other “no-logging” VPN firms known to have handed over connection information that identified customers include PureVPN.

It’southward generally held that companies based in countries such equally Panama, whose laws are structured to safeguard privacy, are a better bet than those based in more restrictive nations such as the UK, regardless of logging policy.

Regardless of where they’re legally headquartered, yous take only the word of the companies in question nigh what logs they go along. Follow news and reviews about the industry to identify firms with a practiced reputation, and see if they publish a transparency study or warrant canary to identity how they publicly handle requests from government, the courts and law enforcement.


International access

Since a VPN service allows you lot to access online content equally though you were physically located in a dissimilar country, it’southward extremely useful if y’all’re travelling for business and need to access location-restricted services, or if yous need to see how and whether a particular website or service works properly for users elsewhere in the world.

With servers in more than 190 countries, HMA is past far the best-equipped VPN provider in this respect, if you e’er demand to come across what your website looks similar to users in Burkina Faso or find out the price of a service in a unlike currency.

Some VPN services can likewise provide you with a dedicated static IP address of your own in a specific land, making information technology easier to create a virtual home or office overseas. NordVPN, Private Internet Access and HMA are among those which provide this service.

Most users, however, desire to be able to virtually hop around the globe at the click of a mouse. This is about widely used to watch streaming video services from other regions – or, while you’re travelling, to avoid missing your favourite Television programmes from abode.

This is frowned upon by international media rights-holders, and streaming services such equally Netflix accept undertaken increasingly effective efforts to block proxy and VPN services. This is usually washed by blocking access from IP addresses associated with information centres.

Region-shifting is a legal grey expanse that could put yous in breach of a streaming service’southward terms and conditions, rather than outright copyright theft of the kind involved in, for instance, torrenting pirated content. However, torrenting has many legitimate users, so y’all’ll observe plenty of VPN services that support that, too.

VPN protocols

A number of different protocols are used to encrypt VPN traffic. Generally speaking, more than heavy-duty encryption means slower speeds and more stress on your processor, battery and so on. The most popular is the open up source OpenVPN, which remains the gilt standard for security.

A pop upwards and coming protocol is Wireguard. This relatively new open-source protocol uses the fast, strong ChaCha20 encryption goose egg. This is a stream cypher, which decodes ane bit at a time, rather than a conventional cake cypher such every bit AES, which decodes larger bocks of plaintext at a time. Wireguard is easier on bombardment consumption and tin be faster than OpenVPN, but a number of services that use information technology, such as NordVPN’s NordLynx, combine information technology with other technologies to make it more than secure.

Other widely-used protocols include KEv2/IPSec and SSTP. Avoid the older PPTP (Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol) or vanilla IPSec (without L2TP or IKEv2) unless on legacy systems when it’due south the only viable choice.

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VPN functioning is affected by such a wide range of factors that it isn’t possible to produce truly conclusive test results. The speed of your ain internet connection and user load on your selected VPN endpoint server, likewise as the server you’re connecting to beyond that all make a deviation. Due to the sheer number of frequently rotated servers provided by most VPN services, comprehensive testing isn’t possible.

Even so, we run comparative tests on each service from a London-based connection that typically sees reference speeds – downloads from our test servers without a VPN connexion – of between 400Mbit/s in the Us and 600Mbit/s in the United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland and Netherlands.

Nosotros test multiple servers from each provider in 3 locations – the UK, the Netherlands and the U.s.a. – and retest any anomalous results. Our core tests focus on HTTP download speeds using ringlet. Although these figures tin can only always be a snapshot of performance at a single point in time, nosotros rely on several years’ worth of past tests to get a more solid picture of a service’s performance and how that changes over time.

The VPN test data used in our reviews is published in total for transparency purposes may be institute at the VPN Data Tracker.

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