What is Google TV? Everything You Need To Know – Updated February 2022

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Google Television set is the latest effort that the company is taking in taking over your living room. Betwixt Android Telly, Google TV and Chromecast, information technology can exist a bit disruptive as to what the difference is betwixt the three platforms – all owned by Google. So, nosotros’re going to tell you everything y’all need to know about Google Boob tube. So that y’all can brand the right pick most which platform to utilize with your TV.

What is Google TV?

In the simplest terms, Google TV is a user interface that runs on summit of Android TV. Think of it equally a skin that runs on Android, like 1 UI, or Oxygen Bone from Samsung or OnePlus. Just it’southward Google’s own skin, and it’s on pinnacle of Android Tv. But not express to just Google’southward hardware. Run across, confusing isn’t it.

It was announced in September 2022, with the Chromecast with Google Television receiver dongle. Information technology takes what Android TV does well, and it expands on that. Giving you ameliorate and more recommendations and also providing a live TV Guide if yous use YouTube TV or Sling Television set. Among a few other features. Information technology does a really practiced job with recommendations and telling yous where you tin watch specific shows or movies.

Information technology, of course, also works with smart home products, similar its Nest cameras. So you tin easily bring up a feed of your camera onto the Television set, or run across when someone arrives at your door. Also as turn on or off the lights and annihilation else you might use Google Assistant for. Simply at present on your Idiot box.

Google TV vs Android TV

Google TV isn’t really replacing Android Tv, at least not yet. Simply the biggest differences between the two is that Google Boob tube focuses more than on recommendations and live Goggle box guide. Making information technology easier for the user to discover something to sentry, instead of endlessly scrolling through each streaming service, to find something to lookout while they are eating their dinner.

Google’s partners have also jumped on the Google TV bandwagon, like TCL and Sony. However others have decided not to upgrade to Google TV, at to the lowest degree not withal. That includes the NVIDIA SHIELD Television. Though it’s likely that they will upgrade in the well-nigh future.

How does Google TV piece of work?

Google Television set works on a small number of devices right at present. Only the best option to go for Google Boob tube is the latest Chromecast, which costs $50.

Much like Android TV, information technology needs to have an internet connection and a Google business relationship signed in.

On the principal dwelling house screen, which is the “For You” screen, you’ll see a number of movies and Idiot box shows that are available to watch. The top row might have some “sponsored” options in there that apps are pushing. Below that, y’all’ll see your apps that are installed. This row is customizable. But long-printing on the app and move information technology around. You tin can also alter what apps are shown in there, but it is limited to around 10 apps. Then it’s a skilful idea to proceed your most used apps in at that place.

Below the apps, y’all’ll see the “Proceed Watching” list. Which are movies and shows that yous started watching and haven’t finished. This makes it easier to but jump in and outset watching again. Then Google TV breaks down your recommendations into different sections beneath that.

Google likewise has other tabs at the summit for movies, shows and Live TV. So yous can get other recommendations, or see the live TV guide. But the guide only works for YouTube Television and Sling TV users right now. That might change in the futurity though.

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How does Google TV know what you might want to watch?

Most streaming services are able to recommend movies and shows to watch, but Google TV is the first one to do it beyond all of your apps. Information technology does it with the Cognition Graph. This is a collection of facts about people, places and things. And information technology allows Google to respond or present users with accurate information about movies, shows, historical facts and more. And this information is all used to recommend unlike titles to the user.

In our experience, information technology has been very adept at recommending titles to sentinel. And cheers to machine learning, information technology will get even meliorate.

Will Google Television show me where I can watch a specific title?

If you lot see a title on your home screen that yous end up wanting to watch, you can click on it. This will take you lot to a page that will requite you a ton of data about that title. That includes its Rotten Tomatoes score, its genre, yr it was released and its runtime. Only you will also see a list of apps you can watch it in.


There’s as well a way to add it to your watchlist, and mark it equally watched, or give it a thumbs up or downwards to assistance the recommendations engine. And of course, you lot can lookout man a trailer from this page.

This is very useful if y’all are somewhat interested in a movie, simply aren’t 100% sure about committing two hours to watching it. Or if you aren’t sure where you tin can watch it. Google TV makes that super unproblematic.

Are in that location any parental controls?

At launch, there were no parental controls for Google TV. Simply that has since changed. In March 2022, Google announced that parental controls were coming to Google Television set.

These parental controls allow parents to set how long kids can sentinel Idiot box. Every bit well equally setting the limit on ratings for content that they can sentry. And there is also a contour lock, and then that kids aren’t able to make changes without their parents approval.

It’southward pretty unproblematic to practise, and you can make a profile on Google TV specifically for kids. And then that when the adults want to picket Television set, they don’t take to bargain with these limitations. The controls are simple, only they piece of work.

What devices are available with it?

Google TV launched on the new Chromecast in September 2022. The “Chromecast with Google Television set”. Since then, Google has gotten some of its partners on board with Google Idiot box, just not all of them. Namely TCL and Sony. So any of the 2022 models from TCL and Sony will have Google TV on-board. Other partners have not appear plans to add Google TV to their Android TV models, however.

Google TV Chromecast 2 AM AH 6

Google Television set has also replaced the Google Play Movies & Television set app on Android and iOS. And so yous can easily find titles to watch from your telephone and then cast them to anything that supports Chromecast.

We should see more than devices support Google TV in the futurity. Merely in the meantime, Android TV has been updated to look very like. Information technology has all of the recommendations, but with fewer tabs at the superlative of the screen.

Does Stadia work on Google Goggle box?

Since Google Tv is basically Android TV, yes, Stadia does work.

Stadia is available every bit a downloadable app on Google Goggle box. You won’t have it pre-installed. Which is likely a practiced thing since streaming TV devices don’t typically come with much storage in the commencement identify. All you need is a controller and a Stadia subscription to go started. Who says you need a PS5 to game at home.

At present there are likewise a number of other games available. Basically whatever Android game will work hither.

What apps work with Google TV?

Pretty much any Android TV app will piece of work on Google Goggle box. However, not all of them work with the recommendations, nor will they testify titles on the home screen. Here is the complete list of apps that is compatible with Google Boob tube.

  • ABC
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • AMC
  • Apple tree TV and Apple Tv+
  • A&E
  • Boomerang
  • Cartoon Network
  • Crackle
  • Comedy Key
  • DC Universe
  • Discovery+
  • Disney At present
  • Disney+
  • Epix Now
  • Fox Now
  • Hulu
  • HBO Get
  • HBO Max
  • History
  • Lifetime
  • MTV
  • NBC
  • Paramount+
  • PBS Kids
  • Peacock
  • Pluto TV
  • Showtime
  • Starting time Anytime
  • Starz
  • TBS
  • The CW
  • TNT
  • Tubi Tv
  • VH1
  • Viki

Video on need is available from the following apps.

  • YouTube TV
  • Sling
  • Philo
  • FuboTV

Can I see Live Goggle box listings?

Yes, you can. Google has a dedicated Alive tab for Google Television receiver. Which you can see Live TV listings, making it easier to observe something to watch, rather than having to scan the apps on your Google Goggle box unit of measurement to find something. Yet, only a few streaming live TV services are compatible. These are those that are compatible:

  • Philo TV (Starting October 5, 2022)
  • Sling Tv set
  • YouTube Idiot box

What are some voice commands that tin can be used?

There are a agglomeration of useful phonation commands y’all can apply. On the Chromecast, there is a dedicated microphone push button. Just printing it and say any of these commands:

  • “Play some R&B music.”
  • “Open [app name].”
  • “Tell me well-nigh Chef Ramsay”
  • “Play Master Chef on Hulu”
  • “Show me the [name of photographic camera]”
  • “How’s the weather condition”

Google TV Chromecast 2 AM AH 1

Basically any vocalisation command that you might use on your Nest Hub, Nest Mini or Android smartphone for Google Banana, will piece of work hither. Every bit this is just Google Assistant, but on your Idiot box.

Should I use Google TV?

If yous are an Android user, yes, you should definitely use Google TV. But if yous apply iOS, and so information technology’s probable not the best choice for yous.

Google TV is actually great at a number of things. Particularly recommendations. In my experience, Google Tv has recommended a ton of shows that I ended up loving. And it was much better than Netflix or Hulu’south recommendations. Though that likely comes from it knowing what I watch from all of its apps, instead of just what I watch on Netflix or Hulu.

If you too take cut the cord and use YouTube Idiot box, Sling TV, Philo or FuboTV, so information technology’south a really proficient choice. As the live TV guide works actually well, and it’southward quicker than opening the app.

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