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Air miles, also known as airline miles or frequent flyer miles, are rewards you tin can earn through certain loyalty programs. But how practice air miles work? Join us for a crash class in air miles rewards to find out how they piece of work, how to earn them and how to detect the best air miles plan for you.

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These days, many credit cards come up with rewards programs. Some allow you to earn cash-back rewards, while others reward yous with travel points or air miles. When you collect a certain number of miles or points, you can redeem them for things like free flights, hotel stays, or other travel-related purchases.

The travel rewards programs of today largely sprang from frequent flyer programs of the past. Originally, frequent flyer programs were a manner to reward travelers for flying a certain number of miles through a particular airline. Much like other loyalty programs, the more miles you flew, the more free air miles yous could earn.

These days, even so, it’s less well-nigh how far you fly and more most how much coin you lot spend. Many air mile rewards programs are at present linked to credit cards. Some airlines take their own branded cards, while others partner with major providers such every bit Visa and Mastercard.

How Do Air Miles Work?

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The key to finding the all-time air miles plan is realizing that air miles can work very differently from one plan to the next. In full general, virtually travel rewards programs are associated with a credit card. If you lot tend to travel frequently with ane particular airline, it may be worth looking into whether they offer a branded carte. Otherwise, you lot’re probably better off going with a more flexible travel carte from a major provider.

Different cards offering a variety of different ways to earn air miles, from booking travel through their online portals to simply spending on everyday purchases. It’s also of import to look into how to calculate air miles every bit far as how much coin each mile you earn is really worth.

Figuring out how many air miles you lot’ll demand for a free flight won’t necessarily be as easy every bit calculating the number of actual miles to your destination. This is why air miles are sometimes referred to as “travel points,” which is but a less misleading proper noun for the same concept.

The retail value of air miles tin can vary depending on the loyalty programme, only according to inquiry from Value Penguin, air miles are worth an average of effectually one.3 cents apiece.

For a more detailed comparison of the value of miles from various programs, visit The Points Guy’s continually updated air mile valuation comparison nautical chart. It’s also essential to look into how exactly each card’s redemption program works.

Do you lot have to earn a minimum number of miles before cashing in? Can air miles be redeemed through any airline or only one? Can the points only be redeemed for flights, or tin can they too be used for things like hotels and car rentals? The answers to these questions can vary widely based on the program.

How to Earn Air Miles

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As mentioned, dissimilar airlines will advantage you with points for different activities. That’s why it’s important to get a thorough breakdown of each card’s earning opportunities when searching for the best air miles card for you. While you lot’ll evidently be rewarded for traveling, near cards offer plenty of other ways to earn actress miles.

Sign-Up Bonuses

One of the quickest ways to earn bonus miles is to find a bill of fare that offers a generous signup bonus. Only beware that actually cashing in on the bonus offer usually entails spending a sure corporeality of coin within a given timeframe. For instance, the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® Credit Card offers three free nights at participating hotels (equal to 150,000 points) if you spend $3,000 inside 3 months of signing upwardly.

Everyday Purchases

If you’re non a frequent traveler, but would like to exist, and so you lot might consider signing upwardly for a card similar the Capital letter One Venture Rewards Credit Card, which offers ane.25 – 2 miles for every dollar on every purchase you make.

Shopping Portals

Some airline cards, such as the American Airlines Reward Card offering associated shopping portals that you tin employ to store online at thousands of popular retailers. Only by shopping through the portal, you’ll earn actress air miles, fifty-fifty if yous don’t pay with your AA Advantage carte.

Bonus Spending Categories

Cards like the Citi Premier® Card allow you lot to earn bonus points on everyday purchases at restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations. The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card also offers bonus opportunities for things like dining, streaming services and online grocery purchases.

Are Air Miles Reward Cards Worth Information technology?

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At present comes the major question: are travel reward credit cards worth information technology? The answer highly depends on both how often you travel and which card you choose.

Many travel rewards credit cards charge an annual fee, which will reduce your overall savings. Additionally, yous’ll want to take a good look at the carte’due south Apr and never spend more yous’re sure you tin can pay off earlier getting hit with involvement.

Subsequently all, in that location’southward little point in saving hundreds on travel each year if yous’re losing thousands in interest costs. It’s also worth considering if you would earn more money with a cash-back menu instead. A survey from NerdWallet found that “domestic travelers who spend less than $8,600 per year on travel expenses would earn higher overall rewards with a cash-back carte du jour than a travel carte.”

If y’all are a frequent traveler, however, it may be worth looking into an air miles programme. Booking flights and hotels through the program may be a proficient way to score the best deals while racking upwards extra bonus miles. Air miles cards may also be worth considering if you’re not the best at tucking away cash and want an effortless way to save for your dream vacation.


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