What Minecraft Mob Are You 2021

The Rarest Minecraft Mof Quiz

No affair wherever yous get around the earth, ane thing is for certain, you would detect a Minecraft thespian! Mazes of Fate! You are laughing? We are seriously not joking! Did yous know that the Minecraft game made around $415 million in 2020 and is expected to break its own record in 2021!!!

Minecraft also known as the “Game of the Decade” is going crazy on social media and people are sharing amazing videos of their Minecraft game on every social media platform and this is the reason why we designed our Minecraft Mob Quiz so that you as well share what Minecraft mob are you similar others…

If you are new to the Minecraft world so allow united states guide you! Minecraft is all nigh bringing out the creativity and explorer hidden in you. All y’all demand to exercise is think, create, and play!!! As far as the Minecraft Mobs are concerned, it is a short term for “Mobile Entity”. At that place are more than 30 mobs in Minecraft placed into various categories.

Best and The Rarest Minecraft Mobs Quiz

Answer to the question which Minecraft mob are y’all most similar can only be received, once y’all start excavation into the Minecraft Mob Personality Test. If you don’t have much thought about them then that’s not a big issue because we take made a list of the best Minecraft mobs for you. Go ahead, read and answer the Minecraft Quiz to become your Mazes of Fate at present!



The white moving bony construction in the Minecraft game is a mob named “Skeleton”. Its weapon is bow and arrow that is a threat to others merely you lot can manage to tackle this trouble in various ways. First, look out that how many skeletons are after you, if less than four are hunting you lot so you lot tin easily outcast them because their speed is very slow, withal, 5 or more might hurt you.

Skeletons tin can bring you death with their arrows and bow as their arrows are terrorizing. In this case, either you can salve yourself with a shield or past hiding somewhere. One affair is quite interesting! Skeletons cannot face light so you can run towards the sunlight only if it is night so run and hide…



Go on this in mind! There are two kinds of Zombies in Minecraft; Baby Zombies and Developed or Full-size Zombies. Y’all would most discover zombies wandering at every corner during the night (with both hands at the forepart just like movies!). Both types are deadly specially babies because they are faster and stronger.

There are some strategies that aid to deal with these green and menacing creatures. Fight them with all your ability and give them strong impairment in the initial stages. If the zombies are babies then they would run after you and might kill you with one or two moves so it’s better if y’all attack them start while armor, potions, and equipment are besides very helpful. Lastly, if you are really into Zombies, bank check out our DBD Quiz for certain!


To us, Endermen are the most intriguing mobs in Minecraft. Are you curious? Hahaha, Endermen are quite tall (literally giant!), blackness in colour with scary violet eyes. They are neutral mobs only one of the about dangerous mobs in Minecraft. Confused right?


Endermen are harmless for as long as you stay away and do not await into their optics! If yous only make eye contact with them one time, they’ll be behind yous in a glimmer of an eye and would impale you lot in one move. The just way to save yourself from Endermen is to stay away as far as possible and never wait them in the eyes because then they would feel threatened by you.

In example, Endermen get in the position to attack you then use your best equipment and potions, or else you’ll be doomed!


If you have seen some greenish and grayness mobs having no hands, roaming in Minecraft so you have definitely seen the Creepers. They are quite unique, just similar their proper noun they make no sounds and creep around but don’t call up that these are harmless. In fact, they are 1 of the virtually unsafe ones…

Creepers demand no reason to kill you, even if you don’t touch them and just stand up close or laissez passer by them, they’ll explode! Yes, they explode since Creepers accept no weapons and then they just explode and ruin everything you have, your character, house, etc.

If you wish to alive and so stay distant from them or use an arrow and bow to kill them earlier they get close to you!


Vindicators practice not seem detrimental merely in reality, they tin can even damage your shield, and your weapons might too give you no advantage. The best thing that they have is the “Iron Ax”. Vindicators are extremely quick and attack in the blink of an center and so be cautious and stay alert…

Ender Dragon

Let’southward be honest, if you are playing Minecraft game with all your heart but then y’all would be able to see the near notorious and all-time favorite mob “Ender Dragon”. Seems like yous didn’t get it! Hmm, Ender Dragon appears at the Finish of the game and the players need to fight it to achieve an XP that would brand them wealthy and strong.

Fighting an Ender Dragon is crucial as it is an enormous dragon that can requite you damage without much effort. If you’re thinking that you would knock it down with your sword then y’all are absolutely wrong because the near you go the more than charge per unit of damage increases.

Try to possess as many enchantments and healing potions as possible and stay as far as yous can during the fight. The bow and arrow would exist a good choice only enchant the arrows get-go. People normally inquire us what Minecraft monster are you? We won’t lie, we wish to be the “Ender Dragon”!!!


Probably you accept already decided which Minecraft dominate are y’all or which Dream SMP aka DSMP character you lot are, but this isn’t off-white!!! Only the Minecraft Mob Quiz tin can generate an honest and unbiased effect!

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