What One Piece Character Am I

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1 Piece had its television receiver premiere over two decades ago, in 1999. It was the offset time we got acquainted with Monkey D. Luffy and the rest of the pirates who accompany the states to this 24-hour interval. The plot, as information technology happens in a typical anime, is the main character who has a dream and stubbornly strives to fulfill it. Still, 1 Slice stands out from other Japanese productions in many aspects. What do you lot call up – which graphic symbol from the state of pirates best suits yous in terms of personality? What do you think – which One Piece character are y’all? Mayhap you are the captain of the crew – Monkey D. Luffy? No? How about Roronoa Zoro or Nami? Did we miss it? You don’t have to proceed on guessing. Take the quiz, and everything will be clear.

Thank you to ultra-accurate and detailed questions most your personality, nosotros will exist able to answer up to one-hundredth percentage of which One Slice character suits y’all best. The whole game will be very easy – your task will be to reply several questions. Subsequently analyzing the answer, nosotros will tell you which One Piece character you lot are. Before we become to the middle of the matter, however, what practise you think – which Ane Piece character are you lot?

Which Ane Piece Character Are You lot?

Time to get acquainted with some important characters in One Slice. These are the characters that you will be able to draw in the quiz. However, to add a chip of uncertainty, a few characters will not be included in the list beneath but will be in the quiz. This is your last chance to ask yourself this question – which Ane Piece character am I?

Monkey D. Luffy

The primary character could not exist missing hither; it is obvious—captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Monkey is a very energetic, strong, stubborn boy who pursues his goal despite adversities. It is very piece of cake for him to meet new people and make friends; he is an open person.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is the first person to bring together Luffy. He is very loyal and devoted to his friends or to people who have ever extended a helping paw to him. He is ordinarily serious and strict just tin can as well express joy and have fun with the rest of the crew.


She is considered the smartest member of the Straw Lid Pirates. She is distinguished past greed – she can do anything for money. Nami is as well very cowardly; still, she tin can fight using her intelligence and cunning if the situation requires it. She is as well understanding, empathetic, and able to bear witness pity.


Usopp has quite a specific personality – he is… a professional liar. He lies at every possible opportunity simply to get out of problem. Usopp is also fearful, which he has confirmed more than once. Liar and coward, these 2 words depict this character best. However, in social club not to put Usopp only in a bad light, it is worth calculation that he is too persistent and has a sense of humour. Additionally, he gets along very well with Luffy.

Tony Tony Chopper

This graphic symbol could not be missing from the quiz. Chopper is a reindeer. Tony is very naive and gullible, and he volition believe everything he hears. His appearance and disposition are synonymous with sweet.

How to Play?

To make the quiz outcome as accurate equally possible, endeavor to reply the questions as honestly as possible. This way, you will find out which One Piece character you are. This unique quiz is all you need to know the answers near your personality. But that’south not all. At that place are many other things you lot tin can learn – take you lot ever wondered which anime graphic symbol y’all are? Perhaps which Dragon Ball graphic symbol are you? Quizondo offers a broad range of quizzes to make your day pleasant!

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