What to expect from Microsoft in 2022

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OPINION: There may take been a bit shortage in 2022, merely that hasn’t stopped Microsoft releasing a number of devices, from the Surface Pro 8 to the dual-screen Surface Duo 2 smartphone, while also launching Windows 11.

Simply what can we expect from Microsoft in 2022? Nosotros’ve rounded up all of the news and rumours in gild to reply that question, while also making some educated guesses based on previous patterns.

So if you’re desperate to know what Microsoft has planned, go along reading on.

Surface Laptop 5

We haven’t actually heard any strong rumours about the Surface Laptop v launching in 2022, merely it’south still a safe bet. The Surface Laptop 4 launched equally far back as Apr 2022, giving Microsoft plenty of time to ship a successor.

Intel is widely expected to reveal its next generation of laptop fries in early 2022, and so Microsoft volition likely want to upgrade its flagship laptop so it’s packing the latest and greatest processor.

We’re hoping that Microsoft won’t stop there though. With Apple tree, Dell and many more manufacturers revamping the designs of their laptops in recent years, Microsoft’due south Surface laptop is starting to look outdated in comparing. Microsoft should actually think about slimming down that screen bezel, while as well finally introducing Thunderbolt 4 support.

Nosotros’d besides love it if Microsoft launched a new 14-inch option, which seems to be the trend now with the contempo releases of the Razer Blade xiv and MacBook Pro.

Surface Studio 2 lead

Surface Studio 3

Microsoft’s desktop PC, the Surface Studio 3, was heavily rumoured to exist revealed in 2022, but such an announcement failed to materialise.

Assuming Microsoft hasn’t binned the device, we’re expecting it to be unveiled in 2022 instead. It’s most time too, every bit the Surface Studio 2 is seriously outdated at present, featuring a seventh Generation Intel Core chip which is now v generations behind the latest iterations. And with Apple refreshing the iMac recently, Microsoft really needs to catch up to its rivals.

The flexible screen hinge and touchscreen support for diverse accessories ensure the Surface Studio withal has broad appeal in 2022, and so Microsoft really just needs to refresh the internal specs. Nosotros could potentially encounter more than colour options introduced too, to aid make your home office look a bit more welcoming.

microsoft surface neo

Surface Neo

Microsoft originally unveiled the Surface Neo every bit far dorsum equally 2022, yet it’s still withal to see the lite of day now we’re entering 2022. Microsoft previously confirmed that the dual-screen laptop had been delayed, just nosotros haven’t heard nigh the device since, making some worried that information technology has been cancelled.

That’due south certainly possible, as the fabulous Windows 10X operating system – which was said to optimise Windows for dual-screen devices – was shelved in favour of a Windows 11 release. Maybe Windows 11 tin have on that responsibility instead, although Microsoft hasn’t really spoken virtually its flexibility for such form factors.

But let’s be optimistic for at present. Many reports accept indicated that the virtually probable release window for the Surface Neo is 2022, then we may well see it pop upwards afterward in the year.

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