What to expect from Xbox in 2022

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2021 was a big year for Xbox. Not simply did it defy its doubters past launching multiple first-party games such as Halo Space and Forza Horizon 5, but besides expanded its Game Pass offering and introduced its cloud-streaming xCloud technology.

Just what does Xbox have upward its sleeve for 2022? We’ve searched the web for all the latest news and rumours, while besides making our own educated guesses, on everything Xbox in order to offering a sneak peek at the adjacent 12 months.

And so without further ado, here’s what you should expect from Xbox in 2022.

Lots of exclusive games

The biggest criticism Xbox has faced in contempo years is the lack of high-quality exclusive games compared to Nintendo and PlayStation. But thanks to a number of big studio acquisitions, information technology looks like that won’t be a problem in 2022.

Bethesda’s ballsy sci-fi activeness RPG, Starfield, is pencilled in for a November 2022 release, and will be a console for the Xbox Series X|Due south. In the Summer, Arkane Studios will also exist launching Redfall, which is a vampire-slaying commencement-person shooter that will support both single player and co-op.

Other Xbox console exclusives set for a 2022 launch include Scorn, Southward.T.A.L.Thou.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl and Shredders, ensuring that Xbox has simply every bit many panel exclusives equally its rivals.

We’re likewise yet waiting to hear a release engagement for Hellblade 2 and the adjacent Fable, so nosotros wouldn’t rule out a 2022 release appointment. And all-time of all, every single kickoff-party Xbox game will be bachelor 24-hour interval one via Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass streaming stick and TV app

Speaking of Xbox Game Pass, it’s inevitable that Microsoft will continue to make its subscription service even more tempting in 2022. We’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll get a 4K tier for Game Pass, just Microsoft has given no indications that will happen soon.

However, Xbox has already confirmed that a new Game Pass app volition soon be bachelor on various smart TVs, allowing subscribers to play on their large screen without the demand of a console, every bit long as you’ve got a fast internet connection. It besides looks like an Xbox streaming stick could launch, allowing you to access Game Pass on your TV, even if it doesn’t back up the app.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that the streaming stick and TV app will launch in 2022, but the company has been hinting that it’s shut to release for a while now. We’d exist very surprised if we had to await until 2023 for both of the releases, so 2022 looks to be a very safe bet.

Xbox Series S

Refresh of the Xbox Series Due south

The Xbox Series Southward only launched in 2022, even so there are already reports that it could come across a mid-cycle refresh. YouTube aqueduct Moore’s Police Is Dead claims the Xbox Series S will be upgraded with AMD’s upcoming 6nm chip in 2022.

It’s hard to say whether this will result in a substantial performance boost, just Wccftech suggests such an upgrade could potentially unlock its full 24 CU RDNA 2 GPU. Rumours propose the PS5 volition see a similar upgrade in 2022, while the Xbox Series X could follow suit in 2023.

Could the Xbox Serial S also see a new design? We don’t expect so, although nosotros wouldn’t rule out a new colour option or something else along those lines. Either way, if you still haven’t purchased an Xbox Series S, information technology may well exist worth holding back until this new refresh arrives.

Game Pass running on Steam Deck

Wild card: A portable Xbox

We decided to throw in a potential handheld Xbox equally a wild card option. In that location haven’t been any credible rumours about this, besides unverified Tweets by self-acclaimed leakers, but this does seem similar the perfect opportunity for Xbox to finally release a gaming portable.

With Xbox Game Pass now supporting xCloud, it’due south possible to play the likes of Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 via the cloud from a smartphone. Simply Microsoft could potentially go 1 pace further, releasing a more ergonomic form factor (similar the Nintendo Switch) for on-the-go gaming. Depending on the specs, it could run AAA games via the cloud, and less enervating titles (such as Fortnite, Amongst Us and Minecraft) natively.

You could brand the argument that Xbox doesn’t actually demand to launch its own portable device to encourage gamers to play Game Pass on the go. After all, the upcoming Steam Deck already supports Game Pass, while we tin can also expect plenty more tertiary-party gaming portables to go far with Game Pass support in the near future thanks to the emergence of Snapdragon’south gaming chip.

But the prospect of Xbox launching its own gaming portable is nevertheless exciting. This probably won’t happen in 2022, if at all, but can yous blame us for dreaming?

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