29 of the best makeup looks from HBO’southward gritty teen drama ‘Euphoria’

Hunter Schafer as Jules and Zendaya as Rue in HBO’due south “Euphoria.”


  • HBO’s new drama “Euphoria” has garnered critical acclaim for its raw portrayal of modern teenagers.
  • Viewers are as well fond of each graphic symbol’s unique sense of style — usually topped with sequins, glitter, sharp eyeliner, and colorful eyeshadow.
  • Here are 29 of season 1’s most eye-communicable makeup looks.
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HBO’south new drama “Euphoria” has garnered critical acclamation for its raw portrayal of modern teenagers.

But in improver to its nuanced explorations of trauma, young love, and habit, “Euphoria” also offers an aesthetically thrilling viewing experience.

Many viewers are particularly addicted of the show’s mode moments. Each character has a unique sense of style, and their looks are often topped with sequins, glitter, abrupt eyeliner, and colorful eyeshadow — largely courtesy of the show’s lead makeup creative person, Doniella Davy.

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According to Davy, showrunner Sam Levinson wanted makeup to play a major aesthetic role — to exist “used in an emotionally evocative, expressive way, to help bear witness the journeying of the teens on the show.”

“Gen Z is completely redesigning what makeup can and should be used to do,” she told Vulture. “They’re using information technology to challenge beauty and makeup norms, to redefine what makeup is. They’re using it to challenge stereotypical gender identities. It’s definitely non just nearly similar beingness pretty or using makeup in a corrective style. There’s so much cheekiness involved. In that location’southward so much irony and playfulness.”

Continue reading to see 29 of the show’s well-nigh middle-communicable makeup looks from the first season.

During a drug trip, glittery tears slide downwards Rue’s confront.

Rue is played past Zendaya.


Although Rue is less interested in fashion than other characters and typically rocks a laid-dorsum wait, she’southward also shown with glitter nether her eyes — often made to look like tears — throughout the testify.

“I want to present makeup in nuanced, interesting ways, and I wanted to not have each character but be an classic or a stereotype,” Davy told Vulture. “Rue’s a tomboy and a drug addict, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t limited herself through makeup.”

For this hallucinatory scene, Davy said she created a “galaxy outcome” by mixing
Lemonhead.LA glitter products with water.

Maddy’south signature look is winged eyeliner.

Maddy is played by Alexa Demie.


Maddy wears this fierce, imperial-and-orange look to schoolhouse on episode two, “Stuntin’ Similar My Daddy.”

Maddy oftentimes pairs her eyeliner with strips of sequins.

Maddy is played by Alexa Demie.


During cheerleading practice, Maddy rocks heavy blackness eyeliner with a halo of sequins on her eyelids, wearing a rainbow-printed Louis Vuitton two-piece set.

Jules typically wears playful, colorful makeup.

Jules is played by Hunter Schafer.


“Jules’s looks are non supposed to exist overthought,” Davy told Vulture. “She has the confidence to be bold and brave and to but do whatever she feels like doing — whatever her mood is or whatever her outfit is, her makeup looks are never supposed to feel too planned out. They’re very much well-nigh her having the confidence and liberty to limited herself.”

While Jules is falling in love, her makeup is specially whimsical.

Jules combines yellow and ruby-red lines to create an abstruse expect.


Jules’ makeup, hair colors, and outfits typically reflect her mood. During a montage on episode three, during which she’southward feeling smitten while texting a male child, she’south shown using her colorful eyeliner to create fun patterns and shapes.

In ane brief scene, Jules has yellow eyebrows and a semi-circle fatigued around her centre.

Her pilus is pastel pink.


“Every time Jules is wearing a new outfit, she has new makeup,” Davy wrote on Instagram. “If there are 15 quick clips of Jules, in that location are 15 dissimilar makeup looks.”

She also draws pocket-size white triangles most her brows, paired with light blue smudges.

Jules is silly throughout episode three.


“The teens of Generation Z acquire makeup on the internet, and they become pretty good at information technology,” Davy told Vulture. “Just we always wanted to dial in a certain level of unpolished-ness to give it that realism.”

On episode three, Maddy sprinkles sequins around her eyebrows.

Maddy is shown riding shotgun in a machine with Nate.


“Because of this evidence, I now wear gems whenever I get out or sometimes merely during the twenty-four hour period,” Kirsten Coleman, a makeup artist for the show, wrote on Instagram. “Anyone can do this at any age with any style. Don’t exist afraid! Exist a bold infant like Maddy!”

Jules wears curved gilded eyeliner while taking “professional partial nudes.”

Jules asks Rue to help her have seductive photos.


“I need like, good, professional partial nudes,” Jules tells Rue on episode 3. “Like, classy, just not too arty — similar I took them with very little thought or effort, only could besides be in f—ing MoMa.”

In a rare moment without eyeliner or sequins, Maddy wears bright blue eyeshadow.

“I wish I had your collarbones,” Maddy tells Cassie.


She keeps her brilliant blueish optics throughout multiple scenes on episode three, from hanging out with her friends to having sex with Nate.

Later episode iii, Maddy colour coordinates her center makeup with a peach-and-blue ii-piece outfit.

She combines triangular, blue eyeliner with sparkly, peach-colored eyeshadow.


“A complete color match to her outfit which is always her vibe,” Coleman wrote on Instagram. “Another classic cat eye sixty’due south look completely reinvented to be modernistic and edgy, just still classy.”

Jules draws cloud shapes around her eyes for a daytime look.

Jules argues and makes upwards with Rue on episode three.


The asymmetrical look is one of her most memorable.

At the carnival, Maddy wears winged eyeliner overlaid with jewels.

The teens go to a funfair on episode four, “Shook Ones Pt. Ii.”


“This is by far the hero expect of Maddy’s for the unabridged season,” Coleman wrote on Instagram.

“It may look simple, but there are layers of a few different liquid liners/eye shadows to create the very sharp and intense line,” she connected. “Each precious stone was individually applied in a tapered consequence, so they get smaller as they reach each end. These subtle details are what makes these technical looks then clean.”

Kat begins to wear assuming makeup equally her confidence grows.

Kat is played by Barbie Ferreira.


“My whole life, all I’ve tried to do is to take up less infinite — try to hide from guys who might, similar, whisper to their friend under their jiff equally I walked by,” Kat says on episode v.

“I spent my whole life afraid people were gonna find out that I was fat,” she continues. “Merely honestly, who gives a s—? There’s nothing more powerful than a fat daughter who doesn’t give a f—.”

Maddy is shown with a diversity of sequined looks during a montage on episode five.

The outset of episode 5, “’03 Bonnie and Clyde,” focuses on Maddy’s upbringing.


“Precision liner looks are her signature,” Coleman said of Maddy on Instagram. “But sometimes a simple jewel placement is all you need in the depression lit world these kids live in.”

She uses pearls to create a delicate yet hit look.

The pearls mimic Maddy’due south signature winged eyeliner.


“This episode revealed the many faces of Maddy, and from a designer’due south standpoint I wanted to present a Large range of looks on her,” Davy wrote on Instagram, “which vary from raw & disheveled to simple placement of pearls & gems, to full-on elaborate centre looks.”

Jules uses bolder, deeper colors on episode five.

Jules and Rue go matching lip tattoos on the fifth episode.


“I wanted Jules’ looks to challenge beauty & makeup norms, and I wanted to avert having her look as well polished, perfect or feminine,” Davy wrote on Instagram. “I didn’t think much virtually these eyes earlier I did them — just went for it and never turned dorsum. I idea that approach went with the mood of this scene.”

A swipe of white over yellow eyeshadow makes Jules’ middle makeup expect neon.

Jules discusses her relationship with Rue while eating dinner with her dad.


“Farewell bye beauty & makeup norms, hello ‘Express yourself through makeup, nevertheless you want, at all times, despite what the mainstream says, and what conventional gender roles have been,'” Davy wrote about Jules on Instagram.

As Jules grows more unstable, her makeup gets less whimsical and more than astringent.

Throughout episode 5, Jules feels the pressure level of supporting Rue’south sobriety.


Davy used neon pinkish from a Kryolan palette and NYX liquid eyeliner to draw spikes around Jules’ eyes, as she explained on Instagram.

Cassie wears glittery blue eyeshadow and bright red lips for her Halloween costume.

Cassie is played by Sydney Sweeney.


On episode six, “The Next Episode,” Cassie dresses up like Alabama Worley, a prostitute played by Patricia Arquette in the 1993 film “True Romance.”

Jules wears gothic gold-and-red makeup for her version of Juliet Capulet.

Jules also wears a long white wearing apparel and angel wings.


Jules puts a modern spin on Claire Danes’ Juliet from Baz Luhrmann’due south 1996 pic “Romeo + Juliet.”

“I wanted to evoke something ethereal + romantic + gothic (pastel shimmery coral & gold version of gothic),” Davy wrote on Instagram. “Also, I was looking for an opportunity to do glitter brows on someone!”

Maddy wears a small chain every bit eyeliner during a tense scene.

On episode seven, Maddy and Kat go into an statement.


“At the heart of the cold exterior of this very detailed, all the same ‘f— off’ look, Maddy merely wanted to be heard by Kat,” Coleman wrote on Instagram. “This look is one of my favs and aye, those are real hand cute chains glued to her lash line with lash mucilage (yes…lash glue).”

In the aforementioned scene, Kat’s eyes are encircled by bright green liner.

Kat tells Maddy that she’s ill of hearing her talk about “superficial” stuff.


“For this tense scene, Kat and Maddy needed to look rather hard and unapproachable,” Coleman wrote on Instagram.

“With this I used a @suvabeauty Hydra FX neon green water activated eye liner pot for a liner that completely circles the center and leaves some parts with the skin showing effectually her heart line,” she connected. “Information technology almost plays a mote preventing anyone from getting in.”

Jules wears orange mascara, which looks bright pink in low lighting, to go clubbing in the city.

She also drew small-scale black shapes effectually her eyes.


The color made a dramatic touch later on episode seven, when Jules cries orange tears.

Jules does Rue’s makeup for the winter formal, using sparkles and star stickers.

Rue and Jules get to the winter formal together on the evidence’s commencement season finale.


Later on the episode, when Rue gets emotional and starts to cry, her glittery tears recall the show’s official poster prototype.

Maddy wears black and silvery heart makeup at the winter formal.

Her expect is topped with a line of jewels in her hair office.


“This was a dissimilar look for Maddy, who at this betoken has non emerged from her darkness, but has only in fact admitted to it — her habit to Nate despite his abuse,” Davy wrote on Instagram.

“The tiny rhinestones that float in the nighttime shadow show the perfect amount of hope glimmering through,” she continued, “AND they help her eyes not fall into complete darkness in our moody lighting.”

Every bit Cassie imagines herself ice skating, her face is covered in dark-green, turquoise, and silver jewels.

As a child, Cassie had dreams of condign a figure skater.


“I wanted to create a feeling that was the contrary of Cassie’s present reality in this moment,” Davy wrote on Instagram. “Call up: what would the opposite of getting an abortion await like on Cassie’s face? This was a total fantasy makeup that needed to lucifer perfectly to her costume.”

For Jules’ concluding await, she dramatically outlines her eyes with red and gold.

Showrunner Sam Levinson requested “a goth look with reddish eyes” for Jules on the finale.


As Davy revealed on Instagram, showrunner Sam Levinson wanted Jules’ expect on the finale to reflect her shift in personality after her trip on episode 6, “where she met Anna and ended up crying neon orange tears on a rooftop at dawn.” She described this makeup as an “other-worldly insect vibe.”

“Jules is over this town and is in honey with Anna & Rue but even so carrying the brunt of Nate’southward threats and processing the hallucination of her interactions with him at the club,” she wrote. “Jules, even at a total loss, always has this captivating spark of free spirit and optimism, and a magical sense of innocence.”

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